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Let Me Game in Peace Novel Chapter 320

All chapters are in Let Me Game in Peace Novel

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Let Me Game in Peace Novel Chapter 320

“What are you doing? Why are you wiping away perfectly fine words?” Zhou Wen thought it a pity and hurriedly grabbed Jiang Yan’s hand.

“Although these are the best words I have written so far, their existence will restrict my past. I only seek the future and don’t want to look back. Therefore, I won’t keep them,” said Jiang Yan.

“It’s best not to wipe them away. I’d still want to take a look, so keep it for now.” Zhou Wen felt that the concepts in the words were a little too similar to his insights, but also somewhat different. Therefore, he wanted to take the time to compare the differences.

“If you want it, I’ll let it stay for now. However, after you’re done, you should wipe it away. It’s not a good thing to leave words on the same wall as the text the ancients left behind.” Jiang Yan paused before saying, “When the Dragon Wenyan is perfected, I’ll send you a copy. You can take a good look when the time comes.”

“Alright.” Zhou Wen looked at the words on the stone wall. The first two lines had been wiped away by Jiang Yan, leaving “the moment they show themselves, they would be flying dragons in the sky.”

After leaving Old Dragon Cave, Zhou Wen returned to his dorm and eagerly switched on his phone before entering the Zhuolu instance dungeon.

This time, he was in no mood to pay attention to the dimensional creatures as he flew forward on White Shadow of Poison towards the underground sea. He wanted to see if he could obtain the dragon pearl with his new movement technique.

In the blood-colored avatar’s information column, not only did Zhou Wen’s Dragon Transformation Art advance to Rank 10, but its name had changed to Nine Dragons Art. Zhou Wen had clearly obtained the phone system’s approval after fusing the nine dragons’ stance and the Dragon Transformation Art into one.

I should be able to obtain the dragon pearl with a Rank 10 Nine Dragons Art, right? After much difficulty, Zhou Wen finally arrived at the underground sea.

Shortly after, the waves surged as black dragons tore out of the surface and extended their dragon heads to devour the White Shadow of Poison and Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen leaped up and dived into the sea, instantly swimming hundreds of feet. It didn’t feel like he was swimming, but like seawater was propelling him forward. His speed was much faster than before.

He somersaulted onto the war wagon in one fell swoop and, before the black dragons could stop him in a timely manner, Zhou Wen had already arrived at the roof of the strange war wagon. He didn’t need to hide underneath it like before to avoid the attacks of the nine dragons.

The nine black dragons finally stormed over as they roared and attempted to devour Zhou Wen. However, Zhou Wen had an extremely special feeling today. It was as though he was connected to the nine dragons’ mind. He could predict their every move in advance, allowing him to easily dodge them.

Zhou Wen knew that this wasn’t really telepathy with the dragons. It was only because he had figured out the nine dragons’ stance and knew how they moved like the back of his hand.

As he moved around, the seawater did not resist Zhou Wen, it even aided him. After dodging a series of attacks from the nine black dragons, he finally rushed in front of the dragon pearl and grabbed it with one hand.

Zhou Wen was excited. He finally had the dragon pearl in his hand. It felt very heavy, but before he could think further, the nine black dragons’ second round of attacks came. He yanked it with a jerk, hoping to take the dragon pearl away.

It was true that the dragon pearl had been pulled up by the blood-colored avatar, but when it was about a meter away, it couldn’t be pulled any further. To Zhou Wen’s surprise, there was a thin thread beneath the dragon pearl. It was like a strand of hair that was translucent. There was no way to notice it underwater without careful inspection.

Zhou Wen’s expression changed slightly as he suddenly realized that something was amiss. He pulled a few more times, but the thread was extremely resilient. He was unable to break it with the blood-colored avatar’s strength.


At that moment, he suddenly heard a strange sound coming from the war wagon. It was as if a sealed gear had started to spin again. Due to the lack of lubricant, the sound of metal grinding could be heard.

What was even more bizarre was that the nine black dragons, who had been desperately attacking Zhou Wen, didn’t lunge forward again. They landed on the seabed, trembling while they prostrated onto the ground.

Seeing that he couldn’t take the dragon pearl away, Zhou Wen hurriedly released his hand and retreated. He left the war wagon, but he didn’t go too far.

Since the blood-colored avatar could respawn, Zhou Wen wasn’t afraid of death. He wanted to see what changes the war wagon would undergo.

As the gears in the war wagon began to move faster and faster, a metallic wall began to fall from one side, revealing a door.

Zhou Wen looked into the war wagon and saw that it was pitch black inside. It was like a world without light. Any ray of light that reached inside seemed to be severed. Nothing could penetrate it, not even his eyes.

Boom! Boom!

Zhou Wen was surveying the situation in the war wagon when he heard a continuous series of metal rupturing. He saw the black metal chains around the black dragons crack one by one, giving them freedom once more.

The nine black dragons were instantly overjoyed. They soared into the sky excitedly and instantly broke through the sea. It was unbelievably fast.

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the reason he was able to survive under the attack of the nine black dragons wasn’t that he was strong, but because the nine black dragons had most of their strength suppressed by the black chain. The strength they used to fight him was completely lacking.

At this moment, the nine black dragons escaped. The power they exuded was not anything that their past could use as a reference.

In the next second, the nine black dragons charged back into the sea and roared at Zhou Wen, widening their mouths in a clear attempt to devour him.

How heartless. I was the one who liberated you, but you are now returning kindness with ingratitude. What a beast, Zhou Wen cursed under his breath.

However, he also knew that his current strength was impossible for him to fend off the nine true dragons who had escaped. Gritting his teeth, he controlled the blood-colored avatar to rush to the door that opened up half the war wagon’s holdings. Before the nine dragons devoured him, he rushed into the darkness.

Although the war wagon’s carriage was huge, it was still a carriage. Space was very limited, but when Zhou Wen rushed inside, he felt as though it was an empty darkness that stretched out endlessly.

In that darkness, there was a white cocoon emitting a strange light.

Another cocoon! Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback, but the next second, he was overjoyed. There was actually a cocoon here, so there was a chance for him to break through in his final stat.

Without any hesitation, he summoned his Overlord Spear and, combining it with the augmentation of Ever-Victorious, he thrust his spear at the white cocoon in the void.

However, this thrust turned Zhou Wen’s expression nasty.




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Chapter 320