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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 303

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 303

Yellow Mountain Fortress chased over.

They knew that something definitely happened in Blood Vengeful Fortress, otherwise, this definitely wouldn’t have occured.

At the start, they didn’t rush over rashly.

They waited in the distance for a long time and when they realized that there was no movement, they told their scouts to take a look at the situation.

The scout was sneaky and cunning. He didn’t dare to openly scout the situation within and only dared to hide at some hidden spots to sneak looks.

At the start when he heard those screams, his heart throbbed.

Were those our people?

He then realized that they weren’t.

There weren’t any familiar screams. He snuck forwards and when he saw these scenes he was totally stunned. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

He crawled and rolled back to inform everyone.

He saw a ghost.

He really saw a ghost.

When the scout brought back news, everyone was shocked. Yellow Mountain Fortress brought the rest over.

The Blood Vengeful Fortress people were all screaming like they had all suffered from cruel treatment.

“What is going on with them?” The Yellow Mountain Fortress people discussed.

Blood Vengeful Fortress was so strong that even Yellow Mountain Fortress was no match for them. If not for Blood Vengeful Fortress snatching their children, they wouldn’t risk their lives to fight them.

“That aura… Someone came to Blood Vengeful Fortress to take these people down.”

“Be careful, search for the kids.”

The Fortress Head instructed. No matter what happened, one couldn’t be too careless. After all, this was Blood Vengeful Fortress and not any random place.

“Father, what about those people?” The girl asked.

He was shocked at the start but quickly recovered. Who was the one who rid of those evil people, to wipe out these shocking members?

“Kill them all, don’t show mercy.” Fortress Head thought for a moment and decided on their life and death. These people were all from Blood Vengeful Fortress, each of their hands were covered in blood and they had killed dozens of innocent lives.

Leaving them alive was a problem.

Those people that Lin Fan used swords to pin to the ground shuddered when they heard those words. They looked towards the Yellow Mountain Fortress people with hatred.

“You are so vicious.”

“Don’t kill me, I am innocent.”

Yellow Mountain Fortress was lazy to say much more and waved his hands. He hated Blood Vengeful Fortress too much, so why would he even show mercy?

“Father, these swords…” The girl wanted to touch but Fortress Head stopped her.

“Don’t touch them. These are swords formed from True Essence and they contain his Sword Intent. Don’t touch them.” Fortress Head had sharp eyes and saw the true nature of these swords.

Experts were all proud.

If one casually touched things that experts left behind, it could be seen as provocation.

If Lin Fan knew about this, he would be stunned. He really didn’t think about that and had just forgotten about the True Essence swords.

Not long later.

“I found a tunnel.”

“The kids are inside. Fortress Head, the young master is there too.”

Everyone heard and rushed over. Not only was the young master, but their kids were there too.”

Damn Blood Vengeful Fortress. There were no relations with one another, but they had never expected them to snatch their children. That was the reason why they all planned to fight to the death with them.

The blood smell in the tunnel made all of them feel unbearable.

When they saw the blood pond, they were all shocked as it was all fresh blood. How many kids did one need to fill such a full pond?

“What an animal.”

The Fortress Head was furious.

When he saw that the Yellow Mountain Fortress children were fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time, he was also curious about who that mysterious expert was.

Who was it?

If they only relied on themselves, even if they went all out, they might not have been able to take down Blood Vengeful Fortress.

“Father, I am afraid.” A fat kid ran into his arms and cried.

Fortress Head, “Let me ask you, what happened?”

“Father, I don’t know. Someone flew in and then there was a bad old man in the pond who smacked that person onto the wall. Then, he went out and there was a really loud commotion. It is just so scary.”

Fortress Head looked to the side at the guy without legs. Wasn’t that the Blood Vengeful Fortress’s Fortress Head?

How did he die?

At the same time, he wanted to ask some questions to his son but that seemed impossible now.


“Old man, don’t run.” Lin Fan didn’t expect him to run, “As an Elder of Xiedao Sect, you’re actually running. Don’t you have any shame?”

The old man didn’t even turn his head as he fled with all his energy. He didn’t expect the kid to be so strong to nearly kill him.

He ran for an hour.

But why did this kid look like he wasn’t going to let him off at all?

Why was he even chasing him so closely?

“Kid, why are you like this? I am someone with status, so why don’t you just let things pass? From now on, my Xiedao Sect will owe you a favour, how about that?” The old man hollered.

“Nonsense, stop running.” Lin Fan chased. As for favors, there was really no need for that. Last time at Nine Bug Gang Division, that Xiedao Sect disciple gave him a token and said that Xiedao Sect would owe a favor.

Based on that, Xiedao Sect owed too many favors.

“I give you face but you don’t want it. Good, as long as I can escape, I won’t rest until I kill you.” The old man was furious. He was an Elder, even if it was an evil sect, he was someone with status no matter where he went.

He was speaking nicely to the kid but the kid was just too arrogant.

“Don’t be like that. Why don’t we fight now?” Lin Fan said.

“Scram.” The old man replied with just one word as he spoke in a slightly overbearing manner.

Lin Fan was furious, “Damn.”

At that moment, the old man felt a sharp Sword and Blade Intent gathering behind him.

He turned around and was shocked.

Lin Fan held a blade and sword. An ordinary-looking weapon now had an eye-catching light to it.


His arm shook like he was chopping meat. The blade and swords spun quickly and many blade lights slashed out. They formed a huge net like they were about to cover the entire sky.

“This…” The old man was stunned. Wasn’t this just too terrifying?

Who was this kid? Such sharp Sword Intent and Blade Intent, it was also so quick and fast. Could he even manage that?

However, to the old man, maybe this was his chance.

Even if his True Essence was really thick, there would be a time when it finished.

Good, since you like to block my path, then I will let you do so. Once you run out, that is when you will die.

“Damn you old man! If I capture you, I will teach you a lesson.” Lin Fan hated people who loved to flee from a fight.

He had no courage at all.

Since he left You City and fought so many battles, he had never fled.

Including the battle with the Maigu City experts, he fought to the death. However, someone saved him and sent him away. This wasn’t what he wanted, so it didn’t count.

Looking back and thinking, nothing else similar happened.

The old man was solemn. He had to get rid of him. He was too terrifying. If he was given a period of time, then how overpowered would he be?

Moreover, this kid was still a virgin. If he cultivated with his blood, then the effect would be amazing.

If he really couldn’t, then he could exchange him with those people in Xiedao Sect who extracted energies, to turn this kid into a furnace. That was a good choice too.

A long while later, the old man was about to go crazy and he really wanted to holler in rage.

What kind of monster are you?

The blade light and sword light behind him didn’t stop; he continued to chop down such that he was about to collapse.

If this continued, he would be caught up to sooner or later.


The old man hollered in rage and turned his head, “Kid, I will fight to the death with you.”


The two of them clashed head-on, causing cracks to appear in the space around.

“Source Technique.”

Lin Fan took it head-on and threw his fists forwards. The old man didn’t show weakness at all and slapped Lin Fan.


Lin Fan’s chest was hit and the old man was punched in the face.

The two of them fought from the sky to the ground, standing still as they dealt damage to one another.

The fists were traceless.

Lin Fan’s arms were like a machine gun as he punched forwards. It was the same for the old man.

The ground they were on caved in. The low sounds were like firecrackers, many ripples spread out circle by circle.


Instantly, time seemed to slow down.

Lin Fan punched the old man in the face and the old man punched his face too.

The two of them’s actions stopped.

With the two of them at the center, many blade-like wind currents spread out, slicing the ground into many pieces.

From a visual standpoint, their special effects were weak. One couldn’t see any eye-catching light, only blur fists and legs. They were all afterimages and one couldn’t tell what they were actually looking at.

But looking closely, one would notice that the old man’s pupils were wide. He opened his mouth and was exhaling a white energy.

Lin Fan twisted his head and slowly straightened his neck. He smiled, “Old man, is that it?”

With a ‘pata’!

He grabbed his wrist and pressed down. He touched his chin. Wow, it did hurt to be hit.

A dual cultivator wasn’t afraid of anyone in terms of a battle of attrition.

Although he would be injured, if a man didn’t get injured, it wouldn’t show their charm.

The old man was powerless, like he was out of energy. His knees bent and he knelt in front of Lin Fan. His arms hung down, he lowered his head and fainted.

“Hu!” Lin Fan rubbed the muscles on his body. It hurt, it really hurt. Even if he was a dual cultivator, who reached Middle Five Element Realm, he wasn’t immune to pain.

True Heaven Body Secret Technique recovered his God Body and it felt much better. It was just that he had some wounds which would recover after a period of time.

He chased the old man for such a long distance because he wanted the technique he cultivated.

It was just too overbearing.

He had beaten him up so badly but he was able to recover. However, there definitely were other requirements.

Although he didn’t know what they were, it didn’t stop him from wanting that technique.

That old man was Middle Yin Yang Realm, different from what he expected. He knew that he could beat him but it was because he was slightly weaker and couldn’t last for long. His consumption of True Essence was also too quick.

Was it because his strength didn’t come from his own cultivation?

That was possible.

If he wanted to get this technique out from this old man’s mouth, he would have to do something special.


He glanced and gave a naughty smile.




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Chapter 303