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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 302

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 302

If Lin Fan knew about what this old man was thinking about, he would be furious.


Would you believe him when he said that he would smash the old man on the spot?

Did that guy have to be so disgusting?

“Who are you? I have never even seen someone of your age with such cultivation. I am an elder of Xiedao Sect Blood Demon Faction. Maybe I know your parents.” The old man asked.

His strength had gained his recognition.

Moreover, he actually didn’t want to fight with this kid. Two tigers fighting meant that one would get injured. Of course, this was just him laying out a plot for Lin Fan to believe his words.

Then, he would find a chance to attack.

He was looking forward to it.

“I am a young master from a rich family, I had nothing to do and was forced to cultivate. As for whether or not you know my parents, I don’t think that is important. I will smash you to the ground and then we can have a good chat.”

When the old man heard those words, he was so furious that his eyebrows sloped up.

Rage points +999

He had never seen such an arrogant person.

Does your mom know how arrogant you are?

Lin Fan could really reply to him that his mom really didn’t know.

“Okay stop talking nonsense. My strength has reached its peak and the real fun is about to begin.” Lin Fan clenched his fingers and a thick power brewed.

With a peng.

Lin Fan disappeared from the spot. A circular deep hole appeared at where he originally was. At the same time, a thick dust cloud rose up.

Old man, “…”

He instantly reacted from the shock. A terrifying aura spread from behind him. He didn’t hesitate, turning around with his arms crossed, and a barrier appeared in front of him.


There was a loud explosion.

“Such terrifying strength, totally different from before.” The old man was shocked, so how would he dare to be careless? He really met a true expert today and if he underestimated him, the outcome would be catastrophic and he could really die here.

To Lin Fan.

When True Essence and God Body’s strength were all used, this whole world was his.

Don’t ask why that was the case.

It was the case because he said so.


Lin Fan hit the old man’s stomach and his expression changed. His body instantly liquified to try to negate the terrifying damage.

“Stop dreaming.”

How would Lin Fan give him a chance? He hollered and pushed his palm forwards. The terrifying power turned into a shockwave which covered a large area. The space was ripped apart and wrapped the old man in it.

The power was so terrifying that the old man had nowhere to hide and he could only take it head-on.

The old man’s face was filled with shock and a red light appeared on his body. Even then he was unable to block Lin Fan’s strength as he was simply too unprepared.


The old man flew backward and smacked into the building. With a loud explosion, the building collapsed and drowned the old man.


The old man hollered in rage. He moved aside a piece of wood from the ruins. When he looked at Lin Fan once more, his expression changed.

At that moment, Lin Fan raised his palms and numerous swords floated around him and spun about.



The high-speed, spinning swords struck towards the old man.

Honglong! Honglong!

There was a loud explosion. The region was sealed by Lin Fan. No matter where he tried to flee, he would face a head-on attack.


The old man hollered and fresh blood was spilled. The blood light were like lasers that headed towards Lin Fan.

“He!” Lin Fan didn’t dodge. His body shook and he blocked it right away. The blood light struck and a shocking power spread over which forced Lin Fan back.


Lin Fan spat out a mouthful of energy and fresh blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

It tasted interesting. One wouldn’t be invincible when one raised God Body to such a realm and one would still suffer injuries when they took hits head-on. It would just be that the injuries wouldn’t be too heavy.


He praised. It was indeed quite interesting.

“Kid, do you really want to be enemies with Xiedao Sect?” The old man hollered, his expression slowly turned vicious that his eyes started to turn red.

Lin Fan smiled, “Aiya, those words are a little too much, right? I am beating you up and not beating Xiedao Sect up. If you are afraid you can’t beat me, then kneel down. I swear that I will only cut your four limbs and nothing more.”

Old man, “???”

Rage points +999

Flames of rage burned in his heart. He was really furious.

He said so much not because he was afraid of him, but because he didn’t want both sides to be heavily injured which would only add more problems. He didn’t expect the kid to actually think that he was afraid.


Arrogant, proud, ignorant?


Lin Fan noticed that the aura that the guy gave was a little off.


The sky shook.

The clouds moved.

“Kid, you have totally infuriated me. Now, you will sense my terrifying presence.”

Yin and Yang and the five elements all appeared.

Lin Fan noticed that the space around had changed. This was a change of realm; he could sense the five element power boiling around. At the same time, yin yang power was wrapping around him.

“Die.” The old man hollered in rage.

At that moment, there was a shockwave.

Lin Fan’s legs sunk into the dirt. The dirt layer was like a layer of debris flowing. A blood-red color appeared and his legs seemed to be grabbed by something as he was pulled in.

Shortly after, many red particles appeared in the space around him and each contained a shocking power.

Lin Fan was solemn and he didn’t dare to underestimate it.

“Going against Heaven and Earth.”


With Lin Fan as the center, the space exploded. A terrifying impact swept forwards, forming a mushroom cloud and surging upwards.

In the distance, people from Yellow Mountain Fortress and Blood Vengeful Fortress rushed over. They were a distance away. When they proceeded forwards, they felt the heaven and earth flipping. The whole area was shaking too.

They looked up and a giant mushroom cloud appeared in front of their eyes.

Everyone, “???”

It was like they had seen ghosts but they didn’t know what happened.

But the phenomenons in the distance caused their mouths to be wide agape and for all of them to be filled with terror.

What had happened?

“Are you not dead yet?”

The old man panted and looked at the center with a solemn expression.

His True Essence was consumed really quickly. Even if he could replenish it using the True Essence from Heaven and Earth, it couldn’t keep up with the consumption.

“Where did this kid come from? His realm isn’t as high as mine, so how is he so strong?”

The old man thought about it for a moment.

And came to a conclusion.

This kid obtained some fortituous encounter; he was lucky.

This deepened his desire to kill Lin Fan.

Suddenly, the old man felt the world spinning, a shocking power wrapped him up. This wasn’t caused by one’s cultivation, this…


A thought rose up in his head.

He felt a shocking aura head towards him.

Lin Fan appeared in front of the old man. His palms were placed together as he pressed forwards, smacking into the old man’s chest.

There was a loud explosion.

The old man was smashed onto the ground.

“Old man, what a great move, I nearly saw through your cultivation path.” Lin Fan had many injuries on his body which were left from the last attack. He had originally underestimated him but now he didn’t dare to.

He really was strong.

If he was too careless, this old man might have really turned the tables on him.

At that moment, Lin Fan didn’t show mercy. He used his strongest move right away. All sorts of cultivation techniques struck his body.

With Lin Fan as the center, the phenomenons around were shocking, Demon Ape, Lightning, Golden Sun, Void Dragon…

The entire ground was shaking.

A young man was beating up an old man; that was just so rude.


Lin Fan hollered and clenched his fists. All sorts of special True Essence gathered and then merged together. He punched down and it landed in the middle.

With a loud explosion, a maniacal power crushed everything, causing the ground all around to crack and shake. Broken pieces of dirt rose up into the air.


It seemed like this old man was basically finished after that series of attacks.

Although he wasn’t tired at all, his heart was tired. Bullying an old man, that really wasn’t his style at all.

This was why it was best to end it early.

Rage points +999

“Your life force is so tough. Old but not weak, your body seems really strong.” Lin Fan smiled. After suffering from such a heavy beating, he still had the strength to provide rage points, that was worthy of respect.

Well done.

A wind blew over and the thick dust around scattered.

Lin Fan searched but couldn’t find any traces of the old man. The hole was a little huge and if he didn’t pay attention to it, it was really hard to find.

Looking closely.

Good fellow, so he was here.

He nearly didn’t spot him.

The old man was covered in blood and the surrounding area was dyed red.

“Oi, while you still have one last breath tell me whether or not I have to bury you, or should I just toss you into the wilderness to let the dogs eat you?” Lin Fan asked.

He was a righteous person.

Even towards evil sects, he wouldn’t disrespect their corpses.

Rage points +999

If the old man had some sort of super saiyan bloodline, under such mocking he would definitely rage and his body would shine golden with blue lightning around.

Unfortunately, the old man didn’t even have the strength to shout, much less transform.

Lin Fan stood there and thought about things. What should I do now?

Should I just kill him just like this?

Suddenly, he realized that the situation was not right.


The old man hollered like he was about to explode. This shocked Lin Fan. It had reached such a stage, so where did he get the energy from?



A low sound spread forth.

He was stunned as he looked out. He realized that the old man was covered in a layer of red mist. Everyone was wrapped up in it.

“That damn fellow.”

The old man gritted his teeth. He was so badly injured, so how much time did he need to recover?

He was consuming all his True Essence and stamina to use a secret technique to heal. This could only last for an hour and when that time came, he would be powerless. The True Essence in his body would empty out and even a small kid could kill him.

Now, this was his only chance.


The old man recovered and jumped up into the air.

“What cultivation technique is this?” Lin Fan was shocked like he had seen a ghost. He was beaten up so badly and could still recover.

He thought about it.

“Kid, I want you to die.” The old man hollered in rage and a terrifying power spread from his body.

Lin Fan was solemn, it seemed like another battle was about to happen.

Suddenly, Lin Fan was stunned on the spot.

The old man, who looked like he was about to use his strongest attack, fled without saying a word or even turning his head.

Lin Fan reacted and chased. He hollered out, “Evil monster, where do you think you are going?”




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Chapter 302