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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 301

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 301

“Can you crawl faster? You are so slow, is it that you didn’t eat anything?” Lin Fan rushed him. He was really just too slow, just a little faster than a snail. If not for him wanting to get the map, he would have killed him with one strike.

Fortress Head cursed out in rage.

Are you even human?

How fast can someone like me without legs be? This is already the limit.

His wound rubbed against the ground and it was really painful. The wound that had already stopped bleeding tore apart once more and fresh blood flowed out, drawing two lines of blood.

Moments later.

“This is the place that you said had the map?” Lin Fan asked.

An iron gate was chiseled into the ground and was tightly shut. Unless one went in, one wouldn’t be able to know what was behind it.

“Right, the thing is inside.” Fortress Head nodded his head and anticipated that Lin Fan would enter. When he lowered his head, a fierce glow appeared in his eyes.

Lin Fan saw through all his actions.

What a know-it-all.

You are so furious towards me, so how can I not feel it?

He bent down, grabbed the iron gate, and only used slight strength. With a crack, the iron gate ripped apart.

A giant tunnel appeared in front of him.

“What thick blood scent.” Lin Fan covered his nose and waved his hands. He looked towards the Fortress Head in an unfriendly manner, “Do you think I am stupid, or do you think I am stupid?”

“With such a thick blood scent, you are telling me that a map is placed there?”

He knew that this person was lying with his eyes open. What good were lies? Although it would make one feel good, that would also depend on whether or not one had the ability to lie.

The tunnel was really dark and the thick blood scent entered his nose. It seemed like there was a little danger within.

He had to be a bit more careful and couldn’t be too careless.

“Brother, isn’t the gory scent something normal? My fortress is called Blood Vengeful Fortress, without any blood, then how can it be named like that?” Fortress Head pleaded for his innocence and argued for himself; he had to make Lin Fan believe him.

“Keke.” Lin Fan’s smile was filled with suspicion. Was that really the case?

Deep in the tunnel.

An old man sat cross-legged. His body was soaking in a red blood pond, the water covered him to his neck.

The old man seemed to be cultivating an evil cultivation technique, obtaining the power of the blood pond. A thick blood mist spread all around, making this area seem a little horrifying.

“Wu wu!”

There were cries.

Not far away, there were many wooden cages with many kids, both girls and guys. The oldest was eight and the smallest was one or two.


The old man took in a deep breath. The blood mist above the bond turned into two blood dragons and was sucked into his nostrils.

Instantly, the old man looked towards the crying kids and said solemnly, “Kids, shut up, otherwise, I will eat you all.”


The cries became even louder.

“I want to go home.”

“I want my mother.”

The crying sound of kids spread out from within.

He brought up Blood Vengeful Fortress single-handedly, gathering a bunch of fierce people to help him find guys and girls for their blood.

This was much easier than if he found them himself.

“This is just too noisy.” The old man was unhappy and rage appeared in his eyes. Those crying things messed up his mind. It was best if he let them merge into the blood pond and made them nutrients.

His blood pond was formed after years of accumulation and had who knows how many kids’ blood. Those bones had turned into small pieces and settled on the bottom of the blood pond.

Right as the old man was prepared to act, a soundwave shot through the air.

“What is that?”

The old man was shocked and with a “putong”, something fell into the blood pond. When he saw the person who came, he was furious.

“Save me.” Fortress Head shouted. The other person was a mad man; he was sick in the head and crazy. He had never met such a person before.

“You dirty thing, scram.” The old man waved his hands and the Fortress Head flew out from the blood pond, smashing into the wall.

His waist hit the wall and broke, spitting out fresh blood.

Fortress Head looked towards the old man in disbelief.

Like he was saying.

You, old thing, are so vicious.

I snatched so many young girls and guys for you, but you allowed me to smash into the wall and die.

However, before he was able to say such words, he died.

He didn’t die in the hands of other people, but he died to his own men.

The old man realized that the Fortress Head’s legs were gone and was shocked, “Eh? What happened, did someone…”

At that moment, he looked towards the entrance of the tunnel and an aura swept over. It was really strong and wasn’t weak at all.

“Who are you?” The old man was furious and angry. The whole secret room shook and many pieces of stone fell from the ceiling.

The place where the pieces of stone fell on was the cages which locked up the kids.

When the pieces of stone landed, they were crushed by another aura.


“Why are there kids?” Lin Fan was curious. This Blood Vengeful Fortress was a little interesting, was it because he had a special hobby? When he thought about that thick bloody smell, he instantly understood. What replaced his confusion was rage.

He wasn’t a fool.

Why did he grab so many kids here? Undoubtedly, they were just used to cultivate.

“Scram out.” Lin Fan hollered in rage, his words spread into the tunnel.

He wanted to earn some rage points.

But who knew that he would end up trying to slay demons and helping to serve justice for the heavens?

If his guesses were correct, he would torture the people outside. If they died a simple death, then it would be too easy on them.

Instantly, a person dashed out from the tunnel really quickly. He didn’t say anything at all, nor showed his face, but just slapped right away. A red glow dyed the pitch-black tunnel.

Lin Fan slapped forwards too.

The two palms clashed with a really low thud.

Lin Fan rose up into the air and landed in a really stable manner.

“Old man, this is interesting. What are you doing inside? You are so sneaky and your scent stabs my nose. How long haven’t you bathed for?” Lin Fan covered his nose in disdain and his expression was really serious.

There was a really thick blood scent.

How much blood had to be gathered to have such a thick blood scent?

Rage points +999

As expected, he wasn’t a nice person. They just met and didn’t say anything while he directly wanted to kill him. Rage points rose up to 999.

“Kid, you are asking to die?” The old man frowned as he looked at Lin Fan. Where did this young kid come from, to actually behave so arrogantly here?

Oh, that’s right.

This was Blood Vengeful Fortress, he definitely didn’t know that he was here. If Lin Fan knew that he was here, no matter how bold he was, he wouldn’t dare to.

Lin Fan didn’t think that he would face an expert which was the feeling that the old man in front of him gave him. But it was still okay, he wasn’t that really terrifying presence. If he was like those Eight Star Generals or Nine Star Generals, it would definitely be much more dangerous.

“Old man, where did you come from?” Lin Fan asked.

His aura gave him a sense of familiarity like he had seen it before.

He recalled.

Black Mountain, that Xiedao Sect expert.

The aura that this old man gave was very similar with that of the Xiedao Sect guy, they came from the same source.

The old man laughed coldly, “You have no right to know where I have come from. When I send you down, then I will tell you.”

“Then, just don’t say it. Why are you even so arrogant. Isn’t it just Xiedao Sect, it isn’t that I haven’t killed people from Xiedao Sect.” Lin Fan smiled. To the old man, those words were a provocation.

With a peng, the old man stepped on the ground. A red light rose into the air and ripped open the ground, striking towards Lin Fan.

“Amazing, your control of True Essence has reached a high level.” Lin Fan exclaimed.

They were all experienced, so the moment they attacked, they knew how strong the other was.

Lin Fan hollered and punched towards the ground. A strong aura swept forwards and clashed the red light.


Lin Fan disappeared and instantly appeared behind the old man, punching forwards.

“Space True Thought- Void Dragon.”

A void dragon appeared from the void and struck the old man’s body. However, it felt like the body of the old man was made from blood. When the void dragon pierced through, it disappeared.


Lin Fan was solemn and a cold light could be felt behind his neck. He refreshed his points with Mixed Energy Broken Jade Hand. His five fingers became really strong and indestructible. He turned around right away and clashed with the blood light.

The two powers clashed with one another, forming a shocking aura. At the same time, numerous sparks flew.

The old man had a slight upper hand.

“This old man should be Yin Yang Realm, one full realm higher than him. However, he wasn’t Domain Realm, if he was at that level, he wouldn’t be able to fight him.”

Lin Fan thought about it, slowly seeing through his enemy. But now wasn’t the time to think, it was the time to beat him up.

“Old man, did you not eat rice? You are so weak. No wonder, you are a foot into the tomb, so I can understand.” Lin Fan’s body was like a ghost, it was extremely quick as he flashed in the air. The battle with the old man entered an intense stage.

Rage points +999

The old man was furious at this foul-mouthed kid.


A low thud spread out and a bright light exploded.

Lin Fan bent down and his legs landed on the ground, leaving two long trails. He placed his arm in front of his chest, waving in forwards and dissipating the aura. Then, he slowly straightened himself.

“Not bad, you are a little strong but it is not enough.”

After understanding the situation, the old man must’ve been around Middle Yin Yang Realm.

Luckily, he was a dual cultivator, otherwise, he would have died right away.


What a waste, that was impossible.

Lin Fan hollered. His expression became serious. A thick aura slowly exploded from his body, causing the ground to shake.

His God Body was buffed, the space around was affected, like it was twisting due to flames burning.

True Essence boiled and wrapped around his body.

All the cultivation techniques that he learned were great and he activated all of them.

The old man looked at him solemnly and frowned. What a strong aura. Where did this kid come from? He definitely wasn’t a normal person. Was he an old man who just had the face of a kid?

That was impossible.

His bone age was there, he was just a young kid.

How talented must one have been to be able to reach such a realm at such a young age?

The key was.

He smelled the scent of a virgin.

This kid was a virgin. Great, since he was here, then he would accept him.




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Chapter 301