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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 300

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 300

“This is Blood Vengeful Fortress?”

Lin Fan chased them and along the way, he earned some rage points. They were unable to provide him with the number that he wanted.

So few.

If he wasn’t so bored, he wouldn’t have left them alive until now.

“This is Blood Vengeful Fortress. You can just find our Fortress Head if you have problems.” Zhou Fengwang stopped his bleeding and his face was ashen white. Till now, he still had no idea how one could be so strong at such a young age.

At the same time, he understood that this person wasn’t from Yellow Mountain Fortress.

Yellow Mountain Fortress didn’t have such a strong person.

“Fifth Leader, why did you come back so fast?” The person at the watchtower asked curiously.

Didn’t they go to battle Yellow Mountain Fortress?

They returned so quickly.

That meant that Yellow Mountain Fortress was just too weak.

Zhou Fengwang didn’t dare to reply. He looked at Lin Fan to have a sense of his reaction.

Lin Fan was expressionless and didn’t show any unhappiness.

“I will go inform them.” Zhou Fengwang asked a probing question.

But Lin Fan still didn’t reply.

This made him a little helpless. He cursed out in his heart for him to say something as he was just making him panic.


Zhou Fengwang walked towards Blood Vengeful Fortress. He turned around after every step he took but Lin Fan didn’t move. He became bolder and bolder, his footsteps got quicker and quicker, and then he started running.

When Lin Fan was some distance away, he shouted out loud, “Save me, someone is causing trouble here.”


A cold light shone across.

Zhou Fengwang was still in a running motion but his pupils constricted. A crack appeared on his neck and his head flew off.

Shortly after.

Many heads flew up and spun into the air before landing on the ground.

Many corpses fell to the ground and gave out heavy thuds.


Lin Fan was really calm and not nervous at all. He chopped off their heads because he wanted to see heads fly into the air.

The people on the watchtower looked on in shock. They rubbed their eyes like they had seen something unbelievable.

In that short moment.

Dong dong dong!

An intense drum sound broke one’s eardrums as they spread a signal to tell those inside that trouble was here.

Blood Vengeful Fortress’s backer was Xiedao Sect. Without even needing to think, they were like Nine Bug Gang; they weren’t good people, so they deserved to be killed.

This small support system wasn’t good sometimes.

Why did it have to be rage points?

Otherwise, he wouldn’t talk so much nonsense with them.

Lin Fan raised his legs and stepped on the ground. With a “kacha” many cracks appeared on the ground and one headed right towards Blood Vengeful Fortress.

It passed the gate and it instantly broke into many pieces. The crack continued, splitting the ground into two, finally breaking the main hall into half.

“Who dares to behave so arrogantly?!”


A furious roar spread over. The person wasn’t weak, his voice was like soundwaves that were really layered as they swept towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan frowned and his head hurt. Did people really like shouting out loud now?

Didn’t he feel that his voice was ear-piercing, or was everyone else deaf?

He was different from the past and he was not a normal person. He ignored those people whose internal strength was normal. Even if he just stood there and let them hit him, they might not even break through his defence.

But this person was not bad.

His cultivation was interesting.

He felt like it was like internal strength but also like True Essence.

Was he half a God Essence Realm?


A bunch of people charged out from the fortress. The male who was leading them had a solemn expression. When he saw Lin Fan, he frowned, “Who are you? Why did you come to Blood Vengeful Fortress?”

He lowered his head and looked at the ground. To be able to cause such terrifying damage, he wasn’t a normal person and he might really not have been his match.

But as the Blood Vengeful Fortress Fortress Head, how could he be scared off so easily?

Only when he saw those corpses and the head did his expression turn cold.

“Fifth Brother…”

He raised his head and stared furiously at Lin Fan. He didn’t expect him to be so vicious, especially on Blood Vengeful Fortress territory. Wasn’t that a slap to their face?

“Okay, don’t ask me who I am. Let me introduce myself, I am Lin Fan. The reason I came here is very simple, it is to kill all of you or to be killed by you. I have no other request.”

Lin Fan smiled, however, the smile seemed really annoying.

Rage points +999

Rage points +999

Rage points +999

Rage points +999

Rage points +111.



A small amount.

He frowned and was slightly unhappy. What was going on with these people? Blood Vengeful Fortress was much weaker than Nine Bug Gang, too weak. Why did he feel like they were just cheaters cheating a living?

The other Blood Vengeful Fortress members were furious.


Such an arrogant person to actually say that he wanted to kill them.

They couldn’t take it.

They really couldn’t take it.

Lin Fan raised his hand and a sword floated behind his back.


What was going on?

He really didn’t want to use the sword, so why did he end up using it again? This really didn’t feel good.

Forget it.

Against such weak people, why did he have to worry about so much?

Blood Vengeful Fortress looked towards Lin Fan in rage. Just by raising his head, he knew that he was really strong, that his strength far exceeded his.


Lin Fan pushed forwards. The sword by his side slowly spun and pointed at all the Blood Vengeful Fortress people. With a “xiu” sound, it shot through the air and attacked those Blood Vengeful Fortress people.

“Be careful.”

Blood Vengeful Fortress Fortress Head exclaimed. He didn’t dare to be careless. Half his True Essence rotated, forming a shield to block it. But anyone could tell that it was impossible for such weak True Essence to block the move of someone who others called “Sword God”.

Lin Fan’s small mechanics were amazing. He was not prepared to kill them; he just wanted them to feel pain and then earn a bunch of rage points.

Instantly, Blood Vengeful Fortress Fortress felt a sharp Sword Intent heading for him. He hollered and pushed his palms forwards. A thin True Essence shield appeared in front of him.

The moment it appeared.

With a “Kacha”, True Essence shield was broken and the sword light flashed and he habitually sliced at the legs.



Blood Vengeful Fortress members all fell to the ground, clutching their legs. They all screamed in pain, even the veins on their necks popped out.

“What a regret… Look at the situation… All of you can’t kill me.”

Lin Fan shook his head.

He was just playing around, so how could they treat his words as the truth?

He was now a dual cultivator Five Element Realm expert.

Was his realm something of a joke?

Not to mention one Blood Vengeful Fortress, even 10 or 100, it was the same and there was no difference.

Rage points grew.

“Who are you?” Blood Vengeful Fortress asked fearfully. How would such an expert come here? Their Blood Vengeful Fortress had never offended such a person?

Lin Fan walked among them and smiled, “Didn’t I tell you that I am Lin Fan. Why are your memories so bad?”

The situation was decent.

He felt like if this continued, although he wouldn’t be able to get hundreds of thousands of rage points, slowly amassing them would be worth it.

Blood Vengeful Fortress and Xiedao Sect was related, so if he wiped it out, then so be it. He was doing the work of the heavens.

“Our Blood Vengeful Fortress has no animosity with you, so why are you doing that? What requests do you have? I will definitely satisfy you.” Fortress Head was extremely furious and wanted to rip Lin Fan to pieces.

But with the current situation, fighting him to the death wasn’t a wise choice.

Lin Fan said, “I don’t have any request. Be angry, adjust your emotions, I only need your rage. I need nothing else, understood?”

Fortress Head couldn’t understand his request.


What rage, this person was just crazy.

He felt like Blood Vengeful Fortress was targetted by a madman, this was just too dangerous. Damn, he was too despicable.

“Don’t kill me, I can give you a lot of riches.” Fortress Head begged but his eyes were filled with rage and he wanted to kill that person.

Lin Fan shook his head, “I see money as dirt, so don’t take such a lowly thing to insult me.”

“My fortress has many beauties. As long as you let me go, I will give them to you.”


Lin Fan pulled out his sword and sliced off one ear, “Don’t use girls, I have a firm cultivating heart.”

Fortress Head screamed and held onto his bleeding ear. His ear was bleeding and his legs were too. If this continued, he would die from losing too blood.

At that point, the Fortress Head really wanted to die.


You didn’t want anything, so what was it that you needed?

“Oh right, do you have a map?” Lin Fan asked. He needed that thing and if he had it, it would be really useful to find his way in the future.

He would be able to know what powers were around.

If he just walked around randomly, he was really afraid that one day he would unknowingly head into an enemy camp and get surrounded and killed.

Fortress Head said, “Yes, yes.”

Actually, obviously not. Who had such a map? How would such a thing be of any use? However, he said yes to draw Lin Fan over.

Lin Fan stooped in front of him and questioned, “Really? You are not bluffing me?”

“No, there really is.” Fortress Head hurriedly said.

Lin Fan smiled, “Okay, lead the way. If you are lying, then I will chop you to death.”

When he heard this, Fortress Head shuddered.

“The way I am now, no…”

“Crawl.” Lin Fan said calmly like he was saying something normal.

Fortress Head cursed in his heart.

Was this person even human?

You climb for me then… But he had no choice and could only do so.

Lin Fan looked at the other handicapped people and was slightly unhappy. Was their anger so easy to dissipate?

He couldn’t let that happen.

He raised his hand and it landed.


The True Essence landed and stabbed their palms, pinning them to the ground.

Rage points +111.

Rage points +55


That’s alright.

Just continue to be angry like that.

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Chapter 300