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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 299

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 299

The desert environment was terrible for anyone.

The wind at night was really chilly.

Rage points: 93,539

“Terribly few.” Lin Fan pouted unhappily. He accumulated with so much difficulty, but was only able to obtain so few points.

Lin Fan was really an arrogant person; 90,000 and he felt that it was few…

Did he forget about the tough days in the past?

He cheered when he got 10-20,000, that he had so many rage points that he couldn’t finish. Now, he had so many, but he said that it was terribly few. Humans were just so greedy.

The strengths of True Essence and God Body.

He really didn’t want to admit that True Essence was weaker than God Body.


He had to be wrong.

What a joke. How could God Body be stronger than True Essence?

Increase stats.

God Body’s 490 jumped, each jump spent 5,000 rage points.

God Body: 500 (Middle Five Element Realm)


He felt a terrifying power appearing in his body. There was no added effect from the area around him but it was just his own potential.

The gate in his brain suddenly opened.

To put it simply, he opened the Gate of God, and in the future, he had to rely on himself for everything.

“Based on the current situation, both cultivations are important. I can’t give up one side just because of the consumption. That would affect my progress and development.”

Raising God Body or True Essence alone wouldn’t allow him to fight across realms.

At the same time, he cultivated many techniques. He could even search for more. When he had enough unlearned ones, he could rely on refreshing to find the best combination.

This was why when he had to consume the rage points. He had to do so.

At that moment.

A voice spread out from around. It was really dense, like the sound of horse hooves.

“Who is that?” Lin Fan was really curious. Who would wait at this random place to rob him?

That shouldn’t have been the case.

In the distance, a bunch of people rode horses over. They carried many different weapons and seemed really aggressive.

The one at the lead was a bald-headed man with a ponytail. He held a crescent blade in his hand and under the sunlight, it gave off a white light. Under him was an ink-black, handsome horse.

Very quickly, they were right in front of Lin Fan. The horse hooves landed on the ground and the horses snorted out hot breaths.

“Yellow Mountain Fortress only sent you. Do they disregard our Blood Vengeful Fortress?” The leader hollered in rage. He had a scar at the corner of his eyes, which covered a small portion of his face, making him seem more scary.

Yellow Mountain Fortress?

Blood Vengeful Fortress?

Lin Fan was stunned. Did he get wrapped up in something that had nothing to do with him?

He was just passing by and resting.

The current situation caught him off guard.

“I don’t know you all.” Lin Fan replied. He didn’t want to get involved in too many things, but for some reason, he felt excited when he looked at them. He really wanted to have some happy action with them on this beautiful night.

“Kid, I am one of the five leaders of Blood Vengeful Fortress Zhou Fengwang. You don’t know us but I know you, you fellow from Yellow Mountain Fortress. You dare to act so arrogantly towards us… Today, I will teach you a lesson.” Zhou Fengwang revealed his overbearing nature, his words were like that of a machine gun, not allowing Lin Fan to speak at all.

He moved his wrist and the blade in his hand spun along it. He jumped off the horse and headed right towards Lin.

“Kid, don’t pee your pants.”

Zhou Fengwang had a cruel smile. The blade in his hand was slashing towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan blinked. This guy was so random. He was a low profile person and rarely offended others.

Now in this random desert, he could find someone who was finding trouble. If he told this story, who would believe him?


Instantly, many flashes of light shot across, after which, one could hear a heart-wrenching scream.

“My hand, my hand.” Zhou Fengwang screamed, holding onto his bleeding wrist.

What happened?

Lin Fan just stood there and didn’t move at all while the other person looked like he was fooling around with his blade, moving the blade in his hands and spinning the blade about.

Then, it was really simple.

When the other person got close, he grabbed the handle and sliced down.

Lin Fan said helplessly, “I really don’t know who you all are.”

Rage points +999

Zhou Fengwang sat on the ground, his legs kicking the sand as he tried to retreat. He hollered, “Kill him.”

“Take revenge for Fifth Leader!”

The ants that followed were furious. They didn’t expect that guy to hurt Fifth Leader. He was just asking to die!

Suddenly, they stopped, their mouths agape as they realized what happened.

Lin Fan stood there and many swords floated behind him. The sharp Sword Intent covered everyone. His expression revealed helplessness and also a bit of confusion.

No one dared to move.

Zhou Fengwang was petrified. This person was an expert, “Who are you?”

“Do you have problems with your brain? You don’t even know who I am and you still fought me. Didn’t I say I didn’t know you, then you said you knew me. Now, you ask who I am?”

“Damn, stop talking. Although I am low profile, I don’t like playing with idiots. You asked for this, so don’t blame me.”

Lin Fan was a reasonable person. He was annoyed by these people and wanted to accumulate rage points.

Since he had a reason now, then he wouldn’t let them off so easily.

He pressed down.


Many swords swept forwards. Their targets were clear, just slicing off one wrist.


They all cried out.

Rage points +22.

Rage points +33

Rage points +33


“???” Lin Fan was stunned as he looked at them. What was going on, where did the small numbers come from. Were they even weaker than his bodyguards?

They were just a little higher than commoners.

Some gangs just randomly added people to increase their numbers…

The minions of Blood Vengeful Fortress cried out. They didn’t know what happened. After a light flashed, they realized that their wrists were sliced off.

It was so painful that they felt like they were about to die.

“Such small and useless things, you all have no value at all.” Lin Fan shook his head and felt slightly regretful. He was disappointed in them all.

If they could provide him with some rage points, he might treat them as humans.

As for now.

They should have just scrammed and continued what they were meant to be doing.

He was totally disinterested.

“You scum, do you know who is backing Blood Vengeful Fortress?”

“Xiedao Sect, have you heard of Xiedao Sect? ”

Zhou Fengwang hollered in rage. He mentioned their backer to let them know that Blood Vengeful Fortress couldn’t be offended so easily. Now that he injured them so badly, wasn’t he going to say anything?

“Stop talking nonsense. Let’s go, back to your Blood Vengeful Fortress.” Lin Fan opened his fingers. True Essence turned into a whip as he smacked them.

What were they even saying?

He didn’t think about doing anything, but unknowingly, he started to have some animosity with that Xiedao Sect.

But that wasn’t important at all.

The main thing was that one shouldn’t have been wasteful. Since he met them, they would have a good chat.

Zhou Fengwang really was about to go crazy. That guy whipped them and although it landed on their flesh, what hurt was their hearts. He lost all his face since he was actually being treated like that by such a small kid.

Rage points +999


What did he say?

To Blood Vengeful Fortress?

This kid shocked him, like he had seen a ghost.

Were the youths so bold now? It was okay if he bullied him, but now he even said that they were heading to Blood Vengeful Fortress. He just totally disregarded their Blood Vengeful Fortress!

But this was good too.

He was a little delighted. We aren’t your match but since you wanted to head to our sect, then there’s no reason why he shouldn’t lead the way for him.

As long as he was happy, he would definitely find out how terrifying Blood Vengeful Fortress was.


Lin Fan waved the True Essence whip and whipped these bunch of people.

“Get up, stop wasting time. Let’s rush there.”


He whipped them so much that their flesh was torn open.

Rage points +44.

Rage points +44.


He was already giving them a chance and didn’t dare to use strength. Otherwise, if he casually whipped, he could cause them to explode.

44 rage points, that was just too few…

If he tossed them on the streets, he definitely wouldn’t pick them up.

Lin Fan was like a shepherd, chasing this group of people towards Blood Vengeful Fortress.

After a long while, a bunch of people appeared where they had just left.

“Dad, the people from Blood Vengeful Fortress haven’t arrived. Are they hiding and baiting us?” A girl with a heroic demeanor looked towards the empty desert with a butterfly blade by her waist.

“Give my orders, everyone be careful.” The middle-aged male looked around warily. Their Yellow Mountain Fortress and Blood Vengeful Fortress agreed to battle to the death here. Now that Blood Vengeful Fortress wasn’t here, that made him really careful.

Where did they go?

He knew that they would definitely come.

Now that there were no signs of them, maybe it was as his daughter said; they were planning something.


“Fortress Head, come quickly, there is a situation here…” The scout shouted. The scenes filled him with disbelief.

“Go, let’s go take a look.” The Fortress Head frowned. He raised his hand and told half to stay while he brought half out.

“Take a look, why are there so many hands, like someone sliced them off. The blood hadn’t solidified, like it happened not too long ago.” The guy took a look and then reported.

It was night and the area was really dark. This situation confused them and they didn’t know what happened at all.

Or was this a smoke bomb that Blood Vengeful Fortress placed to confuse them?

The truth was unknown.

But they couldn’t just ignore this.

Blood Vengeful Fortress kidnapped many of their people and they had to save them.

Fortress Head said, “Let’s go, no matter what they are planning, they can’t stop us.”




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Chapter 299