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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 298

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 298

“I have such little understanding of this world.”

Lin Fan didn’t shy away from his weaknesses. He had totally no understanding of where the sects and cities were located at. Apart from those places that he had been to before, he knew nothing about the rest.

He had no idea where the Imperial Dynasty was.

Same for the top sects.

“It seems like I need to find a way to get a map. Otherwise, I would lose my way and have no sense of direction.” Lin Fan thought about it. He agreed with his own thoughts.

What was the sentence?

A fool wasn’t scary; what was scary was a fool with no sense of direction.

He wasn’t a fool but he was scarier than a fool. He was someone who didn’t know where he was going.

Xiedao Sect was now his enemy.

Although Xiedao Sect didn’t offend him, once he settled the Alliance matter, he would come back to play with them.

He was thinking about something.

If those top sects sent experts to help, wouldn’t it reduce the pressure on the cities? It would also pressure the Alliance and they would slow down their attacks.

Actually, one didn’t even need to think and one would know.

That was obvious.

During the period in which he was at Laoshan City, he didn’t see any strong sects that were willing to help.

“The world is too big and I don’t understand anything about it, that is really awkward.”

Lin Fan felt like the timing at which he came to this world was a little off.

If one said he was early, then he was really early, but if he was late, then he was really late.

When the Alliance thing happened, the righteousness in his heart grew such that he couldn’t shy away from it. If the Alliance thing passed, no matter how the environment was, at least he wouldn’t be so busy.

If he had enough time, who would care about the Alliance? if they dared to be arrogant, he would burst their heads.

Like that person just now, he would smack them to the ground and destroy them. It would be so simple and there would be no conflicts at all.

You City Alliance Camp.

The killing aura covered half the sky.

Lin Wanyi stood on the walls and behind him were endless numbers of experts.

In the distance.

The Alliance army arrived. They wanted to push Lin Wanyi back but they didn’t attack. They just set up camp and looked over aggressively.

“Lin Wanyi, I think you should just leave and head back to You City.” To deal with Lin Wanyi, Alliance headquarters sent their strongest general Gang Xiong.

The one who spoke was Nine Star General Gang Xiong. His muscles were as tough as iron but his True Essence was weak. He was one of the few who only cultivated the body and was one of the top experts to reach such a level.

“Smart people don’t need to act. If you have balls, then come.” Lin Wanyi was filled with disdain as he did a provocative hand sign. It was impossible for him to leave this place.

Gang Xiong looked coldly at Lin Wanyi.


That was impossible.

Did he think he was stupid? Calling them out was one thing, but directly fighting was another.

“Lin Wanyi, as long as I defend here, you can forget about advancing.” Gang Xiong hollered. His voice shook through the air and spread over a wide distance.

“What a loud voice, you are just so noisy. Advance? I will advance for you to see. Come.” Lin Wanyi landed from the wall and took a step forwards. He stood with his hands by his side, “Come, didn’t you say you didn’t want to let me advance? I took many steps forward already.”

Gang Xiong’s eyes squinted and he cursed in his heart. The person he didn’t want to see the most was Lin Wanyi.

But he had no choice. The reason Alliance sent him over was to stop Lin Wanyi. If he wanted to advance, then even if he sacrificed his life, he had to stop him.

Gang Xiong was helpless, sacrifice his life?

That was an unfriendly move. He came out to block Lin Wanyi but he definitely would flee. He wouldn’t sacrifice his life to block.

“General, we are already prepared, let’s chase these natives out of our land.”

Gang Xiong didn’t care about that person. He was already brainwashed to sacrifice his life for the Alliance. For who? Probably for those people in charge of the Alliance Headquarters.

He understood.

The Alliance invaded the home of others for no reason, only these fools believed that Alliance was saving others.

But Alliance was running out of resources.

It was normal that they wanted to occupy new territories. Now, the Alliance was prepared to use all their strength to fight against the Rich Land, unlike before when it was just small fights.

“Lin Wanyi you are strong. Now Maigu City has been broken in and the other defense lines are about to be broken. This place will be the same.”

“You have two choices, fight with us to the death and all of you will die, or join us. I can ensure you will become a general.”

Gang Xiong wanted to recruit Lin Wanyi, that was something everyone in the Alliance wanted too.

Although it was difficult, many people had hope. If Lin Wanyi was recruited, everything would become simple.

“What dog shit, if you have balls say it to my face. Let’s see if I will shove your head into your butt.” Lin Wanyi scolded Gang Xiong.

He didn’t care that he was a Nine Star General.

“Look behind, do you recognize those corpses? Nine Star General, I turned them into meat jerky. If you want to take the corpses, it will depend on whether or not your Alliance has the balls.”

The Alliance looked at the corpses on the city wall, their expressions turned dark.

Those familiar people who they respected were all generals.

Their faces seemed as though they had been slapped.

Who could understand the pain in their hearts?

Some hot-headed ones shouted in rage, their eyes flashed red as they wanted to charge and fight with Lin Wanyi, to kill all the native dogs in the world.

These hot-blooded young men all came from the college and learned through standardized teaching methods. They inherited what those in charge of Alliance wanted them to think.

They came here to be coolies since they couldn’t enter the battlefield. The true battle depended on those real experts.

Gang Xiong was naturally furious but he was unfazed by Lin Wanyi’s provocative actions.

Anyway, those who died weren’t his loved ones or people he was familiar with.

It didn’t matter.

“Lin Wanyi, I heard that you have a son and sent him out of the city. If your son is a guest here, will you come?” Gang Xiong smiled.

Since he was unable to act on Lin Wanyi, then he would start from his son.

Lin Wanyi squinted his eyes, looked at Gang Xiong, and returned back to the camp.

“Old Master, they are trying to target young master.” Old Wu worried.

“Don’t worry, Zhang Tianshan doesn’t know where that kid went. These Alliance people can’t even enter, so how can they find him?” Lin Wanyi was really calm. He didn’t believe that Alliance could find his son.


They were not far away from the Alliance experts but both sides didn’t move.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to fight.

But because they couldn’t move.

Lin Wanyi wanted to wipe them out but if he did, they would gather more troops here. You City was alone and couldn’t fight them.

This situation was good, both sides left each other alone and formed a balance.

General Gang Xiong was sent here on orders to block Lin Wanyi. As long as he didn’t attack, then both sides would be at peace, and no one would offend the other.

The You City also understood that this battle couldn’t be solved by being rash, they needed time.

At the same time, if more experts could come to help, then things would become much simpler.

What a waste.

Those fellows always cared for their own interests. Many sects even supported Alliance.

Only then would they have a chance to change the current world order.

Hell Mountain.

A dangerous place, or rather hell. It was dark and there was little to no light. A black mist was floating around the air and occasionally there would be ear-piercing screams.

Evil God Zhen Ming was sent into the void current and no one knew whether he was dead or alive.

The experts who went with him were all dead.

Hell Mountain was unable to take such huge losses. Especially the loss of Evil God Zhen Ming who was one of the higher-ups of Hell Mountain.

Losing him was a huge blow to them.

They had to ask Alliance Headquarters for an explanation. They couldn’t allow their men to die at Laoshan City and not explain at all right?

Did they think they were easy to bully, or that Hell Mountain people were just cannon fodder to them?

Those from Ocean Emperor Island were much more fortunate.

Especially those who Zhen Ming chased back. They felt too lucky, being able to avoid such a matter.

If they really went.

Maybe they would have really died. In the end, they really had to thank Evil God Zhen Ming.

Alliance Headquarters wanted to call upon all sides to invade Rich Land. Evil God Zhen Ming chased Ocean Emperor Island men away, going against what they had planned.

The Alliance Headquarter people would naturally be unhappy about that.

What was he acting cool about? If Ocean Emperor Island went too, then things wouldn’t end like this.

Look at the situation now.

Acting cool, he even died, what a waste.

Now they even had to give Hell Mountain an explanation.

That night.

Lin Fan landed on an endless sand dune and rested. The journey was very far and it would take a month even if he didn’t rest at all. That was really far enough…

He spread out the special internal strength of Bug Controlling Technique.

Feng Feng!

A scorpion came from afar.

He had nothing to eat, so he would just barbecue scorpions.

The wind was strong at night. There were many dangers in this region but to Lin Fan, this place was just like his home.

Frying was the best.

But there was no oil here, so he could only barbecue it. Despite this, the taste was still decent though.

Not long later.



Lin Fan placed the scorpion into his mouth and munched on it. It was really crispy and it tasted great.




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Chapter 298