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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 297

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 297

Old Ancestor Wanshan looked at the leaving backview and muttered.

“It is so good to be young, one wouldn’t have so many things to care about.”

Based on what he knew, those six disciples from Dusk Peak weren’t ugly. One of the petite ones, if she was a little more bold then…


Old Ancestor Wanshan covered his face with one hand and scolded himself. He was so shameless, what was he thinking about, was that something an old man could think about?

Lin Fan left in a hurry. When he flew away from Wanxiang Sect that pair of suspicious looking eyes looked up. This time she wasn’t noticed, until that person disappeared.

“I am finally safe.” Junior Sister Yuan patted her chest and stopped worrying.

She was just delusional.

A few days later.

After Lin Fan left Wanxiang Sect, he continued to rush. He was really bitter and helpless. Actually, Wanxiang Sect was a decent place and Old Ancestor Wanshan was a good person.

He wanted to ask him whether or not he should talk to his disciples.

And then tell them that they were all trash.

But thinking about it, it was not appropriate.

Wanxiang Sect was washed by the Alliance battle and sacrificed many. Maybe many of them were descendants of those heroes so how could he call them trash?


There was movement not far away, like there was a battle. Many trees collapsed and birds flew up into the air.

Lin Fan didn’t dare to be careless.

After the Maigu City battle, he became more wary, or rather more cunning.

“Haiz, after being bitten by a snake once, I am afraid of ropes. After that happened, it left a dark shadow on my heart.”

He was filled with regret, leaving such a dark shadow in his heart for no reason was such a mistake.

“Huan Ji, follow us back to be punished.”

A girl was being surrounded by four guys. She wanted to flee but her path was locked up.

The four guys were really sharp. Although they didn’t attack her viciously, their methods were really cunning.

“Stop dreaming, if you want me to return with you all, then it depends on whether you have the skill.” Huan Ji said coldly. Her fingers shook and a pink mist spread out.

“Be careful, this is her Demon Illusion Track Losing, don’t fall for it.”

Someone reminded.

“Ah, so its just noobs fighting.” Lin Fan looked and his interest was greatly reduced. He thought that it was a battle of experts but thinking about it, how would he be so lucky to face so many experts. It was actually quite decent that he met some noobs fighting.

He wanted to leave and let them continue bickering. Maybe in the future, these noobs would grow into experts and bring him more excitement.

However, he stopped.

Xiedao Sect?

That sect’s name was familiar but he couldn’t recall where he heard it from. He thought about it for a moment and he got it. When he wiped out the Nine Bug Gang division, he met three Xiedao Sect disciples and hammered them to death.

At Black Mountain, he also met that Xiedao Sect expert. He even conned that person and made him block the attacks of that octopus monster.

If he couldn’t even recall that, then he was just too heartless.

“Both sides aren’t good people.” Lin Fan muttered. It was late already and there was no point peeking. He just walked out into the open.

“Stop fighting, all of you stop.”

He shouted, his tone was overbearing. What were they even fighting for? Even if they fought till the next day, it would be useless. Just you scum using internal strength, you weren’t able to satisfy his demands.

But thinking about it.

No matter what, the five of them could provide him with decent rage points.

When the four Xiedao Sect guys saw Lin Fan walk over, they were stunned and retreated. But they continued to seal the path to ensure that Huan Ji couldn’t flee too.

Huan Ji saw someone came and was also wary. She didn’t know who he was but looking at how young it was, it was easy to underestimate him.

Of course.

This wasn’t easy.

He was really underestimated.

Lin Fan looked at the five of them and said, “What are you even fighting over?

“All of you kneel, I have no time to waste with all of you.”

If there were 100 such experts, then he would spend time playing with them.

As for now, there were just too few of them. Wasting too much time wasn’t worth it at all.

“Who are you? Xiedao Sect is doing things so please move aside.” One of them said.

He was Xiedao Sect Liu Zhi. Although his position wasn’t high, he did have a bit of reputation outside.

Xiedao Sect was one of the large sects, so normal people weren’t willing to offend them. This was why there was a need to announce where he came from.

“Do you not understand my words? All kneel.” Lin Fan said.

Liu Zhi frowned unhappily. He then signaled to the others to deal with him.

At that moment, a bald-headed man walked out.

“Kid, you are asking to die.”

He looked really fierce. He clenched his fingers and there was the sound of bones crackling.


He stepped forwards, leaving a deep footprint on the ground. He instantly disappeared from the spot.


Lin Fan shook his head. These people were just too weak. He just raised his hand and grabbed his head. He pushed him down face first into the ground. There was a low thud and the guy couldn’t react at all.

“I told you to kneel. Why don’t you all understand?”

Liu Zhi looked at Lin Fan in shock like he didn’t expect the kid to be so strong.

Huan Ji was also astonished.

Who was he?

Liu Zhi didn’t want to waste time on these few scums. He disappeared from his spot and appeared in front of Liu Zhi, punching him in the stomach. He clutched it and knelt on both knees, spitting out even his organ juices.




The four guys all fell to the ground but they didn’t die.

He needed their rage points, so naturally, he wouldn’t let them die so easily.

He looked at Huan Ji, the only girl there.

She seemed young, but she definitely did makeup. Be it aura or feel, she sensed that she wasn’t young.

Of course, normal people wouldn’t be able to tell how old she was and would think that she was young.

Her expression became dark and she gave out a smile that she thought was alluring, “Thank you, young master was saving me, I…”


He punched.

Her bright eyes were stunned, at the same time she was filled with disbelief.

“How old are you, why are you acting in front of me. Don’t you feel disgusted?”

“Anyway, you aren’t a good person.”

“Lay down.”

How was he someone that would be tempted by a woman? He really didn’t understand how these women thought, only knowing how to tempt him and didn’t know how to just run.

He looked at the five of them.

Lin Fan trashed their cultivation. They were so weak and not worth mentioning at all, but this could prevent them from struggling in the air and falling to their deaths.

He tied them up and carried them as he continued on his journey.

As for their grievances, he didn’t care about them at all. They were just so weak, so how big could their grievances be?

Liu Zhi woke up.

He felt like there was wind slapping his face. What was going on? Why did he feel that?


He was shocked and opened his eyes wide.


He looked below and he was very far from the ground. Everything below was really small. He sensed that he was being tied up and as he raised his head, he saw that kid.


God Essence Realm expert.

The people around all woke up.

They realized that the situation wasn’t right and all struggled. Very quickly, they realized that their cultivation was gone and they had no internal strength at all.

“Who are you? Do you really want to be enemies with Xiedao Sect?” Liu Zhi raged.

Rage points +333.

Rage points +333.


Huan Ji woke up long ago. She was totally stunned when she saw everything. Never would she have thought that things would reach such a state.

Lin Fan glanced and smiled, “What enemy? I already killed many of the people from your Xiedao Sect, the few of you won’t make a difference.”

“Later, I will rip your clothes and toss you to a place with many people. Not bad, not bad.”

Rage points +999

Rage points +999


Lin Fan felt that he was a person that knew how to accumulate. So what if there were only five of them? As long as he put his heart into it, he could gain enough rage points.

Although he was rushing back, he might have bumped into things. As long as it was on his way, he would partake in it.

Like these five people, they were having a decent fight and didn’t offend him, so why did he do this?

He could tell them.

He just hated Xiedao Sect, it was just so simple, there was nothing complicated about it.

The five of them were people from Xiedao Sect and their cultivation didn’t reach God Essence Realm so they couldn’t fly. Naturally, they didn’t come from a far place and maybe Xiedao Sect was nearby.

But with his current skill.

He didn’t need to take the risk. Sects had many experts, exceeding his expectation. If he faced something like Maigu City again, he might not be so lucky again.

No matter what.

He had to raise his cultivation to peak Five Element Realm or Yin Yang Realm first.

At that time, as long as he didn’t face a peak expert, he would have a chance. Even if he couldn’t win, he would be able to flee.

If he forced him to a corner, he would tear open space and jump in. If you were unhappy then chase me, let’s see who ran faster.

“Young master, we have no animosity with one another, so why do this to me. Release me, I am innocent.” Huan Ji begged.

Lin Fan frowned, “Don’t beg me, be angry with me. If you dare to beg me, I will kill you.”

If she begged, then why would she give rage points?

Huan Ji was furious. She didn’t expect that she would meet such a mad man, she really didn’t think that something like this would happen.

Rage points +999

If she could, she really wanted to rip out his heart and organs and crush them into paste.

If Lin Fan knew, he would exclaim.

What a cruel woman.

After a period of time.

He realized that the five of them stopped giving rage points.

What a waste.

He picked up speed and dived down. When he was about to land, he waved his arms and smashed them onto the ground.

There was a loud explosion.

They all exploded, the scenes were gory and couldn’t be described.

To Lin Fan, he was totally unaffected. He didn’t waste any time and left right away.




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Chapter 297