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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 296

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 296

In front of the Old Ancestor, he didn’t dare to behave too arrogantly.

Even then, it wouldn’t make him yield. Strength decided everything, so what if he knew many people?

Was Lu Bin the kind of person who would bend down because of the status of other people?


He really wasn’t such a person.

However, Old Ancestor was here. Even if he was unhappy, he had to act like he was. If he made Old Ancestor unhappy, his position as Senior Brother of Cloud Ocean Peak was useless. He would definitely be taught a lesson.

Old Ancestor Wanshan smiled, “That is true. To little friend, his cultivation is like a kid that hadn’t grown up. Why don’t you head to the back mountain to chat with me.”

Lin Fan wanted to leave but since he invited him, if he didn’t go, it would be a slap to his face. Moreover, he was much stronger than him but was still so polite. As such, he agreed.

“Then, I will disturb you for a while.” Lin Fan hesitated for a moment and then agreed.

He felt helpless in his heart.

He wanted to leave already. He already stayed here for so long, so of course, he wanted to leave.

Old Ancestor Wanshan smiled, “Little friend please follow me.”

The moment she said that.

Old Ancestor Wanshan rose up into the air and Lin Fan followed. He floated up and chased behind.

“Ah?” Lu Bin felt really unhappy, but when he saw Lin Fan fly, his eyes opened wide like he had seen a ghost.

No way.

Cultivators couldn’t fly. Only someone at God Essence Realm could fly into the air.

Didn’t this mean that his cultivation was God Essence Realm or above?

How is that possible, how old is he?

Pa pa!

He couldn’t help but shake his head, like there was an invisible slap to his face and his head hurt.

In the distance, a voice spread to him.

“Little friend seems filled with energy, your cultivation must be really high.” Old Ancestor Wanshan asked while they walked.

Lin Fan said, “Not really, I am just Five Element Realm.”



Two sounds.

Old Ancestor Wanshan stumbled a little and nearly fell.

Lu Bin knelt down, his eyes opened wide, and he was totally stunned. The words “Not really, I am just Five Element Realm” reverberated in his mind.

To Lu Bin, those words were heavy damage smashing onto his body.

“Why do I feel like I am such a clown?” Such a thought appeared in Lu Bin’s mind. He thought about how he deserved to be proud, but actually, in the eyes of others, he was just like a clown.

His mind was about to collapse.

He covered his face and escaped. This impact was too huge and his heart couldn’t take it. The joy from breaking through was totally gone and he really wanted to find a river to drown himself in.

To end everything like this.

Why did he have to bump into this person? It was like a slap to his face. Couldn’t he come out a day later?

Ning Xi looked into the distance. Her pupils constricted. So terrifying. She then looked towards Lu Bin who was leaving and shook her head. He had kicked into a metal pole while the other party didn’t lower himself to his level.

How did he manage to cultivate to such a level at such a young age?

Even if one thought of all possibilities, one had no idea.

Back mountain.

Lin Fan smelled a nice scent and realized that this was a medicine field in which many herbs were planted.

At the same time, many intelligent animals appeared.

“Little friend, what do you think about this place?” Old Ancestor Wanshan smiled.

Lin Fan said, “Not bad, this is like a paradise.”

“Hahaha, I planted these when I had nothing to do and they slowly amassed to this level.” Old Ancestor Wanshan was proud of his achievements. He was playing around and wasting time with these things but the project became bigger and bigger and he slowly became more and more interested in it.

Lin Fan wanted to know what Old Ancestor Wanshan called him over to talk about.

Maybe he just wanted to show off.

If that was the case, he was willing to play along. Then, he would leave and head to another place.

“Amazing, amazing, this herb field is a priceless treasure. Any one of these, if placed outside, would be a treasure that everyone would want to snatch.” Lin Fan praised. Looking at the situation, he didn’t mind making him feel good. He was old and hoped to meet someone who understood him, to make his old heart happy.

Old Ancestor Wanshan smiled, looking proudly at his herb field and then saying humbly, “That is a little too exaggerated. This field is quite average, maybe after a few decades it will be decent.”

“Come, let’s not talk about all these. Little friend, please sit.”

Lin Fan sat there and waited for Old Ancestor Wanshan to brag and then he would play along. Then, things would end and then he would leave.

Old Ancestor Wanshan thought that Lin Fan was only Void Realm, but didn’t expect him to be Five Element Realm. This shocked him. After all, that was really terrifying for a young person to have such cultivation. At his age, he was only fooling around at Master Realm.

However, he didn’t know that Lin Fan was a dual cultivator, otherwise, he would have been scared to death.

Lin Fan wasn’t good at acting cool, moreover, he wasn’t good at faking too.

He just wanted to leave and there was no need for him to act cool in front of others.

“Till now, I still don’t know your name.” Old Ancestor Wanshan asked.

Lin Fan said, “My name is Lin Fan.”

Old Ancestor Wanshan was in deep thought but it didn’t seem like any of the sect’s top disciples had such a name. He shouldn’t have remembered incorrectly.

However, Old Ancestor Wanshan didn’t ask much more. Talking had some skills, one couldn’t ask so much at once which would scare him off.

“Little friend, I sensed when you appeared in Wanxiang Sect, but thinking about how you landed in the Dusk Peak hot spring, it was not appropriate. And the place you landed in…” Before Old Ancestor Wanshan finished, Lin Fan interrupted.

“Eh, that did happen. I fell into the hot spring and six disciples of your sect were bathing and I saw everything. But as a cultivator, my path is filled with difficulties. The more I cultivate, the more I feel like there is no difference between girls and guys; one has something more while the other has something less. In the end, it is just a part of the body.” Lin Fan sighed.

He wasn’t stupid, actually, he was a really smart person.

He was able to think of such a reply.

Without needing you to say anything, he knew what was going on.

He was hinting that female disciples were bathing in the hot spring and he fell in. He wanted him to take responsibility for them. Stop dreaming, even his father wasn’t able to make him marry. Even if he was the Old Ancestor, he wouldn’t give him that face.

If his father found out, he would definitely find you.

Why was it that he could make him take six, all at once?

How high was his status?

This was why he was so direct, using cultivation to end the topic. Now, he would wait for Old Ancestor Wanshan to reply.

He had a guess that he would find him because of that. He was young with high cultivation, so he wanted to pull him over to their side. It was a small plan and was quite obvious.

To him, the best way for them is to lock him up, tie him up, and then do everything. With a kid, then he would have no choice.

If the kid called him father every day, then maybe he would have been tied down.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell him that plan in case he really tried, that would lead to quite a sad ending.

Old Ancestor Wanshan’s hand that was touching his mustache stopped, his smile solidified, and he looked at Lin Fan with his mouth wide open.

Huge waves rose up in his heart.

He was so old but when he was young, he was a guy with huge firepower.

Oh my god.

He had lived for so long and had never seen such a shameless person.

He fell into his disciple’s hot spring and had seen all their bodies but was able to describe himself as so pure. How shameless did one have to be?

If not for him being so old already, he wanted to push Lin Fan to the ground and rub his face on the ground. Stop acting cool, stop acting cool.

Old Ancestor Wanshan coughed and smiled awkwardly, “Your words do indeed make a little sense.”

Lin Fan smiled, he had to be direct, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Oh, right. Others might not have known, but he definitely did. Maybe he could ask him about it.

“Old Ancestor, do you know where Laoshan City is?” Lin Fan asked. He wanted to head over. There was no reason for him to stay here and fool around with a bunch of kids. If he stayed with his old man, it was easy for him to slowly turn old too.

This was why killing and fighting was much better. There was no conversation, they would just greet one another and then start fighting. That felt so much better.

“Laoshan City?”

Old Ancestor Wanshan said weirdly, “Little friend came from Laoshan City?”

Lin Fan didn’t hide anything, “Right, I went to Maigu City from Laoshan City and was heavily injured by a bunch of Alliance members. I was then saved by an unknown person and ended up here. Now that my injuries are healed, it is time I returned.”

Old Ancestor Wanshan smiled, not because Lin Fan was strong but because he actually came from the border city. He was so young and was actually so righteous.

“Little friend, Laoshan City is really far from here. If you walk east, you would take at least a month.” Old Ancestor Wanshan said.

Lin Fan was stunned and didn’t think it would take so long. Naturally, he knew that Old Ancestor Wanshan wasn’t talking about riding a horse but flying in the air. If that would take a month, then wouldn’t riding a horse take a year? That was just too far…

Who saved him?

How did he send him over?

Actually, even Monster Emperor didn’t know how Lin Fan appeared. The Void Dimension was really mysterious and there were many parts of it. Sometimes, it would get messed up and one would lose direction and arrive in a random location.

“Thank you Old Ancestor for telling me. If there is nothing more, then I will take my leave.” Lin Fan said.

“Please wait for a moment.” Old Ancestor Wanshan spoke up. He then uprooted his field, all the herbs separated from the ground and floated over.

“Friend, although these herbs are not top grade, it would be useful for those at the border. I want to follow you there but…”

Old Ancestor Wanshan didn’t have one leg and his right sleeve was empty.

He used True Essence to replace the missing leg to make it easy for him to walk.

“20 years ago I led my whole sect over. Apart from me and a few old disciples, all of them were left there. Now Wanxiang Sect looks good but it is only because I am here. So please forgive me, I have to care for these juniors.”

Lin Fan was filled with respect. He didn’t expect this Old Ancestor Wanshan to have paid such a heavy price.

“Haha, let’s not talk about all this. You seem to have something important, so I won’t make you stay. If you have a chance you can come again, I will definitely welcome you.” Old Ancestor Wanshan smiled.

Lin Fan cupped his fists, he was filled with respect.

“Goodbye, thank you Old Ancestor, I will definitely bring these to them.”




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Chapter 296