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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 294

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 294


He spat out a mouthful of dirty air.

Father’s collections were really overbearing. His organs were mostly recovered. The small injuries that were there were all normal.

He didn’t need to care much about them.

It was only the Bug Controlling Technique after-effects that were overbearing. He felt like maybe those weren’t after effects, but the terrifying power that pierced through his bug body when he was attacked.

Such that the bug body was crushed before he retracted it, leaving him with problems.

He analyzed it. That was definitely the case, there was no other possibility.

If there was, then that would be a mistake.

Wanxiang Sect?

Embracing everything (Wanxiang), who knew if this sect was a top sect or not? Looking at its size, it seemed decent. But those girls, whose bodies he had glimpsed, weren’t that strong.

They were quite weak.

With the small support system, he improved really quickly, and his standards also rose. Those people of his age were just too weak.


People didn’t chase him away, so he wouldn’t. Before he understood the situation of this sect, naturally he wouldn’t be careless.

Anyway, he was fine, for now.

He would heal up and find a chance to raise his cultivation and then head back to the border to continue. He wouldn’t rest until he sent them back. If his strength allowed him, he really wanted to counter invade.

That night.

Dong dong!

There was a knock on his door.

Lin Fan opened his eyes, got down, and opened it. There was no one outside. Just as he was about to close it, he realized there were dishes placed on the ground; two dishes, one soup, and one bowl of white rice.

“Keke.” Lin Fan smiled. He looked around and noticed a sneaky pair of eyes looking at him from the corner of the wall.


He shouted but it terrified the owner of the pair of eyes. She fled and was nowhere to be seen.

“So timid, what could I even do to you? Although these people look decent, I can’t be too careless. Danger is always close by.” Lin Fan carried the plate and closed the door. He went back in and casually ate. Eating too much at night was bad for the stomach.

He cleared out the bowl and plates, licking it clean with his tongue.

It was quite good.

Junior Sister Yuan Jiujiu hid somewhere else, she patted her chest, and heaved a sigh of relief. So dangerous, she was actually noticed. If he pulled her into the room, then she really didn’t dare imagine what would happen.

She closed her eyes.

Things that appeared in her mind made her open her eyes, and sweat fell from her white forehead.

In her imagination, she was stripped and tossed onto the bed. That guy took something and shoved it in her mouth.

He carried her thin and light legs…

Her face turned white and she ran away crying. It was just too terrifying.

If Lin Fan knew what she was thinking, he would give him a combo such that she would fall to the ground.

He was just staying here but they tried to seduce him. Were there any laws or rights in this place?

In a cave 8,000 miles from Maigu City.

Monster Emperor’s fat body took up half of the cave. Blood flowed from his body and there were many shattered pieces of meat. One could even describe it like one would a beehive.

Originally, such injuries weren’t much for the Monster Emperor.

However, there was a sort of weird power tangling on his flesh.

Each time it moved, the recovering body would be injured by this power.

Blood continued to flow.

“Nine Star General Xue Du is really vicious, what an infuriating fellow.”

Monster Emperor’s fat body rested on the wall and his breathing became heavy.

General Xue Du appeared and two generals joined hands along with the other Eight Star Generals, placing huge pressure on the Monster Emperor. He was definitely able to escape, just that the price was heavy.

Did he regret anything?


He only had two choices: whether or not he wanted to do it. There was no regret.

“Hahahaha.” Monster Emperor laughed. His injuries seemed heavy, but he smiled for some reason. Even if someone asked him for the reason,

He wouldn’t be able to reply to it. Maybe he would grab his fats and then release it. He would let the blood flow as he just wanted to hear that sound that made him happy.

Feng Feng!

There was movement outside. Many bugs carried many wild beasts back.

Monster Emperor grabbed them and sent them into his mouth. He bit and ripped them. They were really bloody. His pair of eyes became really vicious and terrifying. The beast was huge, its limbs touched the fats and gave out the sound of waves.

Instantly, he squinted his eyes. The smile on his face was still really terrifying, but to him, it was the smile from joy.

He needed to eat a lot.

“Who is hiding here?”

Suddenly, someone shouted in rage.

A monk carried a pole and many experts gathered around.

Monster Emperor caused a lot of commotion when he was transporting the food and naturally, people noticed. To some people, the time to wipe out demons had arrived.

Maybe they might have even gained things.


The cave shook and a terrifying aura shot out.


The monk was stunned. He felt a dangerous aura head towards him and he knew something wasn’t good.

“What monster is that?”

Everyone raised their heads and looked at Monster Emperor. They were all stunned and their legs trembled. They didn’t even have the courage to run.

“The food I badly needed is here.” Monster Emperor was excited. Many tentacles spread out and covered everyone.


He cried out.

The cries in the region spread a far distance, scaring the birds out of the forest. The low sounds continued to spread and then it slowly disappeared.

A few days later.

Lin Fan opened his eyes. He was mostly recovered and was basically fine. The Bug Controlling Technique after-effects were cleared out, most of them were the dangers that merged into his blood and cells, which would cause problems for him in the future.

“I should leave.”

He was just a passer-by in this place. He wouldn’t have much relationship with Wanxiang Sect. As they weren’t familiar with one another, how could they have any relationship?

There were many dishes on the table.

Every day, apart from no breakfast, there would be lunch and dinner. She would hide behind that wall with her sneaky eyes.

When he noticed her, those eyes would disappear.

She would flee.

He pushed the door open.

Lin Fan looked around. He temporarily remembered Wanxiang Sect in his heart. When he had the chance, in the future, he would come to thank them.

But unfortunately, he didn’t ask them about the location.

But that didn’t matter. He would leave here and find a city, and naturally, he would find something out.

Before this, he should tell them and greet them. If they were fated to meet once more, then at least they would be on talking terms.

He left the courtyard and walked into the distance. Dusk Peak was different, there were many female disciples. Apart from him, there were no other males.

The female disciples would look at him in shock and disbelief.

“Why are they gazing at me? Is it because I am too handsome?” Lin Fan thought about it and felt like it was possible. After all, anyone handsome would attract such looks anywhere.

But he hoped for others to be attracted by his strength and not his looks.

After all, looks were just too superficial.

At that moment.

“Didn’t I tell you not to come out?” Ning Xi frowned and asked. He was walking about openly which created many problems for her. Although Dusk Peak didn’t have many rules, he didn’t have to walk out from her house like he was telling everyone that he stayed there.

Lin Fan smiled, “Lady Ning, sorry for disturbing you over these days. I came to say my goodbyes.”

The words he said were really serious. He wasn’t used to it, but he had no choice. He wasn’t familiar with them and didn’t think about using his strength to threaten them. If he was too casual, it would make them think that he was looking down on them.

So since his injuries were mostly healed, it was time for him to leave.

As for whether or not he saw their bodies, that wasn’t important. He was afraid that the more things he said, the more they would think. Things wouldn’t be good if they demanded to prove their innocence.

Although the chance was small, he should have just left quickly.

Ning Xi looked at this guy. She only knew his name but not his story, “Okay follow me, I will send you down. Remember, no matter who you meet, don’t talk nonsense. You are also not allowed to speak of how you came here.”

Lin Fan smiled and nodded.

Those words sounded like he would cheat them. Did he look like that sort of person?

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything, moreover, nothing happened.” Lin Fan said.

Sometimes, the more he tried to explain, the worse things got.

At the start, it was okay, but to them, it might’ve cause misunderstandings.

Ning Xi took in a deep breath, telling herself that he didn’t do it on purpose. She had to bear with it, she had to.

“Let’s go.”

Ning Xi turned around and led the way. The female disciples who passed all greeted respectfully. At the same time, they curiously looked at the male behind her.

They were very curious.

Who was this guy?

Why would he be on Dusk Peak, what was his relationship with Senior Sister? Why did they seem quite close.

Very quickly.

They were at the foot of the mountain and they continued forwards.

Ning Xi felt like she should have sent him away in case she caused misunderstandings. He also listened to her, really staying in the room for days and not coming out, saving her a lot of problems.

If he casually came out to stroll and caused misunderstandings, then that would have been bad.


“Junior Sister Ning Xi.”

Just at that moment, a voice spread from afar. A male brought several disciples and walked towards Ning Xi.

Lin Fan looked and the male who seemed to be in high spirits, like there was a joyous thing that he found hard to hide and wanted everyone to know.

When Lu Bin saw Ning Xi, his eyes were shining. Although they weren’t from the same peak, he had entered much earlier than Ning Xi, which was why he was her Senior Brother.

“Senior Brother Lu.” Ning Xi evidently didn’t want to talk much to him. At the same time, she frowned. Why did he appear here at this moment?

This was a little problematic.




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Chapter 294