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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 293

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 293

Lin Fan looked around. It was a warm room, nice smelling and ancient looking. At least that meant he wasn’t on the Alliance side.

He wasn’t captured.

“I think someone saved me.”

That situation was really dangerous. He had already tried his best but that didn’t mean that he could survive.

Forget it.

Thank you.

No matter who it was that saved him, if he met them again, he would thank them. Lin Fan wasn’t someone who loved to owe favours. He had to pay them back, especially this huge favor.


He was really annoyed, why did he owe someone a favor like that? Moreover, it was such a huge favor.

However, now wasn’t the time to think about all this. He pulled aside the chains on his body, got off the bed and looked around. A scent spread throughout the room.

When he landed, he remembered that there was a bunch of naked girls who attacked him. He pushed aside one and then the rest came.

The scenes were really chaotic. He wanted to push them all away, but because of his injuries, he was unable to do so. That was a little embarrassing.

“Not good.”

Lin Fan thought about some possibility that they might end up using him. Each day they would harvest him for his Yin energy. Just thinking about it made him terrified.

If that was the case, then that was just too much.

He opened his pants, dry. There was no wet and soft feeling which meant that he wasn’t affected.

He patted his chest and felt much more at ease.

A male alone outside needed to learn how to protect themselves. One couldn’t be too careless, otherwise, losing their virginity was a small matter. Being locked up and being a slave was a huge thing.

Of course.

He didn’t need to be too nervous now. When he was weak they could have easily killed him, but they didn’t, which meant that this place wasn’t dangerous. This was why he was just overthinking.

He pushed open the door.

What he saw was a beautiful sight. A wind blew and a bunch of flowers fell in front of the house. It was extremely beautiful, energising him fully.

“What a good place.”

Lin Fan came to the cherry blossom tree and took in a deep breath. The short period of peace allowed him to relax.

“However, where was this place?”

He looked around and felt slightly weird. Was this a sect?

That was because he saw many buildings on the mountain peak and many people walking around. Although he was far away, with his cultivation, it was easy for him to see clearly.

He was on a mountain peak too.

“I didn’t expect that I would end up in another sect.” Lin Fan shook his head. Who did it? Why did he send him to some sect? Was there a reason for all this?

If Monster Emperor was here, he could reply to him not to think so much. He randomly teleported him. The Void Dimension sent him to a random place, if he was unlucky, he would have landed in a pile of shit.

There were footsteps.

Lin Fan turned his head and looked.

He saw a petite looking girl walk over. She was walking joyfully, but when she saw Lin Fan who was standing under the cherry blossom tree, she exclaimed and ran away.

One could hear her shouting.

“Senior Sister, he woke up, he woke up.”

Lin Fan shook his head. However, what appeared in his mind were scenes of this girl naked.

She quickly shook it off.

What was he even thinking?

So what if she wasn’t wearing anything? Even if the top 10 beauties in the world danced in front of him naked, he dared to imagine that without blinking he would be calm. He wouldn’t be affected or nosebleed at all.

You don’t believe him?

Then, bring the beauties over and let them dance in front of him. Let’s see if he will be calm or not.

“A decent sect, much stronger than my Martial Path Mountain.”

Lin Fan muttered.

He wasn’t prepared to have many dealings with this sect.

Once he healed up he would leave this place. He still had to return, the border defense might not need him, but he would be a game changer.

It was just that he didn’t know where he was, he had no sense of direction at all.

Very quickly.

Dense footsteps spread into his ear.

Lin Fan knew that the main people were here. That was good, he would ask where this place was.

“Senior Sister, he is awake, he is there.” Junior Sister Yuan Jiujiu said. With Senior Sister by her side, she was much more courageous.

Lin Fan looked at the group of girls, he felt like they were all very familiar but a little foreign.

Maybe if they were all naked he would be familiar with them. After all, there was a large difference between being naked and being clothed.

At that moment.

The girl who walked towards Lin Fan was really cold, there was no expression at all.

Who could he blame? No matter who it was, if someone fell from the sky while they were soaking in a hot spring, they wouldn’t be shocked but terrified.

Her not chopping him to death when he was dead was enough to show how big one’s chest was.

Of course, it was indeed very big.

Before she said anything, Lin Fan walked up and cupped his fists, “I am Lin Fan, thank you all for saving my life.”

His actions terrified Junior Sister Yuan Jiujiu, who hid behind her Senior Sister.

He thought that he was doing something funny. But since this was their sect, he definitely didn’t dare to.

Ning Xi was naturally furious about things. This guy not only appeared in their hot spring, but he also grabbed her leg and threw her in. Just that alone was something that one couldn’t bear.

But as the Senior Sister, she couldn’t lose face in front of them, she also couldn’t lose face for the sect.

“Wanxiang Sect Dusk Peak Senior Sister Ning Xi, these are all my Junior Sisters.” Ning Xi said.

Lin Fan smiled and cupped his fists one more, “Greetings, sorry for inconveniencing all of you.”

“He seems a little polite.” Some of them teased.

“Thank you for not suspecting me and attacking when I fainted. I am really grateful.” Lin Fan said.

He really wanted to thank them. Normal people definitely would have amputated his thing, much less killed him.


Why did his words sound wrong?


It was like he had said something wrong.

The six girls who were originally okay, their expressions changed. Truthfully, they were all really beautiful, especially when their expressions changed, they were just so alluring.

Forget it, what was the point in thinking so much. They weren’t the same type of people.

Lin Fan didn’t find anything wrong with it, he asked, “Do you all know where You City is?”

He wanted to know the location of You City.

This place was surrounded by mountains with many mountain peaks. He had no sense of direction and finding an accurate location was really difficult.

No one spoke.

He realized that the way they looked at him was a little wrong, they were all furious.

Rage points +111.

Rage points +111.


Eh, so few rage points…

“I don’t know.” Ning Xi’s voice was a little cold and she brought her Junior Sisters away. When she was about to leave, she turned her head, “You can stay here for a few days and after that, you have to leave. Wanxiang Sect doesn’t allow outsiders. You aren’t allowed to go anywhere. If someone finds you, then you will bear the consequences alone.”

The moment she said that.

The six of them left.

“Expected, it is tough to read the mind of a girl. She seemed fine just now, but now she was totally different. Haiz.” Lin Fan shook his head. Luckily, he had his own beliefs and rejected his father’s marriage arrangement. If he listened, then his life would have ended.

If he had a child, then his position in the family would fall too.

“Wanxiang Sect, Dusk Peak.” Lin Fan thought about it. He had never heard of such a name. He just hoped that it wasn’t too far from You City, if not that would be a little problematic.


“Senior Sister, that person is so evil. He definitely saw things, he definitely did. How am I supposed to live now?” Yuan Jiujiu’s eyes turned red.

“Junior Sister, why are you crying? You aren’t the only one. Didn’t all of us get seen?”

Yuan Jiujiu kept silent, like she understood something. She said happily, “Right, might is so small, so there is nothing to see. Senior Sister’s ones are bigger, so they are more apparent. He definitely didn’t see mine and only looked at all of yours.”

“I was scared to death, I still thought he saw me. Now I am more at ease.”

She patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

The temperature around dropped.

It was a little cold.

She lifted her head slightly and realized that Senior Sisters were looking at her with an unfriendly gaze.


Yuan Jiujiu’s ear was pinched, “Pain, pain, pain..”

“Junior Sister, I think you deserve to be punished.”

They were all furious, they all couldn’t take what Junior Sister said.

They all wanted their face. How could they question him whether or not he had seen anything? No matter what, they wouldn’t be able to say that.

It was so embarrassing.

Especially what he said just now, it made them feel that something was wrong.

At the same time, they had some hope that he didn’t see anything.

But now they probably were overthinking.

They couldn’t tell the Sect Elders about it as that would be making the matter known.

A stranger fell from the sky into the hot spring and we were all bathing. He saw our bodies.

Even if they were killed, they couldn’t reveal that news.

If other people found out, even if nothing happened, the rumors would destroy their innocence.

In the room.

Lin Fan sat crossed legged and used True Heaven Body Secret Technique to heal his injuries

After that battle.

He knew that his body was lacking in many areas.

Like… He lacked strength.


A very serious comprehension.




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Chapter 293