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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 292

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 292

At the center of the mist-covered valley was a natural hot spring. White mist rose up from the water’s surface.

At the same time, there were many snow-white bodies moving.

Although one couldn’t see clearly, they were protruding and caving in when needed. Some were extremely talented, some were average, there was a whole variety of them.

Laughter spread out.

“Senior Sister, your body is so good.”

“Senior Sister, why is this place so big but mine so small?”

“Junior Sister, Senior Sister drips coconut juice every day, which is why yours is so small.”

In the hot spring, a girl sat there and laughed as her Junior Sisters played around. There was a smile on her face. The water was really shallow, only able to hide half their chests. The other half that was exposed in the air was crystal-like, water droplets slid down it and slowly fell into the hot spring.


A small crack opened in the space above them.

A body fell down into the hot spring, causing a huge splash.


A scream spread out. The girls in the hot spring panicked and stood to the side. Their hands covering their important parts as they looked towards the center in fear.

Their reactions were really slow. Logically speaking, one would climb to shore right away and find something to wear while they looked around warily.

But they didn’t. They just stood there and stared at the center. Like they were waiting.

They wanted to see what would come out.

A fresh red liquid appeared in the clear hot spring, slowly dyeing the water red. Looking at it, one felt really horrified.

The girls covered their mouths in disbelief. Why did the water turn red for no reason?


Bubbles rose up at the center.


The bubbles were huge, appearing on the surface before bursting.


Lin Fan’s head popped up from below and he rested on the side, taking in big breaths. Cough cough cough, large mouthfuls of blood were spat out. His whole body was covered in blood and there was also a black liquid that seeped out from his skin.

The surrounding environment was a little quiet.

At the same time, he felt that things weren’t right.

He raised his head and looked around. What he saw was a bunch of naked bodies. He looked at them before lowering his head and coughing.

What was originally a resting place where one went to toss aside all worries was now a red ocean.

“I am not dead.”

“What happened, where am I?”

He sensed his body turning for the better. True Heaven Body Secret Technique saved his life. This was a technique that his father saved and he was really lucky.

His organs weren’t in a shattered state anymore but they were now solid, just that some cracks weren’t fixed yet.


Instantly, there were panicked screams from all around.

“Why is there a guy here?”

“Senior Sister, save us.”

“Ah! He saw everything.”

They all panicked. To girls, they were just having a hot bath when a guy suddenly appeared. How could they accept that?

Lin Fan frowned, they were so noisy and annoying.

He was in deep thought. What was going on? Also, his injuries needed to recover. The after-effects of the Bug Controlling Technique were too great. He felt like his body was a little weird, like his blood and cells were changing.


A wind struck him.

Lin Fan looked and a jade leg struck him. He caught it and the bright light between his legs shone. Senior Sister’s face flushed red and then she shouted, “Pervert.”


Lin Fan threw her right into the hot spring.

He didn’t have time to waste with these girls.

Where was he?

Since he didn’t die, then naturally he had to leave this place.

He escaped that place with much difficulty, so he wouldn’t head back once more.

Lin Fan barely walked out from there, he was on the verge of falling. His injuries were much more serious than he thought.

“Senior Sister.”

The girls who were all naked, some were just covered in simple white cloth but as the environment was damp, he could see some things. They saw their Senior Sister get bullied and all shouted in panic.

But they were afraid.

That person was dyed in blood and suddenly appeared here, catching them off guard.

“Senior Sister was bullied, we can’t let him continue bullying her, go all out against him.” Junior Sister was really afraid, but she raised her courage and charged out. She opened her arms and the white cloth fell off. She didn’t care that she was exposing everything, her arms grabbed Lin Fan’s neck. She hung onto his back and then bit onto his neck.

They saw Junior Sister hanging onto the back of some unknown guy, so they were really worried and charged up.

Lin Fan wanted to toss them aside but suddenly he felt a huge pain in his body. That was the after-effects of the Bug Controlling Technique. An unknown substance was being excreted from his blood and cells.


Lin Fan knelt on the ground. It wasn’t because the girl placed weight on him, but because the condition of his body was quite complicated.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, his face headed right towards the ground and fell.

The girls all saw that the guy was stopped. They all backed off and their faces flushed red.

They were sure that he had seen everything.

They then went to find clothes to wear.

“Senior Sister, is he dead?” Junior Sister was small and cute. When she looked at Lin Fan who was not moving at all, she was a little afraid. She bit down heavily and left her mouth print on his neck.

Senior Sister was really calm and she had already put on her clothes. She slowly walked over and looked at the guy laying on the ground. She frowned and was in deep thought, “Where did he come from?”

They wanted to know where did he come from and why would he appear here.

He came so randomly that they couldn’t understand.

“Senior Sister, I saw him fall from above. He has dyed the hot spring water red. Did he suffer heavy injuries before he fell?”

“Why don’t we save him? He doesn’t look like a bad person.”


You City.

Lin Wanyi had been uneasy recently and felt like something had happened. He had taken down the Alliance camp on the other side of You City. Although he paid a price, everything was worth it.

“Old Lin, what are you thinking about?” Zhang Tianshan asked. He had shown his value. Although he wasn’t strong, his formations caused many problems for the Alliance experts. At such a time, the You City members all supported him unconditionally. The formations that needed many to consume large amounts of energy from many people were all completed.

Lin Wanyi shook his head, “For some reason, I feel uneasy like something has happened.”

“Did something happen to my kid? That shouldn’t be it, right?”

Zhang Tianshan said, “Definitely not. I predicted his fate and he seems rich and will have a life of safety. How would anything happen to him?”

“Enough, stop trying to bluff me. If you really knew how to predict fate, then how did you end up like this?” Lin Wanyi said.

Zhang Tianshan was unhappy, “Old Lin, what is the meaning of that. No matter what, I completed my dream of making Martial Path Mountain. You have to admit that right?”

“Hehe.” Lin Wanyi laughed. That smile was a little off, like he was saying that he knew what the exact situation there was.

Zhang Tianshan panicked from that smile.

He definitely knew.

Martial Path Mountain was able to survive in the past because of the large amount of money he amassed when he was hanging around Old Lin. If not for that money, Martial Path Mountain would have been bankrupt much earlier.

Stop joking.

Lin Wanyi sighed, “He grew up and his path is his own, others cannot help him anymore. Why hasn’t that Old Su found helpers? Can he even do anything?”

He was waiting for Old Ancestor Su to call over some experts from top sects.

If there were experts to help, everything would be much easier.

But he knew that the chances of that happening were slim.

Old Ancestor Su knew how the top sects behaved.

He also understood that they wouldn’t come over to help.

“Haiz, it is hard to say. But You City seems fine.” Zhang Tianshan said.

Lin Wanyi smiled, “Fine? Impossible. Alliance wants me to die before they are happy. I will wait here for them to see what they are planning.”

As for why Lin Wanyi didn’t continue attacking, he had his own worries. They were quite similar to the Alliance. Only a portion of them headed over.

If they spread the war to the whole world, they would suffer heavy losses.

Although he was unsure of whether or not Alliance had hidden experts, he didn’t want to gamble. To balance things out was his greatest purpose.

Zhang Tianshan kept silent, “I will continue to make some formations, there are still a few that I haven’t set.”

After You City, Zhang Tianshan realized how weak he was.

The sense of powerlessness made him regret not working harder when he was young. Now that he thought about training, it was already too late.

Even if he wasn’t that talented.

If he worked hard, even if he couldn’t be a true expert, he wouldn’t end up like this. He was unable to fight to the death at all.

“Make it better.” Lin Wanyi said. He didn’t expect Zhang Tianshan to actually have such an ability.

If he hadn’t personally witnessed it, he wouldn’t believe it.



Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes as if he had woken from a lengthy dream.

His body hurt a little.

But with the recovery from the True Heaven Body Secret Technique, his body slowly recovered.

“What is this?” Lin Fan laid on the bed and realized that many chains wrapped around his body, there were many bandages on his body too.

Before this, he…

His memory was a little blur.


Not using much strength, he was easily able to break the chains.




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Chapter 292