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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 291

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 291

Lin Fan stood there with his head lowered, blood dripping from his body.

Tears streamed from the corner of his eyes.

“Dad I am leaving. Although I am not your real son, I understand your love. I will repay it in my next life.”

He understood why his father wanted him to leave. He treated everything too simply. The Alliance was really strong and could kill him like he was an ant. He really was no match for those real experts.

He had gone all out to avoid dying like that, but he wouldn’t regret it. That was because everything had a purpose.

Father took on everything for the sake of his safety.

The layer between them before had disappeared. He was Lin Fan, no matter who he was, he was Lin Wanyi’s son.

He just hoped that his father would be safe.

His body reached its limit and his will crumbled.

His True Essence and stamina were at their peak but his will couldn’t take it anymore. His bones had all shattered and the reason he was still standing was because of this last breath.

His eyes slowly dimmed and he fell unconscious.

Xiao Hu was really strong. Especially when he used all his strength and that incomplete final move, it had reached an extremely strong state.

“Xiao Hu, you can’t kill him.”

The Eight Star Generals wanted to stop, but it was too late. They had to report to the headquarters that they were going to bring them a top specimen, but Xiao Hu didn’t allow them to.

General Xiao Hu didn’t care about them.

The sure-kill final fist was swung. As long as it hit, Lin Fan was dead.

“Die, I will remember you, the strongest genius in the alien world.” Xiao Hu opened his mouth. The wind from the fist got close. The space around couldn’t take it and slowly showed signs of cracking.

Lin Fan didn’t move at all, he had lost consciousness.

It was quite impossible that he managed to survive until now. The gap between a Five Element Realm and an Eight Star General was too huge. To be able to survive till now was really a miracle.


A giant shadow appeared and blocked in front of Lin Fan.

General Xiao Hu’s fist hit his stomach, not only didn’t it go through, it was wrapped by fat and the force slowly scattered.

“You…” Xiao Hu raised his hand and when he saw that person, he was filled with disbelief like he had seen a ghost.

At that moment.

Xiao Hu retracted his hand and backed off. That fist left a bloody hole in Monster Emperor’s body. Any normal person wouldn’t have been able to take such an injury. But to him, it was just a simple injury, he didn’t even need to heal it.

“Monster Emperor, what is the meaning of that?” Xiao Hu asked coldly.

Monster Emperor moved his fat body, he looked really slow and cumbersome but when he moved, he was extremely nimble.

Feng Feng!

The Eight Star Generals all landed. They all knew what was going to happen next and that was something they didn’t want to see happen.

“What? I know him and I want to bring him away. Do you have a problem?” Monster Emperor’s temper was weird and his tone was scary, containing an undeniable threat.

He was used to being the Nine Bug Gang Gang and his words were filled with pride and an overbearing nature.

If he was in Nine Bug Gang, naturally no one would dare to object him, but they were all experts of the Alliance, so why would they give them face?

“Are you dreaming?” Xiao Hu frowned. Other people were afraid of the Monster Emperor but he wasn’t. If they fought, naturally he would need to careful. He was really strong and wasn’t easy to deal with.

Monster Emperor smiled and patted his fat stomach, he smiled, “Dreaming? No, I never dream. Anything that happens in my dream will come through.”

“Monster Emperor, although you are a native, you are working with the Alliance. Saving him means you are going against us, you must think about the consequences. You also need our things, so do you want it or not?” An Eight Star General scolded.

They really didn’t expect Monster Emperor to appear.

Based on what they knew, although not everyone would want to attack Monster Emperor in Rich Land, he had no friends. He had so many enemies, so why did a friend that he wanted to save appear?

Moreover, Monster Emperor was a person who would be unscrupulous to get what he wanted. How would he fight with Alliance just for this so-called friend?

“I always get what I want. Can you all even think about not giving it to me?” Monster Emperor squinted his eyes and looked at them. Although there were many of them, he didn’t fear them at all.

“You want to save someone who killed so many of our Alliance members. How can we allow that to happen?”

An Eight Star General scoffed coldly. He definitely wouldn’t let Monster Emperor do whatever he wanted.

Monster Emperor didn’t bother about him.

He turned around and stood in front of Lin Fan. He stretched out his palm and touched his head.

“I told you that anyone who treats me well, no matter who he is and what he did, I will forgive him. You talked about the sound of waves and that made me feel something that I have never felt before.”


Monster Emperor laughed. He was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. But suddenly his laughter stopped and a disappointed look appeared on his face.

“What a waste, too few people understand me.”

“Maybe you are the only person in the world that understands. The sound of waves, looks like a wave, it all sounds so beautiful. Why hasn’t anyone said this to me before? Since you said it, I won’t let you die.”


Monster Emperor grabbed his head and hollered in rage. His voice tore open the space, opening a path and then he tossed Lin Fan in.

“Go, live on, we will meet again.”

When General Xiao Hu saw this, he was shocked and hollered, “You…”

The moment she said that.

He wanted to intercept.

But the space around exploded. There were many bugs inside swallowing, like they wanted to swallow anyone who tried.


The space around shook.

Monster Emperor’s fat body was really swift and he disappeared. When he appeared once more, he blocked Mao Shentai.

Maigu City’s Nine Star General Mao Shentai looked at him coldly, “Have you considered the consequences? Or you are really asking to die?”


Monster Emperor smiled calmly, the fat on his body trembled. At the same time, the world around buzzed and many weird bugs appeared.

“Many years, it’s been so many years and it hasn’t happened. Maybe this is what the weak often refer to as someone who knows them, am I weak now? No, I am strong, I am an expert.”

“Fight me, how am I someone that you can insult?”

Monster Emperor shouted and a terrifying aura spread out from his body.

“Stupid fatty, you are asking to die.” Some Eight Star Generals shouted.


The space exploded.

Monster Emperor raised his head and looked at the Eight Star General. A disgusting liquid flowed from his teeth, “I hate it when people insult me.”

At that moment.

A storm exploded with Monster Emperor at the center. That Eight Star General was stunned, he felt like he was being targetted.

Mao Shentai’s expression was cold as he exchanged glances with the people around. He noticed his head.

As expected from a guy who was sick in the head.

If they allowed him to continue like this he would think that Alliance could be bullied.

He attacked right away. Not only him, but many of them attacked.

“Let’s just fight them, I have never been afraid of anyone.”

“I rely on myself, one footstep and one footprint to climb out.”


At that moment.

The sky turned black.

The darkness suppressed one’s soul, like there was something pressing on their body.

Although Monster Emperor was strong, facing a Nine Star General and a bunch of Eight Star Generals, wasn’t that good for him.

It was just that Lin Fan didn’t see or feel anything.

If he saw those scenes, he might not have believed it.

The person he wanted to kill the most had saved him. If he knew, he wouldn’t want him to save him as it was he who had betrayed them and caused all the Maigu City experts to die.

A long while later.

Monster Emperor’s body was covered in wounds while the Nine Star General was slightly injured. Three Eight Star Generals were killed, infuriating the Nine Star General.

“Mao Shentai, let me ask you, where did you send him to?” Mao Shentai was stunned as he asked.

“Hehehe…” Monster Emperor laguhed and then gave a teasing smile, “I don’t know.”

“Damn, our work with you is over, go and die.”

Mao Shentai’s eyes spat flames which transmitted over to Monster Emperor.

“I thought that you were a noble person, but who knew that you would betray us for an ant?”

To Mao Shentai, he was afraid of someone like Monster Emperor, who he couldn’t control.

If he couldn’t control him, then he could only kill him.

Especially since Monster Emperor swallowed three Eight Star General in front of him. He had made his mind up to kill him. Even if it was difficult, he had to kill him.

His expression turned calm.

“No, you all don’t understand.”

He grabbed his fat and then released it.

“Do you hear the sound of an ocean? Do you see the waves?”

“Haiz, no you don’t. Those are words someone praised me with that I will keep for the rest of my life. All of you can’t destroy that.”

Lin Wanyi said that Monster Emperor was not easy to kill. He even said that Monster Emperor was evil and weird, even he was suspecting whether or not he was still human.

Although he didn’t have proof, everything pointed to him not having any human characteristics. At least in terms of his character, he was too sick in the head.

He even suspected.

Insect Valley closed not only because Feng Poliu killed his master, but a portion had to do with Monster Emperor.

As for the truth.

It was too difficult to pry it out of someone else’s heart.

This battle was definitely going to be intense.




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Chapter 291