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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 290

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 290

Of course.

He wouldn’t admit defeat unless he resisted to the end.

It was only physical pain now. His True Essence and stamina didn’t drop. He could still continue, that was right, he could still continue.


Not enough.

God Body couldn’t refresh. If he did, he would die. So, he could only refresh True Essence.

He couldn’t refresh cultivation techniques too.

With his current situation, his dual cultivation at Initial Five Element Realm allowed him to cross two small realms and crush people at the peak. He could even fight over one large realm. That was also because of all of his cultivation techniques.

Each cultivation technique reached the Return to True Realm which allowed him to have such ability.

His current situation was an abnormal state. He had so many different cultivation techniques. If he didn’t raise it using the small support, no genius would be able to reach Return to True Realm in all of them. One should just wash their face and sleep and maybe it could come through in their dreams.

But True Essence couldn’t totally refresh. His cultivation techniques without True Essence as its basis would become totally useless.

If he refreshed some of it to raise his God Body cultivation, maybe he could raise some small realms.

Unfortunately, it was useless.

It would make him weaker.

Equality in dual cultivation was the strongest path.

But if he didn’t test it out, he was unwilling to die.


The space shook.

Lin Fan raised his head, his fists that were clenched slowly released.

“General Xiao Hu, why didn’t you inform us that you found the target?”

“Yes, we spent so much effort searching.”

“Don’t move, he is my target.” General Xiao Hu looked at them coldly, telling them to just stand there and watch and not bother too much.

“Xiao Hu, you are too arrogant.” Some other Eight Star Generals were unhappy.

Xiao Hu raised his head and said in disdain, “If you are unhappy, then come. Let’s see whether my fist will make you all feel better.”

Those few old generals were furious. Xiao Hu was too arrogant but he did have the right to be. As for fighting with Xiao Hu, forget it. Xiao Hu was the top of Eight Star Generals and was just one step away from Nine Star General.

Lin Fan felt like things were bad and he was too careless. Actually no, from the start he wasn’t careless at all, he didn’t even treat Alliance like they were fools.

After gaining some rage points, he stayed far from Maigu City and hid himself, not giving them a chance to find him at all.

Other generals didn’t find him but this Xiao Hu did.

Maybe this was life.

When one didn’t want to hide, even if one was inches away, people might not find him.

But when one wanted to hide, even if they hid really well, they would be found out.

Go all out.


Bug Controlling Technique Peak.

Grey True Essence spread out.

“All the profound skills, merge.”

He hated merging bugs with his own body but at such a time, no matter whether or not he hated it or not, he would be happy if he was able to leave this place alive.

More importantly, he hoped to use the specialty of the bugs and their speed to escape.

Feng Feng!

There was movement around.

“Eh?” General Xiao Hu was curious and then he felt weird. Could he still fight back?

The generals floating in the air were the same.

This place was really far from Maigu City and they hoped that no native experts would come here.

To them, General Xiao Hu was wasting time and he actually played with his food for so long.

How would they know that General Xiao Hu wasn’t playing? With his cultivation, even if he faced someone like Lin Fan, even if he was a dual cultivator he should be able to smash him with one punch.

But even General Xiao Hu was shocked by Lin Fan’s potential.

Who knew what cultivation technique he trained in.

His body was so scarily strong.

It wasn’t his power but his ability to take hits.

At that moment.

Numerous bugs underground flew over. They were all buffed by the grey internal strength.

They became really terrifying and vicious. Compared to how Lin Fan controlled bugs in the past, this was even scarier.

The dirt layer broke apart.

The bugs wrapped Lin Fan’s legs and then started to climb, slowly covering his arms and legs. They didn’t stop and that continued.

“What cultivation technique is that?” General Xiao Hu frowned but still didn’t move. He was really interested. This talent shocked him too much, what else could he use? Just let me take a look.

“Xiao Hu stop looking, finish him. If you don’t, then leave him to us.” An Eight Star General appeared beside Xiao Hu, he raised his hand and was prepared to give Lin Fan a final strike.


Xiao Hu raised his hand and punched him away, he raged, “I said that I will kill whoever dares to move.”

His eyes were like an ancient beast looking at everyone around. As for the Eight Star General that he punched, he was extremely furious.

That damn Xiao Hu.



Lin Fan lowered his head and roared. It felt really bad. There were bugs all around his body, piercing his skin and into his body, merging with his blood and cells. That feeling was just too unbearable.

“Am I going to become inhuman?”

More and more bugs appeared from all around. All insects within dozens of miles were led and surged into his body.

Bug Controlling Technique was a really special and terrifying cultivation technique. It was different from others. As one’s True Essence got stronger, the bugs one controlled would be scarier.

At that point, the pain that he suffered was not something a normal person could imagine. At the same time, it demanded a lot from the strength of one’s body.

If his body didn’t get stronger, he wouldn’t be able to support so many bugs merging with him.

He swelled.

Lin Fan’s body grew.

Those bugs merged together, forming a single entity.

Dozen feet.

100 feet.

1,000 feet.


A really sharp sound exploded out from the giant bug body. Then, there was a terrifying shockwave that swept the area.


There was a loud explosion.

A tail that was covered in sharp teeth smacked the ground, leaving a deep hole.

“What kind of monster is that?” The Eight Star Generals floating in the air were shocked. He was originally normal-sized, but now he was a 1,000-foot monster. Its giant size shocked everyone.

Lin Fan was not Lin Fan anymore. He had become a large bug monster. His body was covered in black armor, and his fingers were long and sharp. There were numerous ugly looking bugs biting on the back of his arm like they wanted to swallow everything.

Many spikes stretched out from his legs and many blade-like things grew from his arm.

His head was wrapped in black bone armor. Maybe it wasn’t armor but something that grew from his body.

From his neck to his tail bone, there were spikes everywhere.

He wasn’t human anymore.


It wasn’t the sound of a human but that of a weird bug. It formed a shockwave that smashed the air, giving off a shocking aura.

“Amazing, I didn’t expect there to be such a terrifying genius.” General Xiao Hu was so excited his eyes opened wide.


A giant palm landed from above which wanted to smash him into meat paste.


The bug palm landed on the ground and it cracked. Like an earthquake, the whole area shook.

“How terrifying.” General Xiao Hu avoided it. He waved his hands and used a dimension slash. With a cutting sound, he sliced off Lin Fan’s wrist.

Many bugs scattered on the ground.

“It doesn’t look like much.” General Xiao Hu said in disdain but following which a weird thing happened.

The wrist actually had many tentacles that reshaped, forming a new hand.


Xiao Hu was shocked. This exceeded the limits of cultivation. He had just sliced it off but it grew back, that was too scary.

But even then, so what?

Without strength, everything was useless.


He felt like the space in front of him had turned on its head.

He turned around and a strong fighting intent made him raise his arms. A tail turned into an afterimage and smashed the space. It hit Xiao Hu and flung him back.

Lin Fan roared in rage, his black eyes gave off a weird and dark color.

In the air, an Eight Star General landed on Lin Fan’s shoulder. He picked up his weapon and hacked down towards Lin Fan.


The weapon sunk into his arm. He thought that he could slice it off, but that wasn’t the case. Many bugs appeared from the wound which covered the weapon and then numerous tentacles swept over.

“This…” The Eight Star General was stunned. He pulled the weapon out and retreated, avoiding the tentacles.

“What kind of monster is this?”

He looked at the giant monster and frowned. He couldn’t understand what kind of techniques the natives of Rich Land were training in.

Gene merger?

Merging with the genes of insects?

That was impossible.

It was possible to merge with one but so many, one would definitely die.

“Hahaha, amazing, really amazing to actually give me a bit of pressure. Kid, you are strong.” General Xiao Hu had a bit of blood at the corner of his mouth, but it was useless. It was just a small wound.

Lin Fan hollered and opened his mouth. A black-light pillar shot out, in it were all terrifying bugs.

General Xiao Hu punched, piercing through space and formed a destructive energy strike. It broke the light pillar and smashed half of Lin Fan’s face.



From that half, many bugs surged out. In the blink of an eye, it returned back to normal.

Lin Fan continued to roar in rage as he punched at General Xiao Hu. General Xiao Hu jumped up and punched too.


With the two of them as the center, the force from the clash formed many wind blades that swept the area.

The Eight Star Generals around frowned.

“The power is really strong and the speed is decent. The regenerative ability is so terrifying. How did he do it? We must capture him alive to study.” All the Eight Star Generals had such a thought.

Alliance’s research ability was strong.

They dissected many natives. Their organs and tendons were all the same, there were even many similar techniques.

But today.

This person was different.


General Xiao Hu flew backward and back onto the ground.

“Amazing, you really make me excited. I am going to be serious now.”

“Do you really think that just by using this you can cross a few realms. Stop dreaming. I haven’t even used my full strength.”

“So come and enjoy it.”

General Xiao Hu floated out of the hole and hollered. With a loud explosion, his aura grew and the air around him shook. A thick energy exploded from his body.

Lin Fan waved his fists and each one shattered the space around.

Right as it was about to hit General Xiao Hu’s body, an invisible power blocked it.

“Xiao Hu has become stronger. Would he be the first in Alliance Headquarters to step into Nine Star level?”

“Hard to say, he is so talented. It is really hard to imagine how someone born in such a bad family environment could have grown to such an extent.”

“I heard that he stayed a year in the Alliance secret land.”


At that moment, the strength from Xiao Hu’s body had shocked all the other Eight Star Generals. To them, this was a power that they couldn’t imagine.

The sound of something growing bigger.

Xiao Hu’s body was strong before but now it was even stronger. His skin turned black and was filled with terrifying explosiveness.

“Monster Kid? Everything stops here.”

General Xiao Hu laughed and then punched out. The aura was much more intense than before.


Lin Fan’s fist was shattered and his entire arm broke.

The 1,000-foot body retreated, each step caused the ground to shake and leave a deep footprint.

To Lin Fan, an arm being shattered didn’t mean anything. It instantly grew back.

Bug Controlling Technique needed a lot of True Essence. If one didn’t have enough True Essence then he was finished.

“This is a problem. I can’t shatter it bit by bit, do I have to break it all?”

“Since that is the case, then I have to be serious.”

At that moment.

General Xiao raised his arm and moved it with some sort of trajectory.


He stepped backward, a white energy wrapped his ankle, and with a thud, it turned into a streak of light, and he instantly appeared in front of Lin Fan.

He hollered.

“Extreme Secret – Fist God.”

He clenched his fists and punched forwards, landing on Lin Fan’s body.


A terrifying strike wrapped Lin Fan. With the two of them at the center, a circular energy wave spread in all directions.

The Eight Star Generals around were blown back by the energy wave and all of them had no choice but to back off. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Just that move alone was on the level of nine stars.


Lin Fan’s giant body flew back like a cannonball. His body rippled like a wave and a terrifying force struck within it.

The bug body shattered, death.


He smashed on a giant stone and many thick specks of dust rose up.

“Phew!” General Xiao Hu took in a deep breath. He was actually sweating since that move was still slightly too much for him.

But it ended.

The dust scattered.

A person stood there.

Lin Fan’s bug body disappeared and blood flowed around his body. There was also an unknown black liquid. His hands hung down and he lowered his head not moving at all, allowing the blood to dye the area around.

“Xiao Hu stop taking him back to research.” A general shouted.

“Kid, I know that you are the strongest in the young generation, no one will appear in 100 or 1,000 years.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let trash touch experts.”


Xiao Hu stepped forwards and disappeared from the spot. His fingers clenched into a fist and directly smashed Lin Fan into dust.




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Chapter 290