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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 289

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 289

This was the first time Lin Fan had met someone who cultivated the body to such a level.

But he definitely wouldn’t reach too high a realm.

Otherwise, that kick would have exploded his body.

He wiped off the blood from his mouth, without any fear at all he reached out, giving a thumbs up, which then turned into a thumbs down, “You trash.”

He then exclaimed and pointed into the distance.

“Look, your mother is flying in the sky.”


Xiao Hu turned his head and didn’t see his mother flying in the sky.

He was furious. What Xiao Hu hated was for others to lie to him, especially since he really wanted to see that vicious mother fly in the sky.

Lin Fan didn’t speak any nonsense, if he could beat him then he would, and if he couldn’t, then he would run. Don’t try to be a hero, there was no need.

Moreover, it wasn’t worth it.


He was extremely quick, he turned around and fled. One needed to use all their strength when they fought. Naturally, that was the same when one tried to flee.

He charged about barbarically and caused the space around to be smashed.

However, in front of a gap of two realms.

If he could run, then the different realms would be useless.

Xiao Hu looked at the fleeing body like he saw an ant slowly crawling, he was just so slow.

“Kekeke.” He laughed. That smile was really dark. With a peng, he disappeared and appeared again in front of Lin Fan, blocking his way.

Lin Fan was stunned, “He is just too quick.”

Xiao Hu smiled, “Little kid, in front of absolute strength, everything else is wishful thinking. I am two realms higher than you. Oh right, you are Five Element Realm, above that is Yin Yang Realm, and above that is Domain. Between us, there is a huge gap. Look.”

Xiao Hu pointed forwards.

The surrounding space shook and then there was a fountain-like power that covered the area around.

“Gathering Stone.”


The stone pieces on the ground cracked and became pieces that attacked Lin Fan. It locked him down and instantly wrapped him up like a ball.


Xiao Hu stood there and didn’t move but everything he said seemed to contain a will that could direct everything around.

There was a loud explosion.

The ball exploded, forming a thick dust cloud in the air.

Cough cough!

Lin Fan coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood. How strong! It seemed really simple but his body was under intense pressure.

“Your body quality is not bad, you are actually able to take that move. I am slightly more interested in you.”

“Domain isn’t strength belonging to one’s body. I am filled with disdain, thus I will use my own strength to rip you to pieces. Don’t think that I am giving you a chance. My strength is what should terrify you more.”


Xiao Hu laughed out loud like his brain had problems. Instantly, that smile stopped and he disappeared. When he appeared once more, he was right in front of Lin Fan.


He hollered and pressed with both palms, directly using strength to suppress the air, forming a terrifying strike.


An energy swept forwards, causing the entire space to collapse.

“Damn, he is such a bully?” How could Lin Fan hesitate? He hollered and the power of dual cultivation exploded out. True Essence rolled and various phenomenons exploded.

Cold City Destruction – Chaos Fist

Lin Fan didn’t dare to be too careless, four types of extreme powers mixed together and attacked the other party.


The two sides clashed. At the start, they were of the same strength, but very quickly Lin Fan’s chest was heavily impacted. He was smacked backwards, smashing into the ground.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I won’t die here right?” Lin Fan got up from the ground. He was a little worried that he would be killed by this crazy person. That would be a waste.

“Sword Seed.”

Instantly, numerous sword seeds floated behind his back. A special internal strength buff caused these sword seeds to become even more terrifying.

He waved his arms.

The sword seeds were like arrows, covering the land, striking towards the enemy.

“Small tricks. In front of absolute strength, any resistance is futile.” Xiao Hu smiled. It was just that the smile was filled with mocking intent, and he didn’t care about Lin Fan’s attacks at all.

He allowed the sword seed to strike him and appear beside him.



The sword seed exploded, the Sword Intent that was contained within ripped apart everything around.

The inch of space in front of Xiao Hu seemed to be cut off from the world around, it was unaffected at all.

Lin Fan fled towards another direction. Damn, where did this fellow come from? Till now, he still didn’t know where he came from.

He was so low profile and wasn’t arrogant. But now, even when he was so low profile he was still found. Who should he have asked about this?

Moreover, he was such an impulsive person.

His strength was two realms higher than him.

Yin Yang Realm, Domain, the ability he used to lock him down, was that Domain?

He saw the battle between Zhao Lishan and Nine Star General. The two of them were able to flip Yin and Yang and the five elements, forming a huge domain which normal people would be too weak in.

“You want to run?” Xiao Hu laughed and stepped out. The space collapse, a long crack appeared which targetted the fleeing Lin Fan.

At that moment, Lin Fan felt the horrifying aura behind him. He was shocked. He turned around and punched, directly smacking the power of that crack.


A shocking aura exploded.

“Kid, feel the pain in your body.” Xiao Hu appeared in front of Lin Fan and did a simple push. The space directly broke down.

Lin Fan was shocked.

Going against Heaven and Earth.

That was a really strong cultivation technique. That fist seemed to turn heaven and earth on their heads. However, Xiao Hu was really too strong.

His palm was like trying to throw an egg at a stone.

With a peng, it struck Lin Fan’s body.

Lin Fan was smacked into the ground, a giant hole appeared and the surrounding stone pieces rose into the air.


Lin Fan bled, many of his ribs broke.

He got up.

A tried to wipe off the blood at the corner of his legs.

His eyes looked towards that giant body solemnly, “I am not strong enough. Facing such a true expert, I am not his match at all. Like how the people I killed feel when they faced me, I am just so powerless.”

“No, powerlessness will never appear on my body. So what if he is strong, I will not fear him.”

Xiao Hu squinted and felt that this native was quite strong. Luckily, he noticed him early, otherwise, something would have really happened.

There were two realms between them.

He took two moves from him and didn’t die. If he didn’t meet Lin Fan, he wouldn’t believe that it was possible.

But the truth was in front of him and he already believed it.

Just because of that, he was more firm in wanting to kill him. Leaving him alive was leaving a ticking time bomb.

There were many geniuses in the world but some were too arrogant. They were killed before they grew up, killed when they were still in their infancy.

So what if they were the top talent in the world, it was useless.

Strength was what mattered.

“Little scum, you let me think about someone, the person the Alliance recognized as the top talent. His cultivation was like drinking water, just 20 and he was God Essence Realm. He scolded a general in front of everyone. Do you know how that kid died?”

“Let me tell you, I broke his bones piece by piece.”

“You are much more talented than him but it is useless. You are too weak, so what if you are talented? Hahaha.”

Xiao Hu laughed like he was enjoying the joy of killing a genius.

Lin Fan stood up from the hole and stared at him. Fresh blood flowed down from his brow and blocked his vision.

“Damn, I am a rich family youth, I have tender flesh and soft skin and actually faced such a situation. How unlucky.”

But he wouldn’t admit defeat.

Rage burned in his heart. He activated all the techniques that he had cultivated.

True Essence was crazily consumed.

Each second, he consumed an amount of True Essence equal to all of a single peak Void Realm expert’s, but he continued to increase it. Five Element Realms had a lot of True Essence but when one burned it, it was still not enough.

Buzz buzz!

The area shook, numerous stone pieces were affected and rose into the air.

Lighting shot down like dragons, flowing across the ground and spreading across the space.

“Keke, very good strength.” Xiao Hu waited for Lin Fan to go all out, “Continue, let me see all your abilities.”

Although he said this, he became increasingly nervous in his heart.

The strength that he used wasn’t something that a normal Five Element Realm could have. The power that he consumed with each breath was terrifying.

He couldn’t let him live.

He definitely couldn’t.

Xiao Hu had seen many geniuses but this was the first time he saw one as overpowered as this.

At that moment.

Lin Fan’s aura had reached the peak. His palms had the power to go overturn Heaven and Earth, even the five-element power was bubbling about and circling. He clenched his fingers, his claws became a fist.

Nine Dragon Technique.

Many dragons wrapped around his body.

Lin Fan raised his head proudly, “Even if my strength is not as high as you, I won’t admit defeat. Let me see how strong you are. ”


He instantly rose into the air and headed towards Xiao Hu.

“Interesting.” Xiao Hu laughed. He wasn’t the one to strike, this kid was the one that chose to die. This was really interesting.

But if it was only…


Xiao Hu frowned and felt surprised. The little kid in his eyes was quite outstanding.

At that moment.

That fist was Lin Fan’s strongest fist, it merged the power of his God Body and True Essence. When he used it, there was a long white energy wave that shattered the surrounding space.

Xiao Hu punched too.


The two fists collided and space seemed to have stopped.

At that moment.

The ground beneath Lin Fan was under pressure, a white shockwave spread out in all directions and caved down into a circular hole.

“Not bad.” Xiao Hu laughed.

“Eh?” Lin Fan raised his head and was a little stunned.



Lin Fan felt like his body was about to explode, like he was being pinned to the ground.

Xiao Hu didn’t stop, he grabbed Lin Fan’s hands and tossed him. His fists was in front of his chest and he punched.

His fists were traceless and all of them landed on Lin Fan’s body.


Lin Fan flew backward and rolled on the ground. He laid there and didn’t move at all. A large amount of blood flowed from his wounds and the hole was dyed blood red.

“So what kid?” Xiao Hu laughed as he asked.

Lin Fan’s fingers moved slightly and he crawled up slowly. His body was covered in blood, “Nothing much, it isn’t itchy or painful. Are you a woman?”

Maybe he was really about to die.

Since that was the case.

Then, why not die with more pride? He wasn’t afraid of dying.



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Chapter 289