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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 288

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 288

The next day!

Lin Fan hid in a cave.

As he was worried he was too close, making it easy for the Alliance to find him, he went to a place that was further away.

Maigu City Alliance members definitely wouldn’t let him go.

They would definitely send many experts to search for him.

It didn’t matter.

Slowly search for me, when you are tired, that is when I will take revenge. When the time comes, you will all regret your actions.

King Wutong Camp.

In the main hall, King Wutong held a piece of paper and looked at the details. His expression changed.

“Monster Emperor.”

He gritted his teeth in rage.

He didn’t expect Monster Emperor to actually do such a thing. As expected from such a crazy person. His thoughts were just too simple and he didn’t expect that such things would happen.

At this moment, someone asked to meet him.

“Enter.” King Wutong lit up the note, directly burning it to ashes and then opening his mouth.

Advisor Liu Xuan bowed and walked in. He then knelt down and said excitedly, “Your Majesty, I brought a helper for you. This person can help you get what you wish.”

“Oh, who?” King Wutong asked excitedly like he was eager to know.

Liu Xuan smiled, as long as he recommended talents to His Majesty, once he overthrew the Imperial Dynasty, he would become a powerful official. At that point in time, who would dare to offend him?

“Someone you definitely didn’t expect. Please wait a while, he is outside.” Liu Xuan turned his head and said, “Enter, don’t let His Majesty wait for long.”

Very quickly.

A guy walked in and stood beside Liu Xuan. He cupped his fists, “Greetings King Wutong.”

“En, since you came to join my side, then why aren’t you kneeling.” King Wutong squinted unhappily.

The guy took off his wig and smiled, “King Wutong please don’t blame me. I am an agent from Alliance Headquarters and came here to talk about cooperation.”


A wind blew across.

A dagger appeared on the guy’s neck. Behind him stood an extremely cold guy, like the moment King Wutong instructed, he would take his life.

“Wait.” King Wutong waved his hand to stop him, “Alliance, how bold, for someone like you to actually dare to come to my camp.”

He looked at Liu Xuan.

“You know he is from the Alliance and you dare to bring him to me?”

Liu Xuan lowered his head, “Your Majesty, this is an opportunity.”

The Alliance agent said, “If King Wutong doesn’t want to work with Alliance, then just kill me.”

King Wutong looked at him and then smiled, “Since you are here, then why should I kill you? Since Alliance knows that I am revolting, that means that your infomation sources are quite wide.”

The Alliance agent said, “King Wutong, Alliance doesn’t mean anything bad to you, we even hope to work with you. You are a revolutionary, pushing over the old to welcome the new. We are respectful of such courage but based on what we know, winning with your strength is too difficult. Our Alliance is willing to help you.”

“Hahaha…” King Wutong laughed, “I am just someone who revolts and you can make me sound so good. But how do I believe that you are sincerely helping me? What if you are just making use of me?”

The agent said, “As you worried, what if we are using you? Actually you can wait, very quickly you can see our sincerity. After all, we really hope to cooperate with you and not the Imperial Dynasty that has animosity towards us.”

King Wutong squinted his eyes like he was sizing him up, “Let me ask you, did you buy over Monster Emperor?”

The agent said, “No, he wasn’t bought over but he was just working with us. Truthfully, Monster Emperor is volatile and is not someone we want to work with in the long term. You are still our long term choice.”

Liu Xuan said, “Your Majesty, Alliance is just too strong. With their help, Your Majesty would easily unify the Imperial Dynasty.”

He eagerly wanted King Wutong to cooperate with the Alliance.

To overthrow the Imperial Dynasty and have King Wutong as the Master, then he would become the most powerful official. He didn’t have many high demands, after all, thinking too much was not good.

At that point, King Wutong was cursing deep down.

What nonsense.

Brother Emperor.

Alliance had found me, what should I do? This exceeded the plan, why didn’t we thought of this. Why did they want to work with us now?

While King Wutong was silent.

The Alliance agent felt like he was hesitating or thinking.

“You can take a look at our Alliance’s sincerity and maybe you would know whether or not you should work with us.” The Alliance agent said.

King Wutong felt that it was not good to continue thinking, his fake personality was King Wutong that was lawless and made to revolt.


A simple word.

He didn’t want to say anything else.

What he meant was obvious.

Let me see your sincerity, if it was not enough then don’t blame him for not working with them.

As for Liu Xuan, good, I will keep you, let’s see who else you can persuade. Once the chance comes, I will deal with all of you.

“You won’t regret your choice, I will take my leave.” The Alliance agent lowered his head and backed out.


A few days later.

Lin Fan was searching for a chance, but that chance was hard to find. All the Alliance searching teams he met were ones who he didn’t dare to attack.

After he had one chance, the second one wouldn’t come.

Did he really think Alliance was stupid?

They would have experts following to bait him out.

Lin Fan snuck away and continued to hide. He was waiting for the best chance and then he would viciously attack.

Luckily Maigu City had many caves around.


Lin Fan stayed in the cave, his back resting on the wall as he thought about You City.

Who knew how his father was, was he fine? He was thinking about whether or not he should have looked back but he knew that he couldn’t. He wasn’t strong enough and had to work harder.

He thought about how shocked his Father would be when he saw his strength.

He started to smile.



A giant palm smacked through the cave and appeared behind Lin Fan’s head. It grabbed his head and pressed him onto the ground. An unstoppable force directly caused his body to pierce through the ground.

The impact flattened the mountain.

“I searched for so long, so you are here.” Eight Star General Xiao Hu appeared at where Lin Fan was. This place wasn’t a cave and was now flat land.

He had searched for days, flattening all caves. He believed that he was still here, just that he was hiding.

As expected, he found the guy.


The ground in the distance cracked and Lin Fan broke out of the ground. He was in a bad state and blood seeped from his mouth. He looked at the guy whose body was like a small mountain.

Who is he?

Where did he come from?

How did he find him?

Many questions appeared in his mind and he wanted to know who this person was.

This person was really strong and nearly smashed his brains. He was surrounded by death but he was unafraid. Wasn’t it just death? It sounded really terrifying.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t died before.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be here.

Of course, luckily his cousin was not here, otherwise, he would have been destroyed. Not bringing cousin was a great choice.

He didn’t behave too arrogantly, he played safe each step.

He waited until they were about to give up on him, when they relaxed when he would come out to teach them a lesson.

But the situation now was a little complicated.

“Young guy, you did everything near Maigu City right?” Xiao Hu asked.

Lin Fan shook his head and said calmly, “No, you recognized the wrong person. Look at me, do I look like a bad person?”

“Yes? Did I recognize the wrong person?” Xiao Hu touched his head and asked.

“En, you did. I just passed by this place so how could I do anything bad. A few days ago I noticed a cunning and suspicious-looking person heading to that direction. I am not sure if he is the one you are searching for.” Lin Fan said.

Xiao Hu looked towards that direction and smiled. When he smiled his eyes became a line, “Oh I am sorry, it seemed like I mistook you for another person.”

The moment he said that.

He turned around and walked towards the distance.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. So dangerous, he didn’t expect him to be so stupid.


His hair stood on their ends and a dangerous aura covered him.

Xiao Hu lowered his head and gave out a cruel smile. His eyes were dark and he stepped forwards, instantly disappearing. When he appeared, he was in front of Lin Fan.

His palm smacked towards Lin Fan.

“You think I am stupid?”

“You are stupid.” Lin Fan didn’t dare to be careless, he roared and pushed forwards with his palms.


Such a terrifying strength.

Lin Fan frowned. When he slapped, the surrounding air became blade-like, slashing his skin. With his current God Body cultivation, it was really firm and tough but still many wounds were sliced.


Lin Fan was like a cannonball, flying backward and smashing several pieces of stone.

“So strong.” He bore the pain. No good, he met a true expert. He also looked like he cultivated the body to a high level.

Just as he was thinking about all of this, the guy appeared beside him and sped forwards alongside him.

Such a crazy expression.

Xiao Hu’s face looked really vicious, he swept Lin Fan’s back with a kick, “You are so arrogant, I am going to kill you.”


Lin Fan’s waist was hit, his organs shook, and many cracks appeared like they were about to break apart. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

In the air.

“You!” Lin Fan hollered in rage. His fingers landed on the ground and grabbed it, pulling five long marks before he was able to stabilize himself.

“So painful.”

Luckily, he cultivated True Heaven Body Secret Technique, otherwise, that leg would have ruptured all his organs.

He raised his head and looked into the distance.

That tall shadow gave him huge pressure, that shadow got larger and larger like an ancient beast.

This was one’s aura.

A human-shaped beast.



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Chapter 288