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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 287

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 287

Lin Fan’s explosion stunned everyone.

It was like they had seen a ghost.

So strong!

Why would he be so strong?

Even those Peak Five Element Realm experts’ hair was disheveled from the explosion. To say things even more crudely, even their urine exploded out.

To say things even more crudely, the ground was covered in piss and sh*t.


The Alliance experts underestimated Lin Fan’s ability. Those dense sword seed explosions caused such a huge commotion, such that their organs rolled and flipped about.

They all didn’t spit out blood. Their faces flushed red and it was like their eyeballs were about to pop out.

“So amazing? They didn’t spit out blood?” Lin Fan frowned. It wasn’t easy for him to accept the situation. With his cultivation, it was easy for him to kill them.

Now all of them were perfectly fine, making Lin Fan doubt his ability, whether or not he was so weak.

What he didn’t know was that everyone was holding it in.

In the Alliance, Five Element Realm experts were all people who wanted to save face. When they were young, they didn’t dare to call themselves top talents but at least in the eyes of many, they were geniuses. The only thing was that there was a difference in level.

Long periods of people praising them made them unwilling to lose face in front of others.

This was why after experiencing that terrifying explosion, they wanted to vomit but they didn’t.

Such actions were too unfriendly.

Whoever vomited first would lose the most face.

There was a voice shouting in their minds.

“We can’t vomit, we definitely can’t. Even if we want to, we must be the last.”

The Alliance experts exchanged glances with one another and no one spoke. They all held a mouthful of blood in their throats. Blood surged in their bodies like a damn was about to burst.


It was so unbearable.

Who could take the lead to vomit blood first so that they could follow and not appear to be so weak?

But it was like everyone had agreed.

If you don’t vomit, then I won’t. If you want, then you will do it first.

“Hu! Are they all so strong?” Lin Fan clenched his fists and the space around shook. His strength was shocking, exceeding people by a lot. Although they were all peak Five Element Realm experts, it was useless.

He was a dual cultivator Five Element Realm expert, the strength that exploded out from him was not just by means of addition.

Moreover, using the small support system, he cultivated over 20 techniques and all of them reached Return to True Realm already.

At such a realm, all things in the world returned to their source, one simple attack was filled with strength that couldn’t be blocked.


He felt a sharp Sword Intent. He looked out, not far away a male stood there. In Lin Fan’s eyes, he was like a shining sword.

“Your Sword Technique is not bad.” Lin Fan praised, “Looking at your age, you are a genius to reach such a realm.”

Today, the Five Element Realm experts he beat up were all experts, only this person was a middle-aged man. Even in some top sects, people at this age would be Grandmaster or God Essence Realm.

As expected.

Talent was hard to describe. Sometimes it was really strong, so strong that people would be terrified and filled with fear.

This was why it was quite amazing for this person to reach such cultivation.

“Thank you for your praise. Let me introduce myself, I am Wang Yaoer, I started learning since I was three years old from my Master Gu Yuan. I have one sword that I would like you to give me pointers on.” Wang Yaoer focused. There were like two swords hidden deep in his eyes, shining occasionally while being hidden occasionally.


The Five Element Realm experts around couldn’t suppress the fresh blood in their throats. At the same time, they all spat out.


It felt so bad to hold it in. Half their throat was filled with blood, and as expected it felt much better to spit it out.

But the scenes were a little shocking.

All the Alliance members raised their head and spat blood out.

Wang Yaoer was attracted by them, and as he looked at them, he frowned. He panicked a little, what was going on?

Why did they all vomit?

Was his sword technique really so terrifying?

If one or two of them spat blood, then he could understand, but now they all vomited. That was a little off.

With his strength, he had enough confidence in himself. He would be able to use his undefeated Sword Intent to hurt even those peak Five Element Realm experts.

But now that there were so many people, this…

He shook his head and tossed aside all these impractical thoughts.

How could he think that way?

He was actually afraid.

This was impossible. With my Sword Path, I shouldn’t be afraid. I should head forwards valiantly, to slash aside the Heavens to train my own sword.

Lin Fan looked at him and said, “With your strength, naturally you aren’t my opponent. But since you are so sincere, I will accept it. I will use my sword to block yours.”

He stretched his hand into the void dimension and took out a sword.

“This sword is normal and can be broken with two fingers. It is called Huiwu. The owner passed it to me when he died. There is nothing special about it, it is just a normal sword. Please go ahead.” Lin Fan held the sword and waved it about casually. However, he gave off a strong and fresh aura.

Wang Yaoer didn’t dare to be careless, Lin Fan’s Sword Path shocked him. But the fact that he could fight with someone so strong was his dream.

At that moment.

Wang Yaoer closed his eyes. His already sharp Sword Intent shot up into the sky, breaking apart the clouds and heading right into the Heavens.

At that moment.

He opened his eyes and stepped forwards, holding the sword in his hand to strike. Simplification of the Path, his cultivation was indeed strong. He at least trained many sword techniques to the Return to True Realm if not it wouldn’t have had been so strong.

A cold sword light flashed across.

He didn’t see a trace of the sword but he could sense the terrifying Sword Intent.

Lin Fan stood there and didn’t move at all. He smiled and when he was about to reach him, a shocking scene occured.

Lin Fan didn’t use the sword. He hollered in rage, the power of his God Body and True Essence exploded out. He clenched his fists and smashed down with terrifying strength.

“A solo sword battle. Such an invader actually dares to raise such a request to me.”

“Are you even worthy?”



Lin Fan’s fist was too terrifying that the space broke apart. The sword in his hand broke too. That fist then landed on his body, causing some areas to explode. He fell to the ground and a giant hole opened up.

“Keke.” Lin Fan smiled in disdain. This guy’s brain had problems to even want to fight him one on one. As for the will of the sword, he had to find others who trained professionally in the sword. The sword was just a side hobby of his.

He didn’t specialize in it.

Wang Yaoer laid on the ground and wasn’t angry. All that was left was his pair of eyes which stared at Lin Fan, revealing a look of reluctance.

“Die with reluctance. How can I let you die in satisfaction after sensing my sword intent, that would be too good to you.”

“Moreover, you are a genius, leaving you alive would be a problem. I should have just killed you when you were a baby.”

Lin Fan didn’t think about fighting with him with a sword.

Only someone with brain problems would think that way.

The Alliance experts around were injured. Some God Essence Realm and Void Realm ones had backed away.

The situation wasn’t right so why would they risk their lives to fight against Lin Fan. To them, living was the most important thing.

“Although you all can provide me with rage points, in case things get complicated, I shall send you on your way.”

Lin Fan thought things through. If he didn’t kill them, he would be leaving problems for himself. As for trashing his cultivation, that was a waste of time. To the people of Maigu City that were sacrificed, they definitely wouldn’t want to see that happen.

“All of you just die.”

Lin Fan instantly disappeared from his spot and started to suppress the arrogant Five Element Realm experts.

Maigu City main camp.

In a room with high technology equipment, many beeping warning sounds spread out.

A bunch of technology members panicked.

“Not good, go out and investigate. They’ve faced trouble.”

“Quick, inform the General, their lifeforce is losing quickly. There are many deaths, quick go help them.”

Instantly, the place was in a panic, everyone was filled with disbelief.

This time, the search team was filled with experts. When gathered together, they were a terrifying power.

But now that their lifeforce was being lost, that meant that they were facing trouble. This was within their territory, so who was so bold to dare to behave so arrogantly?

Very quickly.

Someone ran out to inform the higher-ups. If this continued, then in the end, all of them would be wiped out.


Lin Fan tossed out a corpse, he looked into the distance, “What a waste, those few ran quickly.”

The Five Element Realm experts were all killed, but the Void Realm experts ran quickly like dogs. Once a wind blew, they ran with their tails between their legs.

Of course, dogs please forgive me, I just couldn’t find anything else to describe it.

“As expected, I overestimated Alliance’s intelligence, there really weren’t any experts there.” Lin Fan didn’t stop and just hid into the darkness.

At the same time, he understood why they could find him.

They relied on equipment.

So despicable.

It seemed like he really couldn’t come out at night, otherwise, it would be too dangerous.

But to leave Maigu City was impossible. Since he was here, then he would definitely spend some time here.

He wanted to let them know.

Even if his strength couldn’t suppress them, he would try his best. Like a wolf, he would bite off meat from them, to make them feel pain and make them cry. He wouldn’t let them have it so easily.

When Lin Fan left.

A terrifying aura covered over the area and a body landed. He looked around and his expression was one of rage.


Eight Star General Xiao Hu, he had the back of a tiger and a waist of a bear. He was huge, like a small mountain. The surrounding corpses were just so insignificant and small compared to him.

The corpses around him were those of experts.

To the Alliance, this was a heavy loss.

He also didn’t know who was at fault for all these deaths. Regardless, he found it tough to calm down.




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Chapter 287