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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 286

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 286

At that moment.

Lin Fan wanted to point at their noses and ask.

Did you all see that, this is what happens when you bully people. Do you really think that honest people are easy to bully?

He would open his ultimate skill to kill these bunch of silly people.


The golden sun disappeared and everything returned to normal. He looked around proudly. Did you all see that? His attacks were just so strong.

Those God Essence Realm experts were strong but under such maniacal attacks, they were like kites; even if they wanted to fly into the sky, it depended on whether their bodies were strong enough.

“Haiz, these scenes make me feel so helpless.”

Lin Fan was confident in his own strength. Looking at those God Essence Realm experts, if it wasn’t for the battle of the defence line, such experts would be recruited, no matter where they went.

But in such a high end battle, they weren’t strong enough.

Void Realm experts were the main force. Five Element Realm were the top end and as for those above, they were the higher-ups, the ones making the decisions.

“This native is so young, so how is he so strong? We can’t let him live, we definitely can’t.” Those God Essence Realm experts were injured. Although they weren’t targetted, those strong strikes were like blades that sliced their bodies, opening up many wounds.

“This person can’t be left alive. Such an age with such a strength, if we don’t kill him, he will become a big problem. We have to kill him.”

A God Essence Realm with decent potential was really sensitive as he had killed many young men with decent potential.


The moment he said that.

With a puchi.

Under the white light, a black ball started to spin, it landed on the ground and rolled all about.

“You all talk a lot of nonsense.” Lin Fan opened his mouth and said.

He wasn’t too worried about the Five Element Realm people around, but was wary of those true experts that were hiding. They were definitely really cunning and just hiding there.

Were they waiting for him to reveal his weakness or give them a chance to strike?

That was possible.

To him, he couldn’t stay at this place for long.

But these people were just so arrogant. He found it tough to suppress his temper.

To kill or not to kill.

He thought about it.

Since that was the case, then he would try. He felt really unwilling to let things go just like that.

He looked around.

There were a total of 15 Five Element Realm experts.

As for Void Realm experts, they were far away and didn’t get close. They knew the difference in strength was huge and if they attacked, they would just be asking to die.

“I want to ask you, are you all prepared to die?” Lin Fan looked at the Alliance members.

Energy bubbled on his body, like there were flames burning on it. The surrounding space started to twist.

Rage points +333.

“Native, you dare to be so unrestrained here, do you think you will be able to escape?” The Five Element Realm hollered in rage.

To the Alliance experts, the natives of Rich Land were so arrogant. That was a slap to their faces.

“There is no point in talking so much.

Lin Fan didn’t want to say any more. He wanted the rage points to reach the peak but to argue with them was too slow. Why not suppress them, leaving them barely alive and letting them get angry slowly.

After thinking things through.

He didn’t say much nonsense.


With himself at the center, a visible white energy spread out and covered everything around.

The Alliance experts raised their hands to block. The wind caused their clothes to shake and serious looks appeared on their faces.

The strength of this native shocked them.

“I never like to play with the sword, but I don’t feel good if I don’t use such moves.”

Lin Fan smiled, the sword seed in his body shook and floated in front of him. The True Essence surged in his body and more and more sword seeds formed.

One after another, densely surrounding him. Each one contained terrifying Sword Intent.

There were many Alliance members who cultivated the sword.

The sword in his hand trembled. The Alliance had lightsabers now, those were extremely sharp and could be compared to God Weapons. But to the true sword path experts of the Alliance, they were still using old swords. Those were the most primitive ones and the easiest to form their own Sword Intent.

Among the Alliance members stood a Peak Five Element Realm male. He didn’t move like a sword that was kept in its sheath. His mental state reached its peak, many white lights lit up on his body. Those flames were originally very small but slowly they burnt brighter and brighter.


A sword came out of its sheath and floated in front of this middle aged man. The sword was silver white and trembled slightly.

“An extreme Sword Path, this trip is worth it.” That middle aged man’s body shook, not with fear but in excitement. He was excited that he met such a strong sword user.

“Wang Yaoer what are you doing, attack.” The Alliance members around said.

Wang Yaoer shook his head, “No, he is a sword path expert and I need to fight with him alone. His sword skills make me excited, maybe I can learn something from him.”

“Crazy.” The Alliance expert was speechless as he looked at Wang Yaoer and felt like his brain had problems. He was right in front of him and he didn’t attack and even wanted to fight him one on one. Did he really think that Lin Fan had a chance of living and then fighting him one on one?

Stop dreaming.

Wang Yaoer didn’t bother about them and was gathering his own Sword Intent, he hoped that when they fought one on one, his Sword Intent would rise to its strongest level.

He would be able to fight him without any regrets.


Lin Fan’s arm was like a sword. He waved it forwards, numerous sword seeds covered the area around and swept forwards.

The sword move felt really good but he still looked around warily.

He was afraid that there were Alliance experts hiding around, waiting for him to be careless so that they could then kill him.

“This fellow.” To Lin Fan this was a normal move, but to them, it was extremely terrifying.

His God Body had reached Peak Void Realm and True Essence reached Initial Five Element Realm. The strength that exploded out was really terrifying, it had reached an extreme extent.

The Five Element Realm experts who prepared to kill Lin Fan were shocked when they saw those scenes.

To them, his move felt like something someone who had no path to take, who was prepared to release everything before he died.

Looking at his appearance.

How was it like someone who was giving it all up?

He was doing so really simply and the attack seemed really terrifying.

The God Essence Realm experts retreated quickly, this battle was obviously not something that they could handle.

The Void Realm experts all felt like they couldn’t protect themselves. If they didn’t retreat and fought head on, they would definitely be beaten up like dogs.

At that moment.

The Five Element Realm Alliance experts hollered. They didn’t dare to be careless. The power in their bodies boiled and several phenomenons appeared all around them. The space shook, many cracks appeared in the space.

“Trying to block, stop dreaming.”

Lin Fan opened his palm, all the special effect cultivation techniques that he trained in exploded from his body, forming a fountain which buffed onto the sword seed.



Everything around him exploded. The attacks were too shocking, directly tearing open space, forming a domain that no living being dared to enter.

Lin Fan floated in the sky and didn’t move at all. He was really calm, like he didn’t care about anything that happened in front of him.

Actually, he panicked a little.

Increase stats.

He consumed 7,000 rage points.

Going against Heaven and Earth (Basics)


Going against Heaven and Earth (Return to True)

At that moment, Lin Fan felt like he had became stronger. Although he didn’t gain much strength, since he cultivated a secret technique, then his own strength definitely increased.

One secret technique consumed 57,000 rage points.

Although there were many, it was worth it.

What he was most afraid about was secret techniques to raise God Body and Heart Cultivation. Normal people wouldn’t be able to keep up with such consumption, but luckily he was firm enough.

Although he was anxious to improve, there was a need to increase his own combat strength.

He continued to raise it.

He needed a secret technique for God Body.

True Heaven Body Secret Technique

This secret technique had a total of 12 levels but the grade was a little high; it didn’t seem easy to improve.

To someone without a small support system, it would be difficult to improve.

But to Lin Fan, it was about whether he wanted to, not whether or not things were possible.

Increase stats.

Consumed 30,000 rage points.

True Heaven Body Secret Technique (Level 1)


He felt a thunder exploding in his body. A red flame burned; his organs were all being burned by this scorching heat.

Lin Fan’s body was dyed red and a white mist spread out.


It felt like something on his organs fell after being burned, and there was a shocking change in his body.

“Amazing, really amazing.”

Increase stats.

He consumed 40,000 rage points.

True Heaven Body Secret Technique (Level 2)

A current appeared in his body. This current was purple in color, wrapping around his body. It felt really comfortable, really, really comfortable.

If one didn’t personally experience that, it was hard to imagine and one wouldn’t know how to describe it.

“My body.”

He looked at his skin, a golden light spread out. Was he about to become a god?


This wasn’t him becoming a god, but that a terrifying power was festering in his body.

The power of the God Body was enough.

It was time for him to let his God Body cultivation enter Initial Five Element Realm.

He took a look at his rage points, luckily he had enough.

Increase stats.

God Body 480 points slowly increased.

He consumed 50,000 points.

There was a loud explosion.

God Body: 490 (Initial Five Element Realm)


There was no movement at all, just relying on the impact from when his God Body stepped into Initial Five Element Realm to rip open the space. There were cracks all around.

The space currents blew out from the cracks onto his body.

“So strong, I feel like God Body cultivation is much stronger than True Essence cultivation.”

“No, that is definitely not true, it must be an illusion. Special effects must be the best.”

His fingers clenched. He relied on his body and could smash open space, not to mention being able to draw power from Heaven and Earth.

At that moment, the situation in the outside world was a little different.





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Chapter 286