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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 285

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Our Intelligence Is Enough To Crush Them

He didn’t act rashly and chose to observe the situation.

It wasn’t that he was afraid but that some things weren’t as simple as he thought. Who didn’t know that Alliance were trying to draw him out.

He could only wait and see.

“There are so many people and if there was a conflict, it will lead to more problems. I have to be careful.”

Lin Fan didn’t dare to attack carelessly.

He was also worried that this situation would happen.

Based on the situation, they didn’t notice him, for now.

This was the best situation.

Lin Fan hid behind a giant tree and observed. Suddenly, he felt that things were a little off. Those people who were far from him started to close in towards him.

In the distance.

“Noticed target, he is over at Team A, please support.”

“They don’t know that we have noticed him. Calm down, act like we are still searching. Once we get close, then we will attack together.”

The pitch-black darkness affected everyone. To find a person in the dark forest was difficult if one tried to hide.

But what Lin Fan didn’t know was that he was shining red in their eyes.

That was the power of night vision equipment.

Alliance was a world where technology and martial arts mixed. Although peak martial arts suppressed technology, their equipment was really advanced.

The darkness did block their eyes but as long as one had body temperature, especially since one was strong, one’s vital energy would boil like hot water.

In night vision equipment, he was just like a bright flame.

Lin Fan thought to himself, “They haven’t found me but are still coming over. Does that mean that the territory I am in is a probable searching area?”

He suspected.

He felt like it was possible.

Of course, he believed that they definitely didn’t notice him. If they did, they wouldn’t search pointlessly like they were doing now.

It wasn’t that he doubted their intellect.

But he believed that he was much higher than many people. At least it was enough to crush them.

Very quickly.

They got close and were only hundreds of meters away.


A furious roar shocked Lin Fan so much he nearly peed.

“We noticed the target, attack together.”

At that moment.

Those aimless Alliance members raged, a terrifying power struck towards Lin Fan like a storm.

Trees were being destroyed, sand and stone scattered all around.

“What is going on, I didn’t do anything.” Lin Fan was shocked but he didn’t hesitate. He pulled out his blade and used the strongest move of Lightning Blade Four Strokes.

Blade light shone, forming a giant net that lit up the darkness.


There were experts on their side, shaking the blade open. They didn’t hesitate and charged towards Lin Fan.


Lin Fan just wanted to leave.

He couldn’t understand which person had betrayed him.

Impossible, he didn’t know anyone.

“Damn, don’t run, just surrender.” They were all really emotional. They really didn’t expect that the technology that they looked down on previously would be of so much help.

If they were to find it by themselves, it wouldn’t be so easy.


When Lin Fan left his spot, the attacks of the Alliance experts landed and blew open a deep hole.

Feng Feng!

Lin Fan noticed that surrounding Alliance teams were dashing towards him.


This wasn’t how he thought it would happen.

Why did they seem to be so smart to actually notice him?

“I can’t fight them head-on, I really can’t. Who knows whether or not there are experts hiding around. If they sneak attacked me, then wouldn’t I die here?”

This wasn’t him being a coward.

But that they were too cunning. If he was not a coward.

Then, the outcome would be catastrophic.

He could really die.

When the Alliance experts saw him run, they were delighted.

“Brothers, the annoying native has been scared off, chase him.”

To them, as long as one ran, that meant that they were afraid.

“Okay, chase.”

“Catch him.”

The Alliance experts seemed to be on drugs, crazily chasing Lin Fan. Nine Star General said, no matter who caught him, they would get huge rewards.

Lin Fan fled among the forests. When he turned his head, he realized that they were chasing closely behind.


A bald head expert with dry skin and eagle-like eyes instantly appeared behind Lin Fan. He opened his palm and an eagle appeared behind his back. It opened its claws and screeched.


Lin Fan saw this and was instantly furious.

He ran not because he was afraid of those chasing.

But because he didn’t know if there were experts hiding around.

But now.

This person came out from nowhere and ran in front of him, asking him to die. No man would be able to accept that.

“Arrogant.” Lin Fan hollered. Power exploded out from his body. Along with a hot energy wave, his fingers clenched and he punched backward.

The space seemed to be crushed as many cracks appeared around.

The bald-headed expert thought he would win.

But he instantly sensed that terrifying suppression. When Lin Fan’s fist struck, the aura it had caused his face to deform.

He was shocked like he had seen a ghost he exclaimed.

“How is that possible.”


Lin Fan turned around and punched, it was just so handsome and overbearing. The bald head guy fell to the ground with a thud. Like a cannonball, he smashed into the ground and left a deep hole.


He spat out a ball of fresh blood.

The old man held his body up with much difficulty and looked at the leaving back view in fear. Then, rage burned in him.

Rage points +999

“Who are you trying to scare?” Lin Fan didn’t care about him at all. Even if he was old, it was okay. Must you be good if you are good?

The young people were so bold, they all looked down on others.

He had to flee now. He really didn’t expect that he would be found. That in itself was a sin.


The Alliance had peak Five Element Realm experts. In the blink of an eye, they appeared, they raised their hands, and five-element power exploded.

A giant tree image appeared like it stretched out from the ground. Each tree was extremely huge and had a mind of their own. Several tentacles spread out, covering the sky and smacking towards him.

The space was broken into, it felt like river water was surging in, like it was thousands of kilograms heavy. The space around seemed to have changed.

With a kacha.

The dirt on the ground split open and giant stones rose up in the air. It didn’t stop and continued to expand.

A scorching flame shot into the sky, dyeing the area red.

Many metallic energies formed into spears and shot towards him. Even if it didn’t reach yet, he could still sense the terrifying aura.

Lin Fan’s path was locked down. This was the strength of Peak Five Element Realm experts. Not only one, but there were also many who appeared, raising the difficulty of the battle.


He hollered in rage, all the power contained in his body exploded out.

“You fellows really think I am easy to bully.” Lin Fan used all his skill, five types of light wrapped around his body. Like he was directing the power from heaven and earth, the True Essence in his body was crazily consumed. All of this needed a huge amount of True Essence to support.


Lin Fan opened his mouth, Although there weren’t any shocking aura but the area shook, like its source was being drawn out. The surrounding area was covered in phenomenons, reaching the extreme and then exploding.




All the Five Element Realm experts retreated in shock, like they didn’t expect him to be so terrifying.

“Ape Demon True Intent.”

Lin Fan stepped forwards. The space was like a mirror that cracked. He had raised his God Body to Peak Void Realm and this step was naturally really strong.


The moment he said this.

A dozen feet tall life-like Demon Ape roared out, its thick arms smashing into the sky.


A maniacal power exploded out and scattered out. In the blink of an eye, it smashed onto one of the Five Element Realm experts.


That Five Element Realm spat out blood, his chest was like dirt, many cracks appeared in it.

His eyes popped out in rage and he was petrified.

“How is he so strong?”

That was his only thought. He was badly injured, it felt like a mountain had smashed into his chest, causing his organs to shake and show signs of cracking.

“Old Zhou.”

The people around shouted nervously.

“Be careful, he is really strong.” Old Zhou replied. Only after personally experiencing his strength could one understand how strong he was.

The strength was actually something he who was peak Five Element Realm couldn’t block. That was enough to show how terrifying it was.


The people around hollered furiously. They didn’t expect that he would still try to resist at such a point. He was just asking to die.

Rage points +999

Rage points +999


Lin Fan shouted, he opened his arms and True Essence spat out. All sorts of phenomenons appeared.

Golden Sun Sky Shining.

A giant sun appeared. It was very huge, hundreds of feet big and it gave off a golden light. It was so bright that everyone couldn’t open their eyes. At the same time, their skin was burning, like the sun was scorching them.

At that point, this sun started to split, forming into many golden needles. With a Xiu sound, it struck in all directions.

The Alliance members were shocked. What a horrifying attack.

But they obviously wouldn’t sit there and wait to die. They all used their skills to clash with the needles, giving out a low metallic explosion.


The area shook and shockwaves spread out, sweeping everything around. The wind caused even the Void Realm experts to feel terrified.

Was this a battle they could participate in?

As for God Essence Realm ones, they were blown away by the impact and flew to an unknown place.




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Chapter 285