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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 284

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I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Novel Chapter 284

Chapter 284: It Doesn’t Look Simple

“Brother Su, it is not that I am unwilling to help but you know the situation of my sect. My disciples are so useless, we won’t be able to help much.”

Guixian Island was one of the top sects.

The one welcoming Old Ancestor Su was the Guixian Island Sect Leader Xu Yuanming. He expected Old Ancestor Su’s arrival and at the same time he didn’t expect it too.

Old Ancestor Su smiled, “Brother Xu, you know about the situation. If Alliance enters, even if your Guixian Island is one of the top sects, you won’t be able to block it. Why don’t you place down all grievances and defend together?”

“We don’t desire to counter-attack, we just need to chase them back.”

He was very calm and didn’t rage or show his anger. He hoped to use theory to let Xu Yuanming say that sometimes it could be good to placed aside their own interests and focus on the outside enemy?

“This… Haiz, Brother Su, it isn’t that I am not helping you. Although I am the Sect Leader, I don’t make the decisions alone. Since you came to find me, I have to give you face. Why don’t you let me discuss with my Elders and then I will give you an answer?” Xu Yuanming hesitated and then said.

Old Ancestor Su wouldn’t believe so easily and asked, “How long do you need?”

“Hard to say. Sect rules state that for any large matter, all elders must be present and more than half must agree. There are many elders outside and I need to recall them. From start to finish, it would take 3 months to half a year.” Xu Yuanming gave an uncertain time frame.

To Old Ancestor Su, even one month was not too long.

Old Ancestor Su looked at Xu Yuanming, he softened his toned and cupped his fists, “Sect Leader Xu, let me just beg you for this. As long as you chase Alliance away, if Guixian Island needs anything, I will help.”

“Haiz, Brother Su why are you being so polite. It really isn’t that I am not helping but rules are rules. I need half of the elders to agree. Don’t worry, I will rush them back to give you a satisfying reply. But you have to wait as this is such a rush.” Xu Yuanming acted like he was really helpless and hoped that Brother Su could understand.

Old Ancestor Su looked at Xu Yuanming and slowly placed his hand down. He understood that it was impossible as he didn’t even want to help at all.

“Okay, since that is the case, then I won’t disturb you anymore.” Old Ancestor Su turned around and left, not saying anything else.

Xu Yuanming walked forwards, “Eh, Brother Su don’t be angry, actually I am anxious too but I really need time. Why doesn’t Brother Su stay here for a while, I can reminisce about the past with you too.”

“There is no need, I just hope you don’t regret the future.” Old Ancestor Su looked at him and left right away. He went to many top sects and the outcome was the same.

At the same time, he was even more certain.

That these sects were waiting for a chance.

The changes in the world weren’t important to them. Normal people were like grass to them and as long as the sect was strong and they grabbed the chance, they would be able to rise up and become the masters of the world. They would be like emperors, bringing tens of thousands of miles into their territory.

Numerous cities would go under them, civilians would pay tribute to them, and they could support Emperors to make them their puppets.

This was what numerous top sects thought about.

Now, the chance had come, so how could they miss it?


“Hehe, old man, even if your legs break from running, no top sect will help. This is life.” Xu Yuanming looked at Old Su and laughed.

After Old Ancestor Su left Imperial Dynasty, he didn’t go back and had been moving about outside instead.

He hoped that he could use his reputation to persuade some sects to help.

But he sensed that he overestimated his own ability.

None of them actually helped.


Even Zhao Family who he didn’t have high hopes for sent people to help.


The gap between people was too huge sometimes.



Maigu City.

The 13 teachers and surveyors disappeared for a long time and hadn’t returned. This was noticed by many Maigu City experts and they started to search for them.

“You still haven’t found them?” Mao Shentai was the Nine Star General and felt that recently so many things happened. He saw a photo of a native yesterday about the Alliance streamer dying. Wasn’t that a slap to his face?

The person beside him shook his head, “Not yet.”

At that moment, one Alliance member ran over in a panic, “General, we found them.”

Mao Shentai looked at him in confusion, “So?”



Nine Star General Mao Shentai came personally and when he saw the situation, he frowned and his expression was a little complicated.

When the people who came saw those scenes, they all chatted softly with one another.

They were stunned.

“How did this happen? So cruel.”

“Damn native, they actually killed so many of our people.”

When they occupied Maigu City, they massacred everyone in the city. As no one surrendered and fought and defended, the Alliance suffered huge losses.

It resulted in one Nine Star General being injured and two dying. They also lost 63 Eight Star General and a lot of strong experts.

Lin Fan’s methods were indeed really cruel.

With one sword he beheaded 13 surveyors and with 13 feet he stepped on their heads, the whole ground was… Haiz, it was indeed cruel but he had no choice. When Lin Fan attacked he liked speed and didn’t like to waste time.

“Find him, sweep the area, and find that person.” Mao Shentai said coldly.

To him, this was just someone shitting on his head, after which he asked if it was nice to smell. This person was just asking to die.

Of course.

Lin Fan would definitely think that it felt good and that whatever he did wasn’t wrong at all.

“Yes, General I will arrange people to sweep and find that person.” The person replied.

He could sense the flames of rage burning in the general’s heart.

This person had totally infuriated the general.

If he was caught, he was basically dead or he would die a terrible death.

The girls who followed all cried when they saw the cruel scenes. These girls were all their friends.

“Find that person, I will skin him alive.” The women in the Alliance hated Lin Fan to the bone.

The next day!

Late at night.

Lin Fan hid in the cave and didn’t light a fire as that might attract attention. Hiding was the safest choice.

He was waiting for Alliance members to come out. He believed that once they knew that those people were dead, they would search for him.

“Haiz, I was a rich family young master, eating and waiting to die. I drank tea every day and teased others, I was so happy. Looking at this situation…”

Lin Fan shook his head and was a little sad. This was different from what he expected.

He wanted to go back to his past life.

But he knew that it was impossible.

You City was a border city and was also fighting. So how could he continue being a young master?

However, he wouldn’t let things pass just like that. He would become strong, become a true expert, and crush all uncertainty and chaos. They would know who could be offended and who couldn’t.

Then, he would just stay in some place and no one would disturb his young master life.

His thoughts were his goal.

With this as goal, he worked towards it.

Feng Feng!


He heard movement outside and footsteps drew close. There were many people, it was obvious that Maigu City experts were searching for him.

He sneakily walked out and looked into the distance. He saw a white light shining all around.

“Such a dense shirt.”

So many people gathered together, they seemed really aggressive.”

“We can’t be careless. There were experts among those teachers. The Alliance members know that and won’t send cannon fodder for me.”

Lin Fan didn’t think that he was stupid, he felt that he was very smart instead.

If they were all cannon fodder, he couldn’t be careless too. They might be drawing him out.

“Annoying, can you all be more stupid?”

Lin Fan hoped that the Alliance members could be more stupid. Then, he would be happier and things would be much simpler.

Looking at the situation, it didn’t look like the case.

He had to see what they were planning.

Then, he hid into the darkness.

He counted 10 groups searching for him. As for others, it was tough to say.

“Be careful, report if you notice any movement.” The Alliance members had tools to communicate with one another.



“Right now, there is no movement.”

The people who searched were above 40; there weren’t any young people at all.

They calmed themselves down, a pair of eyes shot through the darkness to search for any clues.

The Rich Land natives really knew how to cause trouble.

Maigu City had become their territory and he still dared to come, he was just asking to die.

Five Star Teacher Cao Xiongyi was Void Realm and wasn’t weak but even such a person was killed. That meant that the other guy was peak Void Realm or Five Element Realm.

Naturally, they had to send their strong members to deal with such a strong enemy.

Based on their analysis, there might have been too many people.

One was strong with the sword while the other had a strong body.

But even so, they sent dozens of Five Element Realm and Void Realm experts.

Even if he was strong, it was useless. As long as they met him, he would be left here and wouldn’t have anywhere to go.

In the darkness.

Lin Fan hid behind an old tree. He looked at the group from a distance.

“It seems difficult.”




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Chapter 284