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Hello, Heir Novel Chapter 721

All chapters are in Hello, Heir Novel

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Hello, Heir Novel Chapter 721

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Ding Mengya had learned about the car accident a long time ago.

But she had never tried to explain herself, because even she couldn’t do that clearly.

Too much time had already passed after the incident, and even if she insisted that she had been in the hospital all along, how was it possible that Zhuang Nainai would believe her?

 At that point in time, she’d had to take care of Si Zhengting, and thus, she didn’t have too many people around her. If anything, she had her two trusty employees with her, but would Zhuang Nainai believe the statements of these two people?

 So, Ding Mengya had always been giving her silent approval for Si Zhengting to fully investigate the issue.

 Ding Mengya knew clearly that if this matter wasn’t resolved, the strain between her and Zhuang Nainai would never disappear.

But never did she expect that Zhuang Nainai would look for her as a companion to meet Hu Zi.

Was this proof that Zhuang Nainai had stopped suspecting her a long time ago?

 That she had already come to believe her?

Her thoughts then floating to recent events, Ding Mengya felt her heart become warm.

Zhuang Nainai had looked at her and asked, “I’ve gotten to know you during this long period of time, and I don’t believe that you’re that sort of person. So, would you be willing to accompany me?”

Perhaps it was because she knew that Mother Zhuang was still alive, Zhuang Nainai was now dealing with things in a very rational manner.

Zhuang Nainai had thought about it for a long time.

If she secretly went to meet Hu Zi and eventually proved that Madam Ding was innocent, Madam Ding would still feel sad after finding out about the meeting.

Ding Mengya had been elated. “I’ll go make the necessary arrangements. People like this who can run others over just for the sake of money are normally evil and vicious people, so we have to make sure that nothing goes wrong.”

 After hearing this, Zhuang Nainai heaved a sigh of relief.

Ding Mengya, having been in charge of the Imperial Group before, was a very prudent person. With her in charge of the arrangements, Zhuang Nainai knew that her safety was in good hands.

In the short span of half an hour, Ding Mengya had gotten a lot of her men to surround the coffee shop.

It was only then that Zhuang Nainai and Ding Mengya left the Si residence.

They arrived at the coffee shop ten minutes early. Ding Mengya ordered a cup of coffee while Zhuang Nainai got herself a glass of milk.

After specifically choosing a window seat, Zhuang Nainai sent a text over to Hu Zi to let him know where she was seated.

She then began to look around in an attempt to spot Hu Zi.

She had no idea how much Hu Zi might have changed in the span of five years.

But even before she managed to spot Hu Zi, she suddenly saw Li Yufeng.

The night before, Gu Deshou had hurriedly left home without a word.

Waking up in the morning and realizing that he had gone missing, Li Yufeng had bribed Gu Xinghao to open the room door for her.

It was only in the afternoon that she finally managed to seize her chance to get out of the house.

Li Yufeng had originally intended to look for Mi Nuo, but she had spotted Zhuang Nainai in the coffee shop. Narrowing her eyes, she had parked her car and entered the shop. She was now right in front of Zhuang Nainai, her disgust for Zhuang Nainai unabashedly undisguised. “Zhuang Nainai, your father left the house early in the morning. Is it because there’s been news about your mistress mother?”

Zhuang Nainai didn’t feel like speaking to her at all. Curling her lips, she didn’t even get the chance to speak as Ding Mengya spoke up on her behalf. In a leisurely, refined tone, she said, “Madam Li, please be more courteous to my daughter-in-law.”

Filled with dominance and anger, that simple sentence conveyed her protectiveness over Zhuang Nainai. That made Li Yufeng raise her brows.

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Chapter 721