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Hello, Heir Novel Chapter 720

All chapters are in Hello, Heir Novel

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Hello, Heir Novel Chapter 720

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhuang Nainai took the phone and saw that the call was from an unidentified caller from Beijing. Immediately thinking of Hu Zi, she quickly said, “Let me call back.”

Zhuang Nainai made the call, but after two rings on the other end, the call got cut off.

 Zhuang Nainai raised her brows and made another call, but the person had switched off his or her phone.

She sighed.

 After that, Si Zhengting called her while she was having her lunch.

 “How is it? Did you get to see my mother?” Zhuang Nainai asked anxiously.

Si Zhengting replied, “I just got off the airplane and I haven’t arrived. Don’t worry, I’ll call you as soon as I meet your mother.”

 “Okay.” As Zhuang Nainai spoke up ’til here, she realized something. “Go grab something to eat first. After all, we’ve verified that she’s the real thing, and nothing will go wrong with your people on watch.”

Si Zhengting smiled as he heard her say this. “Don’t worry.”

 Zhuang Nainai grunted in assent and was about to say something more when her phone began ringing. Lowering her head, she realized that it was from the unidentified number calling from Beijing once more. Stunned, she quickly told Si Zhengting, “Then I’ll hang up first, okay? There’s a call coming in.”

 With that, she picked up the call from the unidentified number. “Hello.”

 For a period of time, nobody spoke.

It was only after a few moments that an unfamiliar male voice came on the line. “Ms. Zhuang?”

 Zhuang Nainai replied immediately, “Yes, it’s me. Are you Hu Zi?”

The other party paused once more before replying, “Yes.”

Zhuang Nainai’s heart rose in her chest. “Can you tell me who the person who ran over my mother all those years ago was? I’m not looking for revenge, and neither am I asking for your money; I just want to know the truth.”

Hu Zi fell silent, causing Zhuang Nainai to become anxious. “Hu Zi, I know you had reasons for doing what you did all those years ago, but have you ever thought about our feelings? My mother developed a mental illness after being run over by you, and back then, she needed 300,000 dollars for her operation. Thereafter, she still had to go for physiotherapy and follow-up checks. I’ve been supporting my family all these years. Your friend has shown so much brotherhood, and I’m sure you’re also someone who’s chivalrous. You’re a good person, and all I ask from you is the truth of the matter all those years ago. Who was the one who hurt my mother? Why can’t you tell me something as simple as this?”

Hu Zi went quiet after hearing this.

His silence made Zhuang Nainai feel more and more disappointed.

Just as she took a deep breath, Hu Zi said, “I can tell you.”

 Zhuang Nainai’s eyes brightened instantly. “Please tell me.”

 But Hu Zi was evidently very cautious. “It’s not convenient for me to talk to you over the phone. I need to meet you and confirm your identity before I can tell you the truth.”

 Five years ago, when Mother Zhuang had gotten into the accident, Zhuang Nainai had met him at the police station before. It was therefore not surprising that Hu Zi had an idea of how she looked like.

Upon hearing this proposition, Zhuang Nainai glanced at her stomach. She hesitated for a while, then said, “Okay, tell me where.”

 She agreed to meet him at a coffee shop — in other words, a public place. After hanging up, she made a call to Ji Chen and got him to make the necessary arrangements.

Zhuang Nainai couldn’t pretend to be strong right now. She had to ensure that nothing would go wrong because she had her two precious children in her womb to take care of now.

The only thing was, if she were to bring a man over to wait for Hu Zi, Hu Zi would surely be on his guard.

Eventually, she decided to look for Ding Mengya to accompany her to the meeting.

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Chapter 720