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Hello, Heir Novel Chapter 719

All chapters are in Hello, Heir Novel

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Hello, Heir Novel Chapter 719

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

As Zhuang Nainai watched on, her lips curled up.

 Unknowingly, she wanted to reach out and grab hold of him. She did not know why she felt slightly uneasy.

 Moments later, she could not help but laugh at herself.

 Zhuang Nainai! Why are you being so emotional?

 Aren’t you going to give birth soon? Is there really a need to feel that letting this person go is unbearable?

 She turned around and faced the bedroom. It’s just three days! He will be back after three days!


 She was still in disbelief because she found hope right when she was helpless. Why did the feeling of finding a way out of a predicament make her so, so uneasy?

 Was it because she was used to living a hard life since she was young? So, now that God was treating her so well, she wasn’t used to it?

 Zhuang Nainai shook her head again to shake these ridiculous thoughts out of her mind. Then, she entered the bedroom to go back to sleep.

 Perhaps she was too excited, she actually could not fall asleep.

 Alone, Zhuang Nainai lay on the empty and enormous bed. She suddenly felt like she had been used to having another person next to her for such a long time that she felt empty now that she was alone.

 He had just left, but she actually already started to miss him.

 Just then, her phone buzzed. She got up and picked up her phone, only to see a message from Si Zhengting.

“Are you asleep?”

 Zhuang Nainai replied to him instantly. “Nope.”

 Si Zhengting: “I miss you.”

 Holding her phone, Zhuang Nainai blushed just like a teenage girl experiencing first love. “Me, too.”

 Si Zhengting: “Rest well. Wait for me to come home.”

 Rest well. Wait for me to come home.

 Interpreting these words, she could feel a strong sense of love. Their relationship was so sweet that she felt nothing but bliss.

 It was not until the morning of the next day that Zhuang Nainai drifted off to sleep again. Knowing that Zhuang Nainai would not have been able to sleep the previous day, Ding Mengya decided not to wake her up, allowing her to sleep until 11 am.

When she opened her eyes, the sky was already very bright. As Beijing was experiencing a rather heavy smog, the outdoors was very foggy.

 Subconsciously, she looked toward her side, but she did not see Si Zhengting. Then, she thought of what happened yesterday and sat up.

 Since he left at midnight, he should only be halfway there now. They would probably arrive only in the late afternoon.

 Zhuang Nainai got out of bed. After washing up, she opened the room door.

 Downstairs, Ding Mengya was watching the television in the living room. Having watched over her without rest, Ding Mengya greeted her when she heard the door open, “Nainai, have a bowl of porridge first. Don’t eat too much, we’re having lunch soon.”

 Zhuang Nainai acknowledged her before going down the stairs slowly while holding on to the railings.

 Ding Mengya rushed over and supported her. “Be careful.”

 After saying this, she looked at her shocking bump. “Your bump… is really big.”

 After Zhuang Nainai went downstairs, she had a bowl of porridge. She didn’t go upstairs. Instead, she sat down with Ding Mengya on the living room couch. After a while, she fidgeted and realized that she did not bring her phone down.

 She had wanted to go upstairs to get it, but it was indeed rather troublesome for her to go up and down the stairs. Hence, Zhuang Nainai just continued watching the television.

 Sensing her odd behavior, Ding Mengya could not help but laugh. “I will help you get your phone.”

 An ordinary housekeeper was not allowed into the master bedroom upstairs.

 Zhuang Nainai smiled at Ding Mengya. “Sorry to trouble you, then.”

 Ding Mengya went upstairs speedily and brought Zhuang Nainai’s phone downstairs. “Nainai, you have a missed call. I saw it blinking when I entered the room, but I couldn’t answer it in time.”

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Chapter 719