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Grasping Evil Novel Chapter 379.3

All chapters are in Grasping Evil Novel

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Grasping Evil Novel Chapter 379.3

All of a sudden, there were only Ning Fan, Bei Xiaoman, Lu Qing and Stone Warrior left in the main hall.

“I hope I’m not dreaming… Fellow Daoist Zhou actually defeated the clone of Emperor Xi. That is to say, Fellow Daoist Zhou already has the capability to put up a fight against a Void Refinement Realm expert if Fellow Daoist Zhou goes all-out! *Clicks tongue* If this matter were to be known, I suppose it will greatly astonish the Endless Sea.” Lu Qing praised incessantly.

“I would like this matter to remain as a secret…” Ning Fan shook his head. This time, the incident was related to Bei Xiaoman’s marriage contract, the Lost World Palace and the Ximen Aristocratic Family. If it were to be spread, it would certainly taint the reputation of the Ximen Aristocratic Family.

Although Ximen Ye might tolerate having his marriage partner being taken away by an insignificant being of the mortal world, the Ximen Aristocratic Family might react otherwise.

The current Ning Fan was still unable to bear the wrath of the entire Ximen Aristocratic Family… He was still too weak. After defeating Ximen Ye, he did not feel the slightest hint of joy. All he did was laugh mockingly at himself.

The person he had defeated was just Ximen Ye’s clone. If Ximen Ye comes with his true body, Ning Fan would probably not even have the chance to retaliate when faced with his Void Fragmentation Realm strength.

“The difference between me and a true prodigy is too vast… Unless I attain the Void Fragmentation Realm…”

Ning Fan shook his head. From now on, he would no longer call himself a genius or a prodigy. There were still too many people who were stronger than him.

“Zhou Ming, are you alright? Why did you bleed so much?!”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little dizzy. I probably lost too much blood…”

Ning Fan looked at Bei Xiaoman who still had tear stains on her face and felt his heart soften. This time, he did not smile anymore.

It was beyond logic and above reason that Bei Xiaoman would actually shed tears for him.


Ning Fan’s mind went blank and his vision turned white. Then, he passed out just like that and fell right towards Bei Xiaoman.

Before he lost his consciousness, he had two thoughts in his mind.

Firstly, Ximen Ye was a strong opponent.

Secondly, the place where he fell was truly soft and tender although it was not too ample…

Bei Xiaoman was at a loss of what to do next. When she saw Ning Fan faint, her face paled from being too worried.

However, when Ning Fan collapsed into her arms, only then did she feel that he was still actually breathing.

The reason why he would pass out was due to him losing a lot of blood and exhaustion…

“Detestable! Stinky Zhou Ming! Since you are not dead, why are you trying to scare me? You are really detestable!”

“Get your dirty face off of me! You are leaning against my… my…”

Bei Xiaoman’s face turned red. Ning Fan was really good at falling where he should by shoving his head onto her chest.

Did he do it on purpose?

However, Bei Xiaoman did not dare to irresponsibly throw Ning Fan on the ground and ignore him since his injuries were not minor. The only thing she could do was to let him bury his head in her chest, greedily breathing in her fragrance.

“Mistress, Revered Ming’s injuries are too serious. From my perspective, he must be treated immediately…” Stone Warrior advised.

After all, he had a friendly relationship with Ning Fan. Besides, if it wasn’t for Ning Fan, Bei Xiaoman would certainly have been captured and brought back to the Northern Heaven this time.

Thus, he was unwilling to see any accidents to befall him.

“Mm. I know. I’ll treat him. I have something that I haven’t finished using…”

Bei Xiaoman clenched her teeth. Actually, her scarlet dragon had yet to be completely severed. She had only managed to cut off half of it using up only half of the black crystal that her mother gave her.

The other half of the crystal was naturally precious to her. However, compared to healing Ning Fan’s wounds, her scarlet dragon did not seem to be something significant.

“Fine. I will figure out how to deal with my scarlet dragon later. Now, I have to make this Stinky Zhou Ming regain his consciousness! Humph! He is my human cauldron. If he dies just like this, then I will suffer a loss!”

Bei Xiaoman carried Ning Fan with her petite body and walked to the top floor of the southern tower.

That floor was her boudoir.

In the Ximen Aristocratic Family of the Northern Heaven.

Within a stone chamber, Ximen Ye was in the middle of understanding the next bottleneck of his cultivation realm by meditating. Outside the chamber, countless cultivators were patiently and respectfully waiting for him.

Among the cultivators who were waiting for him, there was even the head of the Ximen Aristocratic Family, Ximen Feng!

He was a True Immortal Realm old monster and also the father of Ximen Ye.

Looking at the entrance of the stone chamber, the eyes of Ximen Ye’s father were filled with pride and contentment. He had nine sons in total and Ximen Ye was doubtlessly the most outstanding one. Moreover, Ximen Ye had even become one of the Four Sons of the Northern Heaven and people even addressed him as Emperor Xi.

It was conceivable that tens of thousands of years later, Ximen Ye would definitely be the next True Immortal Realm expert in the family, the next head of the Ximen Aristocratic Family.

“Hehe. Master really has a great son, just like the saying which goes: A tiger father will not beget a dog son. Young Master Ye has already attained the Void Fragmentation Realm at just two thousand years old. In the entire Northern Heaven, he is one of very few prodigies.

“You flatter me.” Ximen Feng nodded his head with pleasure. He felt deeply satisfied by the compliments and praises from everyone.

“I heard that Young Master Ye has split a part of his soul and descended to the mortal world to seize the fourth mistress of the Lost World Palace. Will something happen down there?”

“My son has just descended onto the Rain World. What kind of thing will happen to him?” Ximen Feng replied with a displeased tone.

“No no no. Master has misunderstood my words. What I meant is whether something will happen to the others there or not. Not Young Master Ye. I’m just worried that too many people will perish by Young Master Ye’s hands as he is too strong. How could anything happen to him…?”

“Haha! Well said. Only the people there will probably meet some problems or mishaps. How could my son face any problems? It doesn’t matter how many people of the Rain World die. They are merely ants of the mortal world. As long as Ye Er (Ye Er 夜儿 is an affectionate way to call Ximen Ye which his father uses) is happy, he can simply kill as many as he wants.” Ximen Feng casually spoke.


In the midst of their conversation, the stone chamber suddenly gave out a loud bang. The door of the chamber broke into pieces!

In the middle of the stone fragments and thick dust, Ximen Ye walked out of the chamber wearing a set of black robes. A stream of fresh blood could be seen flowing from a corner of his mouth. His eyes were also cold. When he had walked three steps away from the stone chamber, he suddenly coughed out blood violently and one of his knees fell to the ground.

That shocked countless cultivators of the Ximen Aristocratic Family.

“What happened?! Could it be that Young Master Ye has failed in comprehending his bottleneck?! But it is impossible to cause such a serious backlash on him. Why would Young Master Ye suffer such grievous injuries?!”

“Shut up! Ye Er wasn’t wounded by anybody but himself!”

Ximen Feng’s eyes shone with a cold light. He clearly noticed the palm imprint on Ximen Ye’s forehead. It could not be wrong. That palm imprint was left by the Great Void Palm, the unique technique of the Ximen Family which was inherited from generation to generation.

Judging from the palm imprint, it was not directly struck on his forehead but his separated soul which caused his true body to be injured.

According to Ximen Feng’s experience throughout his years of cultivation, he knew at first glance that the reason why Ximen Ye wounded himself was because something had happened to his clone in the mortal world which forced him to destroy his own separated soul.

He then spread his spirit sense and scanned across the ancestral shrine. After discovering that none of the life plates of the cultivators who followed Ximen Ye to the mortal world was broken, he felt rather curious.

Could it be that Ximen Ye has lost a fight against someone else and destroyed his own separated soul out of embarrassment?

This is the only possible explanation. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the 48 Divine Transformation Realm cultivators who were sent to protect him to take no action when he was hurt. They would have fought his enemy to death before he was even wounded.

As the saying goes, no one understands one’s son better than his own father. Ximen Feng had already figured out what had mainly happened to his son.

“Was your clone defeated by a Void Refinement Realm expert?” Ximen Feng inwardly sighed. If Ximen Ye’s Divine Transformation Realm clone lost to a Void Refinement Realm cultivator, he still had his ways to console him.

“No. He is… a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator…” Ximen Ye said grudgingly. After his clone died, all of its memories were transferred back to his main body using a strange ability.

“What?! You, a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm clone, lost to a Peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivator of the mortal world? How is that possible?!” Ximen Feng’s expression was filled with surprise. He, of course, knew the potential and capabilities of his own son very well. There was not a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator of the Northern Heaven who could defeat Ximen Ye’s clone, much less the mortal world.

However, when he saw the resentful look on Ximen Ye’s face, he knew that his son was not lying. If he did not lose to a person who had a lower cultivation realm than him, he would definitely not harbor such resentment.

“Who was he? Do you need Father to send people after him…?”

“No need. I want to wait for him to attain the Void Fragmentation Realm and then I will fight him once more! His name is Zhou… Ming…”

Ximen Ye clenched his teeth in hatred. Then, his vision went white and he passed out on the ground.

On the same day, the Ximen Aristocratic Family boiled in anger because of a single person – Zhou Ming!

However, Ximen Feng kept to Ximen Ye’s words and did not send anyone to the mortal world to hunt Ning Fan down.

He understood his own son.

Ximen Ye was too arrogant. He had to fight Ning Fan fair and square and destroy him with his own hands. Otherwise, everything would be meaningless to him.

Countless cultivators of the Ximen Family discussed animatedly among themselves. The topic of their discussions was naturally the defeat of Ximen Ye’s clone.

“At first, there is an outstanding person called Lu Bei in the Rain World. Now, there is Zhou Ming… Apparently, there are several extraordinary cultivators among the geniuses of the mortal world.

“Even Emperor Xi was also defeated by a genius of the mortal world. *clicks tongue* This Zhou Ming is really terrifying. If he has another one thousand years, perhaps he will really become a person of renown…”




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Chapter 379.3
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