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Grasping Evil Novel Chapter 378.2

All chapters are in Grasping Evil Novel

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Grasping Evil Novel Chapter 378.2


A cold blast of air rushed towards the cultivators of the Ximen Family.

Despite having powerful means like the Sixth Grade Void Thunderbolt and Thunder Dividing Swords, Elder Lei was nearly killed by Ning Fan after just exchanging two moves.

Anyone with a discerning eye would notice that Elder Lei would have died if Ning Fan had not shown him mercy!

This Zhou Ming is powerful! He might not be as strong as Ximen Ye, but he could be considered as a genius who could terrorize a domain in the Northern Heaven.

Under Ning Fan’s cold piercing eyes, the Ximen Family’s Divine Transformation Realm experts who were initially haughty and disdainful avoided direct eye contact with him. No one there actually dared to look him in the eye at all.

“Ximen Ye, I told you. If I’m here, you won’t be able to take her away!”


Ximen Ye’s face darkened. Ning Fan’s words were no different than a slap on his face.

He then swung one of his palms forward without any hesitation. Elder Lei’s physical body which was already grievously injured instantly turned into a cloud of blood mist, leaving only his primordial spirit intact.

“Trash! I will deal with you once I finish this man off!”

Elder Lei’s primordial spirit was terrified. He did not even have the guts to resist Ximen Ye, much less the capabilities to do so.

Ximen Ye was too strong. Crushing him to death would only take a single second.

Ximen Ye’s gaze fell upon Ning Fan. He had already realized that Ning Fan was indeed not ordinary. At least, among the cultivators below the Void Refinement Realm, there was nearly no one who could defeat him.

He was unbeatable. However, that fact only applied to cultivators below the Void Refinement Realm.

Ximen Ye’s incarnation might just have a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivation base, but his original self was a genuine First Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm expert!

“Do you like Bei Xiaoman?”

“…” Ning Fan did not reply.

“Humph! I am a person who doesn’t like deceiving others. If you are able to win against me by just half a move, Bei Xiaoman will be yours!”


Ximen Ye waved his hand in the air. Immediately, the air in front of him was split into two by the force of his palm, revealing a new heavenly dwelling space.

“Creating a heavenly dwelling space with a wave of his hand!”

Ning Fan was slightly stunned. Only Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters were capable of doing that. With Ning Fan’s eyesight, he could tell that this man had exceedingly profound means even though the heavenly dwelling space that he had casually created was just ten thousand li* (500m per li) wide.

In addition to that, this Ximen Ye seemed to be quite self-conceited. He disdained defeating Ning Fan inside Xuan Wu City. After all, the aftereffects of their battle would affect other cultivators if they fight in the Xuan Wu City which would distract Ning Fan.

Ximen Ye wanted to bring Ning Fan down to his feet in a legitimate and fair manner!

“Come inside this heavenly dwelling space and fight me. If you win against me by half a move, you can then have Bei Xiaoman! If you lose, you’re dead!”

Ximen Ye stepped forward and entered the space without any delay.

As for Ning Fan, he paused and pondered for a bit.

With my Wind Mist Finger, it will be a piece of cake to erode a mere heavenly dwelling space. If there are any changes, I can get out of it anytime. Besides, this space has just been created. It’s impossible for it to have any formations for an ambush aimed at me.

“Xiaoman is not an object.”

Ning Fan turned his head and darted a glance at Bei Xiaoman. He gave her a calm smile and then moved forward, entering the heavenly dwelling space. After his disappearance, the entrance leading to the space closed up.


His words made Bei Xiaoman’s heart pound hard, as if a tiny rock had fallen into the lake of her heart.

Not an object… He said that I’m not an object…

Be it my mother or my sisters, all of them saw my marriage contract with that man as a bargaining chip to establish a friendly tie with the Ximen Aristocratic Family. They treated me just like an object. But he… He said that I’m not an object.

Bei Xiaoman had always thought that Ning Fan was very detestable.

Every time she saw him smiling at her, she would get angry for no reason.

This time, however, she felt that his smile was especially charming, so charming that it made her heart feel sad.

He clearly knew how strong Ximen Ye is but he still insists on fighting him.

Doesn’t he like to bully me the most? Why is he willing to stand up for me?

“Don’t go…”

Bei Xiaoman’s heart was suddenly filled with fear. She knew Ximen Ye’s capabilities very well. She tried to persuade Ning Fan to stay but he had already entered the heavenly dwelling space.

She wanted to enter too. However, Ximen Ye was the one who created the heavenly dwelling space. Other than Void Fragmentation Realm experts, who else could enter with ease?


Without giving too much time for Bei Xiaoman to think, an earthshaking wave of force spread out from within the moment Ning Fan entered the heavenly dwelling space… When both of them engaged each other, they would be going all-out!

The impact of their fight had nearly caused the heavenly swelling space to collapse!


A spurt of fresh blood shot out from a crevice of the entrance, splashing on Bei Xiaoman’s face.

Bei Xiaoman gently touched the blood. How could she not recognize the qi of the blood?

It was Ning Fan’s blood…

What exactly was going on inside?

Why would Ning Fan’s blood spurt out from within as soon as the fight began?

“Please, don’t die! You must not die!”

Bei Xiaoman could no longer hold back her tears. Ning Fan stepped up and fought for her but she did not even know whether he was alive or not right now.

Then, she finally realized that her heart could already not let go of him, not knowing when it had started…

In the heavenly dwelling space, Ning Fan was covered in his own blood from head to toe. His eyes were cold and brutal. Ximen Ye who was in front of him was no better. His fists and bones were crushed and his expression was filled with astonishment.

His current incarnation possessed the Peak Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm while Ning Fan was just at the Third Level of Jade Life Body Refining Realm.

However, after exchanging hundreds of blows, although Ning Fan was bathed in blood, he did not seem to be a lot weaker than Ximen Ye.

As for the latter, he did not seem to have truly grasped victory over this fight as the bones of his fists were crushed by Ning Fan.

“You are strong. But your strength is only unrivalled among Divine Transformation Realm cultivators. I am an expert who has attained the Void Fragmentation Realm and I have seen far too many geniuses. To be honest with you, the strength of my current incarnation is a complete copy of my strength when I was at the Divine Transformation Realm. You aren’t my opponent!”

“Is that so? Then why are the bones of your fists broken?” Ning Fan wiped off the blood on the corners of his lips and his battle intent grew stronger.

It was his first time meeting such a strong opponent of the same generation as him. Moreover, this person was so strong that he felt instinctively nervous and his hands even trembled due to his intense emotion.

In the past, he had become a little proud of himself after defeating some geniuses.

However, people like Han Nietian and Ximen Ye who had broken through to the Void Fragmentation Realm were also those of the same generation as him!

“I will not lose!” Ning Fan said with determination.

“Humph! You will regret being shamelessly boastful. I am not going to show any more mercy when I display this move. Soul Extraction!”

Ximen Ye extended his fingers into the shape of a claw and sliced the soul of the vast land within the heavenly dwelling space.

Ning Fan’s lips formed into a cold smirk and did the same thing, snatching away the soul of the vast land before Ximen Ye could.

The land only had a single soul. After Ning Fan snatched its soul, Ximen Ye would have no other soul to extract.

“You also know the Soul Extraction Technique? Apart from that you are even more proficient in it than me? This is not possible!”

Ximen Ye’s countenance changed for the first time.

He only managed to comprehend the Soul Extraction Technique after he broke through to the Void Fragmentation Realm and he had yet to be proficient in using it. Originally, he planned on using that technique to boost his power to the Void Refinement Realm and finish off Ning Fan with a single move. However, he did not expect that Ning Fan would seize the soul of the land first.

When the soul entered Ning Fan’s body, his magic power skyrocketed. All of a sudden, his power rose to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm. He was now on par with Ximen Ye.

As he moved his body, his bones gave off loud and violent popping noises. His eyes were sharp like lightning as he stared Ximen Ye straight in the eye. Then, he condensed two layers of palm imprint within the center of his palm and pushed it towards his opponent.

At the next moment, a rolling mass of black flames turned into a fiery palm that was two thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall which fell upon Ximen Ye from above.

“A Mortal Void Realm magical technique? But so what if he has this technique?! Great Void Palm!”

As Ximen Ye swung his palm, a void power which was black like the starless sky turned into a black palm imprint which was also two thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall and collided against the fiery palm.


Both of the fiery and black palm imprints dispersed. Waves of force swept across the battleground, nearly causing the heavenly dwelling space to crumble.

Ning Fan retreated for more than ten steps while Ximen Ye only moved backwards for nine steps continuously before the both of them regained their balance.

Ximen Ye was inwardly shocked.

My Great Void Palm which I displayed with all my strength was actually parried by him.

What made him even more incredulous was that nearly at the same moment Ning Fan regained his footing, he stretched out his purple Fu Li Wings and held a sword in each of his hands. One of them glowed in shining starlight while the other emanated the vigorous blood qi of a dragon.

He did not seem to have wavered from the destruction of his fiery palm. Instead, he held two sharp swords and charged at Ximen Ye fearlessly, as if death did not matter to him.

“I will not lose!”

This time, Ximen Ye really felt the auras within Ning Fan’s swords to the core.

His eyes widened with surprise.

This man is certainly the most powerful of all the Divine Transformation Realm cultivators I have ever met.

“But you are still a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator after all… Void Congealing Sword!”

When Ximen Ye casually swung one of his hands, the void power condensed a jet-black sword which was nearly as powerful as a Void Treasure!

He wielded his black sword and pointed it towards Ning Fan who was charging at him with two swords. As their sword light clashed, the heavenly dwelling space began to collapse.

After slashing and parrying for more than ten times, Ximen Ye helplessly realized that he could not even get the upper hand against Ning Fan.

Moreover, in regards to swordsmanship, Ning Fan was far more skillful than him.

“A mortal ant actually beat me in the Dao of Swords?!”

A strong sense of displeasure rose within Ximen Ye’s heart.

He held his sword with one of his hands and forcefully slammed the other on Ning Fan’s Separation Slayer Sword.

The impact pulverized the crook of Ning Fan’s thumb and blood gushed out in torrents. However, he did not flinch and his eyes remained aggressive as usual. He sliced Ximen Ye’s neck with all his might using the Blood Dragon Demon Sword, not concerned about his injuries at all.

Ximen Ye was slightly stunned. This kind of fight where one fought with their lives gave him a huge sense of dread.

He hurriedly moved backwards to dodge the slash but he still could not avoid being struck by Ning Fan’s sword on his neck. A bloody line which was half an inch long appeared on his neck.

At the moment the Blood Dragon Demon Sword cut through his skin, there was a tearing force from the sword which drained away much of Ximen Ye’s blood essence. Because of his carelessness, he suffered a loss greater than Ning Fan suffered.

“What kind of demon sword is this?!” Ximen Ye burst into anger. He could not allow himself being hurt by a mortal ant.

“I’ve won by half a move.” Ning Fan teased.

“Shut up!” Ximen Ye seemed to have lost his sanity.

The promise he made earlier had been cast aside.

The only thought he had right now was to kill Ning Fan!






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Chapter 378.2
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