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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 262

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Jackpot!
Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The little guy could supply her with spiritual energy?

And the spiritual energy it offered was purer, denser, and more pristine.

The palm-sized little cub could offer her so much spiritual energy. Just imagine what it could do when it got bigger!

She had hit a giant jackpot!

The more she thought about it, the more excited Feng Wu became. She held the cub up and kissed it hard on its head!

Feng Tutu puckered up its little face, but went on sleeping.

Feng Wu chortled.

With this endless supply of spiritual energy from Feng Tutu, her cultivation would be so much more efficient.

Just then, a familiar voice came from outside.

“Little Feng Wu, little Feng Wu, why are you giggling in there? You sound like a little mouse.”

It was Feng Xun.

Fearing that the guy might wake up her mother, Feng Wu picked up Feng Tutu and quietly got out of the carriage.

It was getting dark outside and they were ready to make camp.

Since Uncle Qiu and the others had taken care of setting up the tents, Feng Wu had nothing to do other than carry the cub around.

Feng Xun moved closer and looked baffled when he saw the sleeping cub. “Why is it so sleepy? Here, let me hold it —”

He reached out to Feng Wu.

But Feng Wu refused, shaking her head. “No, thanks. You don’t know how to hold it properly.”

Feng Xun darted a suspicious look at Feng Wu. She had been attentive to the cub before, but right now, she looked as if she was holding a fragile china doll…

However, Feng Xun didn’t think much of it. He told Feng Wu, “We’re on the edge of a jungle. Up ahead is a dense forest, and it won’t be safe for your family there after dark. So, we’re making camp here tonight.”

Feng Wu nodded. That was quite thoughtful.

“Boss Jun is cultivating, Xuan Yi went hunting, and I’ll go chop some firewood. Your people are either too weak or too wounded for those jobs, so just sit while we get things ready.” Feng Xun waved at Feng Wu and left after that.

Turning around, Feng Wu saw that her mother was still sleeping and Uncle Qiu and the others were busy getting their own tent ready. She then put the cub into the tent before carrying her mother out of the carriage to put her in the tent as well, where she could sleep more comfortably. After tucking her mother in, she quietly walked out of the tent.

She had sweated a lot when she was cultivating just then, which was the most unbearable sensation for Feng Wu. Hence, she decided to find somewhere to clean herself properly.

After listening carefully, Feng Wu heard the sound of water in the northeast.

She couldn’t sit still at that sound, so she went to tell Uncle Qiu about it.

Uncle Qiu said, “Don’t worry, Miss Wu. We’ll keep your mother very safe. Plus, Young Lord Feng and the others are not far off. We can turn to His Royal Highness for help, if no one else is available. Go do what you have to do.”

To Feng Wu, Feng Xun wasn’t the most reliable guy to turn to for help, but Jun Linyuan was a different story. With the guy around, no magical beast would dare set foot within a 10-km radius.

Feng Wu nodded. “Alright. I’ll be back soon.”

Since she had her change of clothes in her ring, Feng Wu took nothing else with her as she headed northeast.

The water sounded close, but in Feng Wu’s estimation, it could be as far as 5 km away.

A beautiful lake then came into view.

The pale blue water was clear and still. Thick mist hung over the surface, giving it an ethereal feel.

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Chapter 262