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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 260

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Make Things Happen
Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sure enough, when Feng Wu’s carriage drove out of town, she saw Feng Xun and the other two waiting casually on horseback.

Feng Xun waved at Feng Wu cheerfully when he spotted her. “Over here, little Feng Wu! Over here!”

Feng Wu felt like banging her head against a wall. She needed her cultivation…

However, she couldn’t let her reluctance show. She had no choice but to give Feng Xun a nod before getting into her carriage.

Mrs Ning was still too weak to travel, so Mrs Yan and Yan Yan would stay in Wanping Town and go back to Anyuan after Mrs Ning got better. They would then deal with that Chu woman.

Seeing Feng Wu’s carriage following Jun Linyuan’s horse, Yan Yan was sick with jealousy. She clenched her fists!

That Feng Wu talked the whole time about not being in love with His Royal Highness, but as soon as His Royal Highness set out, she followed them like a fly! How could she be so shameless?!

The more Yan Yan thought about it, the more aggrieved and frustrated she became.

She was Feng Xun’s own cousin, and if any girl could take advantage of that position, it should be her! Why was Feng Wu taking the spotlight? She wouldn’t allow it!

Yan Yan’s eyes lit up when she spotted a few wandering horses nearby!

Feng Wu had no idea of the grudge which Yan Yan held against her. Right now, she was tucking her mother in.

The frail beautiful lady had almost caught a cold from walking around on a damp, chilly night. She looked ghastly pale and Feng Wu was very concerned.

The cub lay flat in the lady’s arms, sound asleep and making no effort to hide its plump belly, which was quite an amusing sight.

How wonderful… it was all peace and quiet.

One of the reasons that Feng Wu tried her best to become stronger was that she wanted to be able to protect all those that she wanted to protect.

She was hoping she could reach the Spiritual Grandmaster stage before they reached the imperial capital.

Feng Wu had been confident of reaching that goal, but that was before Feng Xun and the others showed up. Now, she wasn’t that confident anymore.

“Wait, Uncle Qiu.” Feng Wu whispered something in Uncle Qiu’s ear.

Uncle Qiu then slowed the carriage down so that there was some distance between them and the crown prince’s team. Only then did Feng Wu sigh with relief.

Finally, she could cultivate again.

If things wouldn’t happen on their own, she would make them happen.

Because for her now, time was of great importance!

There was no time to waste. Feng Wu sat down with her legs crossed, closed her eyes, and switched to cultivation mode right away.

And that was one of Feng Wu remarkable talents.

For many people, the hardest part of cultivation was entering this state of meditation. Once that state was achieved, one could move on with cultivating. However, many people got stuck at that first step, and it usually took them a very long time to eliminate distracting thoughts from their minds.

But that was not the case with Feng Wu.

With a peaceful mind that could concentrate very easily, Feng Wu could clear her head almost instantly, which alone was a great advantage compared with a lot of people.

As soon as she entered the state of meditation, Feng Wu turned her sight inward to inspect her own body.

She had just leveled up the other day, so there wasn’t much golden liquid in her dantian at the moment; it was a tenth full at most.

She was a Level 7 Spiritual Master now. If she wanted to reach the next level in a short period of time, she would have to fill her dantian with the golden liquid first before attempting to break through.

Feng Wu sensed the rippling motion of the golden liquid in her dantian.

She took a deep breath —

Fire spiritual energy gradually gathered around Feng Wu. It twisted and turned in the air like little fairies.

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Chapter 260