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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 256

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 256

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Hahaha! Feng Tutu! Feng Tutu —” Feng Xun laughed till he cried. He trembled with laughter and spoke in disjointed syllables. “Exactly how much do you hate your cub? What the heck is ‘Feng Tutu’?”

The cub’s face had gone completely blank!

It had expected something like Feng Sky or Feng River, if not something as memorable as Jun Rex. But the name it had been given was Feng Tutu! Feng! Tu! Tu!

The cub burst into tears immediately. Grabbing Feng Wu’s sleeve with its front paws, it pleaded with its glistening eyes… Although it was only days old, this clever cub knew perfectly well that if it was stuck with that name, it would be laughed at by all the other magical beasts!

The cub had its future planned out: it was going to be the king of all magical beasts!

However, there was nothing it could do to its master at that moment. She rubbed its head affectionately, but still wouldn’t change her mind.

Just then, shuffling footsteps came from outside, along with someone calling softly, “Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —”

It was Feng Wu’s beautiful mother!

The sun hadn’t risen yet. Why was she up?

Feng Wu ran out into the courtyard right away and saw her mother feeling her way in the dark. The lady looked so frail that even the weight of her clothes seemed to be too heavy for her. The slightest wind could bring her to the ground and her teary eyes were filled with fear and anxiety.

She looked like a child who had wandered off and couldn’t find her way home.

Seeing Feng Wu, the lady rushed to her side and held her hands tightly. Her eyes were brimming with tears and she pouted in grievance. “Xiao Wu, you’re here. Sob . I had a dream and I saw people beating you, sob —”

To Feng Wu, her mother was more like a little girl who needed protection and love. Hence, she wrapped her arms around her mother’s slender shoulders and patted her gently on the back. “There, there. I’m awesome. No one can beat me. Don’t cry, mum.”

“That’s right.” The lady was at ease now that she had found Feng Wu, but she still wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu’s hands, as if she was afraid that her daughter would vanish at any moment.

Feng Xun and Jun Linyuan watched this in bewilderment.

Although they had seen the child-like lady when they were at the Feng manor, they were still surprised to see the way Feng Wu interacted with her mother, which made them feel rather envious at the same time.

Feng Wu was often impatient with them and gave them attitude. However, with her mother, she was nothing but gentle, caring, doting, and indulgent.

One had to admit that her mother’s beauty was indeed unmatched on this continent.

Not only did she have perfect and exquisite features, her vulnerable, harmless, and innocent face was able to melt the toughest heart…

Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered as he watched Feng Wu comforting her mother.

He had no idea that family members could be this affectionate toward one another.

Finally, Feng Wu was able to calm her mother down. She then said, “It’s chilly out here and it’ll be hours before the sun rises. I’m done here. Let’s go back now.”

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Chapter 256