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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 250

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 250

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Do you think I’m stupid? Of course I won’t tell anyone. We’ll only go public after Miss Wu has made great progress; those people in the imperial capital will be so mad. Hahaha! I can’t wait to see their faces!”

While Uncle Qiu and Granny Zhao were enjoying their conversation, Feng Wu was having difficulty falling asleep.

She had been sleeping soundly when her foot tickled. Something seemed to be gnawing on her toes.

Feng Wu woke up, lifted her duvet, and was dumbfounded at what she saw —

The cub had climbed into her bed when she wasn’t looking and was now lying by her feet. Holding her foot with its fluffy front paws, it was nibbling on it with its eyes closed.

Feng Wu was speechless.

The cub’s teeth were still very tiny and its nibbles tickled rather than hurt. However, this act itself was too silly!

Resigned, Feng Wu drew back her foot.

However, the cub wouldn’t let her. Still holding onto Feng Wu’s foot with its paws, it stuck its tiny body to her sole and moved with it.

Feng Wu picked up the little thing by the back of its neck, and only then did the cub open its eyes and look at Feng Wu innocently.

It then held its stomach and cried piteously, its body shaking as if it was having a seizure.

Feng Wu almost rolled her eyes. “Are you really that hungry?”

“Hm —” The cub nodded immediately, looking very aggrieved. Its limpid big eyes were so cute that one felt like hugging it tight.

Feng Wu sighed, “Why are you always hungry? You just ate.”

The beautiful lady shared a bed with Feng Wu and was woken up as well. She asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s a little before dawn.” Feng Wu checked the color of the sky. “Mum, go back to sleep. It’s not time for you to get up yet. You’ll be muddle-headed the entire day if you don’t sleep well.”

“Alright —” The beautiful lady lay back down and fell asleep in no time.

Feng Wu shook her head in amusement at her mother’s behavior.

Judging by her mother’s appearance and mannerisms, the lady had to be from a very prestigious background. Feng Wu had no idea what had caused that head injury, which caused her mother’s intelligence to drop back to the level of a five-year-old.

However, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Her mother was able to live a carefree life this way and worry about nothing. Plus, she could always sleep like a baby.

Other people said that her beautiful mother was useless as the head of the household and that she couldn’t do anything to help Feng Wu and her brother, which was why Feng Wu had had such a difficult life.

But that wasn’t the case.

Gently brushing away the loose hair from her mother’s cheek, Feng Wu looked at her affectionately.

Her delicate mother and younger brother and the warm family life they had given her was what motivated Feng Wu to become stronger, so that she could protect her family and every member in it.

What was the point of becoming the most powerful person in the world if you had no family or friends? Was such a life worth living? Feng Wu didn’t think so.

After carefully tucking her mother in and making sure that the latter wouldn’t kick off her duvet, Feng Wu quietly got out of bed and put on some clothes.

It was three o’clock in the morning and all was dark outside. Leaving her warm bed was the last thing Feng Wu wanted to do. However, the cub was starving; what choice did she have?

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Chapter 250