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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 223

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 223

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Have you figured out who poisoned Mrs Ning?” Feng Wu asked.

Granny Qu looked troubled. They still hadn’t found out yet.

Feng Wu smiled. “I didn’t tell you this before, but Mrs Ning is suffering from a slow poison that was only set off after childbirth. If I’ve guessed right, the pale pink tulips in the tent —”

Granny Qu’s eyes lit up!

She finally saw the light!

“Xiaojing brought back those tulips and put them in a vase. She made sure to set them on the bedside table, saying that the fragrance would help the lady and the babies sleep. She was right. The flowers did indeed calm both babies down…” Granny Qu pondered. “Xiaojing isn’t a domestic servant of the family, but was brought in as a maid a while ago. If there’s one person that wants the lady and the babies dead, it has to be Madam Chu, our master’s concubine!”

Feng Wu was aware that this was the Ning family’s household affair. She only said this much for Feng Xun’s sake.

Handing both cubs to Feng Xun, Feng Wu was going to enter the tent when she heard someone cry out inside —

“No! My lady has fainted! Help!”

Feng Wu darted a look at Granny Qu.

Granny Qu gritted her teeth. “That’s Xiaojing!”

Feng Wu nodded, lifted the curtain, and walked in.

Inside, Mrs Ning lay there with her eyes closed. Her face was ghastly pale and she was barely breathing. She looked half-dead already.

Mrs Yan rose to her feet immediately after she saw Feng Wu and turned her pleading gaze on the latter.

Only earlier today, Mrs Yan had been taunting and scoffing at Feng Wu. However, she was now looking at Feng Wu as if she was grasping a final life-saving straw.

“Miss Feng… can you save her? Please?” Mrs Yan implored.

Next to her, Yan Yan bit her lower lip and lowered her head.

Feng Wu had no time to reply to Mrs Yan at the moment. She said to Feng Xun, “Fetch Qiuling. I need her assistance.”


Feng Xun ran out of the tent right away!

Because of Feng Wu’s heroic deeds, once the tents were set up in Wanping Town, the head of the town let Feng Wu’s mother move into the most spacious one.

Luckily, Feng Wu had come prepared. She had her beautiful mother wear a black curtained hat the whole time to hide her stunning face, which spared her from any unwanted attention.

Qiuling and the others were still waiting nervously for news of Feng Wu when Feng Xun rushed into their tent, grabbed Qiuling by her wrist, and said over his shoulder, “I’m gonna need her for a minute!”

After that, he dragged Qiuling away!

Qiuling had been staying out of Feng Xun’s way this whole time.

For back in Yunlai Tower, Feng Wu had played the ugly girl and Qiuling was her ugly maid.

Afterwards, her mistress had enjoined repeatedly that under no circumstances could they allow Feng Xun to realize what they had done. Hence, Qiuling had been avoiding Feng Xun since she got here, trying her best not to show her face in front of him.

Feng Xun saw that the young maid was cringing away from him like a quail with her eyes lowered. It seemed that she didn’t even dare to look him in the eye.

“Am I that frightening?” Feng Xun touched his handsome face involuntarily. He thought he was quite good-looking.

Qiuling still kept her silence with her head bowed.

“Have we met before?”

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Chapter 223