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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 218

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 218

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Wu stared at Glory King Tiger’s belly with wide eyes!

For she saw a tiny black hole in the belly with smoke rising out of it —

“Ahh —”

Little Phoenix shrieked in excitement in the ring. “That’s it! That is! That abnormal flame is right inside this Glory King Tiger’s belly! Ahh —”

Feng Wu’s eyes flickered. What a coincidence! She had been searching high and low for it, only to find it where she least expected.

Putting her palms together, Feng Wu apologized to the dead body of Glory King Tiger, then took out a dagger from inside her sleeve and began to cut the tiger’s belly open.

Once dead, it no longer had any defenses, which allowed Feng Wu’s dagger to cut through it.

Starting from the tiny black hole, Feng Wu followed the natural lines of the muscles.

However, the look on her face changed as soon as the blade dug into the flesh.

“What?” Feng Xun asked involuntarily.

“I think we’ve hit the jackpot…” Feng Wu said slowly, finding it hard to believe.

“What jackpot?” Feng Xun asked.

Feng Wu said, “This Glory King Tiger is dead, but it was a she-tiger, and it was pregnant.”

“What?!” Feng Xun cried out. “Y- you’re telling me that there’s a cub in there? And it’s alive?!”

Feng Wu nodded. “I can sense the cub’s vitality. That’s so strange. How can the cub be alive after the abnormal flame got in?”

Feng Xun was just as amazed. “That explains it! As the king of Frozen Forest, Glory King Tiger shouldn’t have been defeated by Demonic Blood Dragon! It was weakened by the pregnancy! Well, Xiao Wu, you need to hurry up. The fire is less than 1000 meters from us!”

Feng Wu nodded as she carefully dissected the tiger. “I know. This won’t take long.”

Because the tiger was dead, Feng Wu didn’t have to care about how neat the operation was. She made a very big cut in the belly.

She then took out a little tiger cub.

Everything about the cub was so little — its head, body, and all four limbs. Its eyes were still closed and its face was all puckered up, but it had already begun to sniff around for food. The cub was covered in white fur with a tiny “王 1 ” on its forehead. The future king of the forest was supposed to be grand and stately, but at this stage, it was nothing but adorable.

Feng Xun’s heart melted as soon as his eyes landed on the little thing. “It… it keeps licking my palm. What should I do? What can I feed it?”

Feng Wu was going to reply when her heart lurched. “Wait!”

“What’s wrong? Feng Xun asked.

Feng Wu didn’t reply. She went back to search around inside the tiger’s belly, and before long, she took out a second cub.

This one was white from head to toe and looked almost identical to the first one, only that the “王” on its forehead wasn’t quite finished and was more like a “干” now.

Feng Wu felt rather sorry for the cubs. “They were taken out before they reached full term. The smaller one here didn’t even have enough time to finish growing that ‘王.’ I think it’ll remain weak for a while.”

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Chapter 218