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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 216

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 216

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Wu wasn’t lying. There was indeed Spiritual Dragon Tongue Grass and Dark Netherworld Soil in the spot she had told Feng Xun about.

Feng Xun quickly finished the task of digging up the grass and the soil. When he rose to his feet, he realized that something was amiss, for Feng Wu wasn’t there anymore!

Given how quick-witted Feng Xun was, he figured it out right away.

Feng Wu wasn’t running off to kill herself again, was she? That girl! Gosh! She just wouldn’t listen!

At that thought, Feng Xun stuffed the things in his chest pocket and quickly ran back the same way he had come.

Feng Xun was way too fast for Feng Wu to outrun!

In a matter of seconds, he spotted Feng Wu!

He knew it!

The girl was running into a cave!

Seeing that, Feng Xun was exasperated!

He sped up and arrived at Feng Wu’s side right before she entered the cave!

A hand reached out from behind and grabbed Feng Wu by her slim shoulder!

And it lifted her off the ground!

Feng Wu almost burst into tears!

Feng Xun had stopped her the first time, and after some painstaking effort, she had obtained this second chance for herself, but he had stopped her again! This could not be happening!

“Let go of me! The volcano is going to erupt!” Feng Wu kicked her legs in frustration!

The bird was banging its head against the wall in the ring!

Arghhh —

With Feng Wu’s speed, it would take at most a minute to get in there, catch the flame, and get out! The eruption was going to take place any moment now!

Throwing Feng Wu over his shoulder, Feng Xun marched off. “You know the volcano is going to erupt and you’re still running in? Do you have a death wish? Do you want to die that badly? Even if Boss Jun…”

“It has nothing to do with your Boss Jun! I need that first abnormal flame from the eruption!” Feng Wu punched him with her fists.

However, Feng Xun wouldn’t believe her even if she was telling the truth. “Can you at least try to be more convincing? Who told you that the first flame of an eruption is going to be an abnormal one? If that’s the case, everyone can just sit around and wait for an active volcano to erupt.”

As he spoke —


The ground shook violently!

A short distance away, a scarlet red flame burst out of the cliff!

It was vibrant and splendid!

It was stunning and brilliant!

Feng Xun turned around and saw that special flame right away… his heart sank —


That flame…

Even a blind man could tell how different that flame was!

Right after that flame shot up —

The entire cliff burst into flames!

The fire grew wild beyond imagination!


Feng Xun let go of Feng Wu and she fell to the ground.


“It’s an eruption!”

“And that’s…”

“An abnormal flame!”

“I…” Pursing his lips awkwardly, Feng Xun turned his black puppy-dog eyes on Feng Wu, not knowing what to do…

“Go after it! Now!” Scrambling to her feet, Feng Wu ran in the direction of the flame at an unbelievable speed!

She had never run this fast before!

Feng Xun came to a realization right away and also dashed off at top speed!

The abnormal flame was moving very fast and it shot across the sky like a shooting star!

In a split second, it was out of sight!

“Over there!” Feng Xun finally realized what a foolish thing he had done and he was trying his best to make it up to Feng Wu. Hence, he ran as fast as he could, wanting to catch that escaping flame for her.

Run! Run! Run!

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Chapter 216