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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 210

All chapters are in Godly Empress Doctor Novel

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Godly Empress Doctor Novel Chapter 210

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations


He heard something very loud!

Demonic Blood Dragon’s sharp talons cut open Feng Xun’s back!

The gash was so deep that Feng Wu could see bone!

Feng Wu was astonished. Catching Feng Xun before he hit the ground, she cried out, “How do you feel? Stay with me! Feng Xun —”

She never expected that at a critical moment like this, Feng Xun would throw himself in front of her. She had been the target of that attack!

Feng Xun’s face contorted in pain, and he drew in his breath, frowned, and said grumpily, “… What’s wrong with me? Why did I do that? My life is so much more valuable than yours! Have I lost my mind or what?”

Feng Wu was speechless.

Just then, the dragon smirked, and its enormous claw smashed down at Feng Wu’s and Feng Xun’s heads!

It came down with a strong gust of wind and the momentum was incredible!

Feng Wu and Feng Xun would never survive if they got struck by it!

Their pupils contracted, their muscles went stiff, and chills ran down their spines!

For a moment, their minds went completely blank…

Were they going to die like this?

However, Feng Xun still shielded Feng Wu with his body without hesitation and exposed his bleeding back to the dragon!

Feng Wu wouldn’t have it and tried to push Feng Xun away. “Didn’t you just say that your life is much more valuable than mine? Why are you still trying to protect me? Move!”

Feng Xun said grumpily, “It’s not like I want to do this myself, okay?!” But somehow, his body moved faster than his mind; Feng Xun felt like slapping himself!

At that critical moment —

All of a sudden!

An incredible sword energy struck down from above!

A black-clad young figure flew through the sky like a black shooting star, and in a split second, he was in front of them!

Sky Destroyer was pointed right at the dragon!

Whoosh —

The skin on the back of Demonic Blood Dragon burst open and blood splashed everywhere!

” Roarrrr !” The dragon, who had thought that it was going to be the king of the forest after killing the tiger, twitched violently at the pain. It raised its head and howled at the sky!


Turning its enormous body around, it fixed its gaze on Jun Linyuan, the look in its malicious eyes murderous!

Jun Linyuan’s eyes were as cold and unruffled as a frozen lake!

Their eyes met, and both made the decision to kill the other!

Both tried to overpower the other with their imposing aura!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

Demonic Blood Dragon was unbelievably strong. Although more than half of its spiritual essence was gone, as someone who could kill the king of Frozen Forest, the dragon was still a very tough enemy.

“Jun Linyuan…” Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu was worried.

Feng Xun, on the other hand, had high hopes for Jun Linyuan. Excited, he pulled Feng Wu to her feet and shouted, “Hahaha — Boss Jun is here! I knew I wouldn’t die like this! I’m too valuable to die just yet!”

Seeing the fighting teenager and dragon up in the air, Feng Wu looked worried. “Can Jun Linyuan defeat the dragon?”

Feng Xun darted a glance at Feng Wu, finding her question ridiculous. “You’ve asked the wrong question. What you should ask is how fast can Jun Linyuan wrap it up.”

“You trust him a lot.”

“Of course. I have much more confidence in him than in myself. Don’t worry —” Feng Xun was back to his carefree self and patted Feng Wu on the shoulder. “With Boss Jun here, all our problems are solved. Consider that Demonic Blood Dragon dead already. Ssss, that hurts —”

Feng Xun had moved his arm too suddenly that he pulled the wound on his back. He drew in his breath and grimaced at the pain!

However, Feng Wu wasn’t as optimistic as Feng Xun —

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Chapter 210