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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 216

All chapters are in Genius Daddy in the City Novel

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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Ascend with the Sword and Destroy the Su Family with A Single Swing!

Ye Chen turned his head to look at Su Yuhan who was behind him now. He seemed as if he had killed Xue Xuejiao to prove his innocence.

Su Yuhan chuckled.

‘Did you kill her to cover the truth? All men are douchebags!’

“Stop begging him, Xue Xiao. We can only work together to fight him. We might have a chance to live!” Su Tao, who was standing aside, said coldly.

He could not believe that Bai Zhanyuan had no idea that such a huge stir was going on at the Su residence. As long as he bought himself some time, Ye Chen would be killed by the time Bai Zhanyuan made it here.

“Sure, either the fish dies or the net splits today!” Xue Xiao got up from the ground, looking resentful. After witnessing Xue Xuejiao’s death, he could tell that begging was useless to a cruel person like Ye Chen.

Powerful energy exploded out of Xue Xiao and Su Tao’s bodies as soon as that was said. The energy spread in all directions like water, causing the air around to be rather distorted.


The duo’s aura rose quickly while the insanity in their eyes was growing. They looked terrifying.

Both of them leaped mightily and charged at Ye Chen from two different directions after turning into shadows.

“Mountain Fist!” Xue Xiao shouted and threw a fist out. The energy in his body covered his right fist like a volcano eruption. The majestic energy formed the shape of a mountain faintly that advanced at Ye Chen in an overbearing manner as it contained stunning power within.

“Gold-breaking Palm!”

At the same time that Xue Xiao threw his fist, the energy in Su Tao’s body exploded too. As the energy covered his left hand, a glaring black shadow came out of his left hand. A cold gleam accompanied it.

“You’re both useless things. I can defeat you guys with a single hand!”

Ye Chen smirked in disdain facing the attacks the duo launched at the same time. He charged forward instead of retreating. He threw a punch with another hand behind his back. He channeled the lowest energy at Xue Xiao directly.


As the fist was thrown, Xue Xiao spat a mouthful of blood out. His entire body cracked at that moment like a dried paddy field. Subsequently, he felt an extraordinary power enter his body. It was tearing his body apart in an imaginable manner.

“No!” Xue Xiao shrieked reluctantly. As soon as he opened his mouth, he exploded after a loud thud that came later. His crushed flesh flew everywhere.

Ye Chen’s single punch had blown him up.

At the same time, Su Tao’s Gold-breaking Palm landed hard on Ye Chen. A cruel smile flashed on his face. ‘Xue Xiao died a meaningful death. At least, he bought me some time.’

He was extremely confident in his Gold-breaking Palm. The Gold-breaking Palm, as the name suggested, could break a piece of gold apart.

However, in the next second, he felt as if his hand landed on a metal wall. A crack was heard, and his left hand was fractured immediately with all five fingers broken.

A massive impact came from Ye Chen, throwing Su Tao’s body out like a kite which string was broken. He smashed hard onto the ground.

Su Tao was horrified. “How’s your body so powerful?”

Ye Chen said nothing. He leaped quickly and arrived before Su Tao. Then, he stomped with his foot, crushing Su Tao’s right leg directly.

Su Tao released a devastating shriek from the pain of losing his leg. His face almost distorted from the agony.

Ye Chen said extremely bitterly, “I crippled this leg of yours because you stepped on me back then!”

He could never forget Su Tao stepping on him on the ground during autumn five years ago. He had stepped on him with his right foot. More specifically, he had stepped on his face as if he was a condescending god stomping hard on him.

He had wanted to ask why back then.

Who was he to be so condescending?

Later on, he found out that was what power could do to a person. Power separated the people in the world into two categories. One type found joy in making others slaves and treating them like ants, caring nothing about people. Meanwhile, the other category was the ants who lived beneath the power and could not even attempt to challenge the power.

Clearly, Ye Chen had challenged his so-called power back then.

Five years had passed, and now their positions were reversed.

“Kill me, you piece of trash. Kill me if you dare!” Su Tao could not stop shrieking. He was slightly gutsier than Xue Xiao was.

“Shut your mouth!” Ye Chen stomped his foot down again, crushing his left leg this time. Now, Su Tao’s legs were crippled, so he only had his arms left.

“Ye, you’re a monster…a monster!” Su Tao was in pain. He was in a living hell. He had never met anyone who was as cruel as Ye Chen.

Su Yuhan, who was on the sedan chair far away, watched that scene with a complicated expression on her face. Pain flashed through her face as she watched Ye Chen torturing Su Tao like that. Subsequently, she turned her head over so that she could stop watching.

She hugged her daughter who was in her embrace tightly and covered her eyes with her hands at the same time. She was shaking lightly.

Theoretically, Su Tao was his cousin. Both of them shared the same bloodline, so they were family.

However, the pain that Su Tao caused her and Ye Chen’s family was just too much.

She was Su Tao’s cousin, as well as Ye Chen’s wife, Mengmeng’s mother. Though unwilling, she would have to carry out her responsibility as a wife.

“You’re right. To you guys, I’m a monster!” A cold smirk of disdain appeared on Ye Chen’s face.

Su Tao shouted at him while looking at him with his distorted face, “Get over yourself! Young Master Bai will kill you sooner or later. Your woman will become a toy on his bed!”

“Don’t worry. Bai and I will definitely fight. I won’t let you die so easily before that happens.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly, his killing intent growing instead. “Because I’m giving you a third gift, which is to watch me destroy the Su family entirely. There’ll be no more Su descendants!”

As soon as he said that, Ye Chen held the long sword in his hand which had turned into a sword gleam and ascended vertically. He flew above the Su family’s villa directly.

Ye Chen held the sword handle while the sword grew with the wind. Within the blink of an eye, it grew over 30 meters long. As a glaring sword gleam came out of the sword, the sword intent spread 500 meters away.

“Kill!” he stood arrogantly in the air and said that softly.

The giant sword descended from the sky directly as he swung it. It was charging at the Su residence beneath him. The whistling sword qi sliced the air into half as if it was going to slice heaven and earth into half.

The giant sword landed on the Su family’s villa.


The ground shook as a loud thud came. As the Su family’s villa was sliced into half by the giant sword, a series of devastating shrieks came from within.

In the next second, the Su family’s villa collapsed completely and turned into ruins. The Su family’s ancestral house that had been passed down for close to 100 years had just been destroyed by Ye Chen’s single swing of the sword just like that.

“No!” While Su Tao was furious, he shed bloody tears.

Although he was cold to Su Youwei and Su Yuhan, it did not mean that he did not care about the Su family. Now that the family had been destroyed, how was he going to face all the ancestors of the family?

Moreover, there were at least a hundred people in the Su family’s villa, and Ye Chen just took all of their lives with the sword.






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Chapter 216