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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 213

All chapters are in Genius Daddy in the City Novel

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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 213

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the cold rain, three silhouettes gazed out at the storm for a long while.

 Ye Chen held Su Yuhan’s soft and skinny hand softly while she carried the little girl, Mengmeng. A light beam covered the three of them within.

 At that moment, the family of three were finally reunited.

 Ye Chen said nothing, and neither did Su Yuhan. She did not even ask where Ye Chen got that terrifying ability of his. She knew that all she needed to do was to support him.

 At that moment, a group of people came from far away. There were 700 to 800 people, and all of them were dressed in black martial arts attire. They exuded a cold aura as they marched forward in the rain.

 A muscular hunk led the way with a big sedan chair behind him and a big, black umbrella that was blocking the pouring rain over his head.

 Su Yuhan could not help but hold Ye Chen’s hand tightly by instinct when she saw the people coming toward them. Cold sweat filled her palm.

 She thought it was the Su family who had sent those people.

 However, the leading hunk knelt with one knee as soon as the 800 of them arrived before Ye Chen. “Lin Tai greets the Sect Leader and Mrs. Sect Leader!”

 1As soon as he was done speaking, apart from the 20 people who were carrying the sedan chair behind him, the rest also knelt with one knee in the rain. Their voices echoed, “We greet the Sect Leader and Mrs. Sect Leader!”

 Su Yuhan was slightly stunned.

 A smile appeared on Ye Chen’s unfriendly face. “You may get up.”

 Lin Tai had gathered members for the Star Pavilion!

 Lin Tai took a step forward after everyone stood up. He clasped his fists at Ye Chen while bowing. “Sect Leader, this humble one has completed the mission that you ordered before you left.”

 “Well done!” Ye Chen said warmly.

 Lin Tai ignored the rain pattering on his head and said respectfully, “Sect Leader, I’ve gotten them to give the Madam a lift on the sedan chair. We’ll destroy the Su family with you!”

 “Great!” Ye Chen nodded and walked to the sedan chair slowly while holding Su Yuhan’s hand. He said gently, “Get up with our daughter.”

 Su Yuhan got onto the sedan chair while carrying Mengmeng in a blur. She had yet to snap back to her senses until now. There was puzzlement in her beautiful eyes that were looking at Ye Chen.

 ‘What exactly did this fool go through exactly?’

 “Go forth!” Lin Tai shouted as the sedan chair was lifted.

 Ye Chen walked in front, his killing intent shooting into the sky!


 At the moment, the Su family’s residence was beautifully adorned. Guests filled the place, and there were banquet tables everywhere.

 Countless guests, who were dressed sophisticatedly with extraordinary imposing manners, came with expensive gifts. They walked into the villa while jostling each other as they were excited about the huge wedding.

 In the back courtyard of the residence, Su Youwei glared fiercely at the young man before her. She sobbed terribly and said, “Brother, can you not marry my sister to Bai? I’m begging you.”

 “Get lost!” Su Tao shouted.

 Su Youwei fell onto the ground from the scare. She was choking as she spoke, “You were cruel to my sister back then. I can’t believe that you’re crossing the line more and more now. Ye Chen will definitely come to you if you do this. You’re bringing disaster to our family!”

 “That piece of trash?” Su Tao scoffed.

 Su Youwei wiped her tears and her beautiful face looked determined. “He’s not trash. He’s Mad Southern Ye. He’s the one who killed three masters.”

 “So what?” Su Tao said pridefully, “That Mad Southern Ye that you’re talking about must’ve been killed by Master Bai or by gunshots from 1,000 mercenaries by now.”

 He had faith in Bai Li’s ability. Wei Wuya, Master Jiesha, and him together were not Bai Li’s match. That proved how terrifying Bai Li’s ability was.

 Moreover, he paid a huge price to hire 1,000 mercenaries from abroad. All their firepowers were killing machines. The 1,000 people could kill the entire city, let alone a single Mad Southern Ye.

 Su Youwei’s beautiful body shivered, and she almost passed out from the shock. “Why are you so ruthless?!”

 “Someone, please lock her up. Nobody shall release her without my order!” Su Tao commanded and walked out of the back courtyard without even turning his head. He walked directly to the field in the villa.

 There were tables on the field that was over 300 square meters large. All of the tables were occupied at the moment. As soon as Su Tao showed up, the noise from before went completely silent.

 Su Tao walked to the front at ease. Just when he was going to speak, the greeting of guests came from outside. “The Xue family master, Xue Xiao, is here with Ms. Xue Xuejiao!”

 The people inhaled sharply upon hearing that.

 ‘The people from the wealthy Xue family are here! Furthermore, the No. 11 on the Heaven Leaderboard Xue Xiao is here too!’

 Subsequently, in a black suit, Xue Xiao led Xue Xuejiao, who was all dressed up, in.

 Su Tao went to them while smiling. “Welcome, Uncle Xiao and Sister Xuejiao.”

 “You’re too kind!” Xue Xiao responded with a smile. Su Tao was a Martial Dao master too. Although his ability might not be higher than his, he had Bai Zhanyuan supporting him. Therefore, Xue Xiao dared not be careless around him.

 Behind him, Xue Xuejiao smiled at Su Tao. She said while covering her lips, “Congratulations, Su Tao!” She made it sound like Su Tao was the one getting married.

 “The Wei family master, Wei Ting, is here!” The MC’s voice was heard again.

 The people were shocked once more.

 Soon, a rather plump middle-aged man walked in while smiling. “Congratulations, Su Tao!”

 Su Tao escorted him to the VIP seat after a short response. Then, he lifted his head to look at the entrance.

 Everyone was excited that the Xue family and the Wei family were here.

 Should the remaining wealthy families, including the Lis, the Qins, the Yans, the Hans, and the Pangs not send people there too?

 However, to their disappointment, none of the few wealthy families arrived even after half an hour had passed.

 Su Tao looked rather terrible.

 Xue Xuejiao, who was sitting in the VIP seat, could not help but ask, “Second Uncle, why aren’t the Qins and the Lis here?”

 “I’ve no idea, but I’m annoyed too,” Xue Xiao said in his deep voice. He then asked Wei Ting next to him by instinct, “Brother Wei, why aren’t they here?”

 “I’ve no idea.” Wei Ting chuckled. All wise people knew that the wedding today had a goal of killing Mad Southern Ye. The other wealthy families did not want to get themselves into trouble.

 Meanwhile, for the rest such as the Wei family, they should be in attendance since they had some business with the Su family.

 As Xue Xiao said nothing, he could not help but recall that silhouette he saw at the white tower last night. He had been secretly excited back then.

 Ye Chen had even said that he would spar with him if he was embittered by him.

 A cold grin appeared at the corner of Xue Xiao’s lips as he thought to his point.

 ‘Mad Southern Ye, oh, Mad Southern Ye, so what if you’re more powerful than me? So what if you’re No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard? You must die for offending Young Master Bai!’

 1Everyone could not help but look at Su Tao after realizing that the auspicious hour was near. They seemed to be asking, “Where’s the bride?”

 Su Tao frowned. Just when he walked aside and going to call Bai Li, a young man walked over quickly and whispered into his ear, ‘Young Master, Master Bai and the 1,000 mercenaries are dead!”



 Stunned, Su Tao asked immediately, “What about the b*tch? And Mad Southern Ye?”

 “T-they’re coming to our residence…to kill us!” the young man stammered.

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Chapter 213