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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 211

All chapters are in Genius Daddy in the City Novel

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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 211

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Imperial Wind Pavilion garden, Ye Chen locked himself in the room. There were countless refinement materials before him, including 20 jades the size of eggs that hovered in the air.

 ‘Now, I’ve gathered enough materials for two formations.’

 He revealed a smile on his face as he recalled the shock on Old Chen’s face when he visited him with the Dark Night Butcher’s head.

 ‘Apart from setting up the Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation to guard the Imperial Wind Pavilion, I’m refining the Great Thunder Absolute Kill Formation too,’ Ye Chen waved as he thought to this point. All of the materials hovered into the air while he spat True Samadhi Fire from his mouth.


 Two hours later, 19 dark-green formation flags appeared before Ye Chen. Each of them was merely the size of a palm, and there was a jade the size of an egg mounted on them.

 Apart from the 19 formation flags, there were also two soul-gathering plates. Golden runes were flowing on them like golden chains sealing the soul-gathering plates.

 Satisfaction filled Ye Chen’s eyes, which was then replaced by coldness. After he put away the formation flags and soul-gathering plates into his storage ring, he got up and walked out.

 The little girl was having a good time playing with Xiaohei in the living room. Meanwhile, Ye Chen walked out of the Imperial Wind Pavilion after speaking to the Patriarch of Hell who was sitting by the side.


 In the Su family’s villa in the middle of the night, Ye Chen could not stop walking around while disguising as Guo Sheng. He would place a formation flag whenever he got into each corner, and the flag would vanish as soon as they were placed.

 After placing the formation flags on ten corners and the soul-gathering plate on the roof of the house, Ye Chen activated his Divine Consciousness and looked at all corners of the villa. He smiled and walked out of the house.

 ‘The Great Thunder Absolute Kill Formation covers 1,000 meters and seals everything within. It can activate the Heavenly Thunder, so nobody can run from that! Su family, I did this for you guys!’


 The next morning, Ye Chen stood in the Imperial Wind Garden. His daughter, Wang Meng, and the rest stood aside as they watched him set up the formation without blinking.

 When Ye Chen performed hand seals on the nine formation flags around the garden, the nine flags shook and levitated. They released glaring white gleams at the same time.

 Eventually, the white gleams connected, forming a gigantic halo that covered the entire Imperial Wind Garden.

 At the same time, the entire garden shook. As everyone watched in shock, the artificial lake began boiling, and white mist was coming out of it.

 The mist spread to every corner of the Imperial Wind Garden, making it look like a fairyland.

 When everyone breathed in, they felt their spirits being lifted and refreshed, as if each and every pore on their body had been opened.

 ‘Holy moly! I didn’t know this devil could set up such a powerful formation.’ The Patriarch of Hell was breathing in the mist hard, secretly shocked.

 Although he had been a Tribulation Almighty powerhouse in his past life, he could not set up such a magical Soul Gathering Formation.

 “The Great Nine Heavens Dragon Transformation Formation is done!” Ye Chen showed satisfaction on his face after sensing the spiritual energy that lingered. He turned his head and said to the Patriarch of Hell and Xiaohei, “Try your best to cultivate here when you guys have the time. Your improvement will be much faster.”

 At that moment, Ye Chen’s phone rang. It was Guo Sheng. “Master, Su Tao is back!”

 Ye Chen’s aura changed as soon as he heard that. Subsequently, he released a shocking killing intent.

 The killing intent that he did bother hiding made Wang Meng and the Patriarch of Hell kneel on all fours. They felt like there was a mountain pressing them.

 Mengmeng, the little girl, was the only one who was feeling fine.

 ‘He’s back? Great, that’s great!’ Ye Chen glared coldly at the Su family’s residence. A brutal grin that was hungry for blood appeared at the corner of his lips. ‘So, you finally couldn’t hold back and have returned. As soon as I’ve captured you and performed the Soul Searching Tactic on you, I’ll naturally find out Yuhan’s whereabouts.’

 Guo Sheng, who was on the other side of the phone, tossed another bomb after realizing that Ye Chen said nothing, “Master, the Su family has brought the wedding forward. It’s happening this afternoon. They’ve announced the news and invited all of the wealthy and royal families in Beijing to attend.”

 “Alright, thanks for the info.”

 Ye Chen looked serious. Right after he hung up the call, his phone rang again. However, it was Old Chen who was calling this time.

 “We’ve found your wife. She’s being captured in the Dharma Zen Temple.” Old Chen was straightforward, and he said after some hesitation, “Besides that, the Su family is having a wedding soon. It’s very high-profile, and they seem to be fearless. Do you need help from my side?”

 “No!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly and squinted, “Commander Chen, let me ask you this: which side does the military stand on about this?”

 Upon hearing Ye Chen call him Commander Chen, Old Chen, who was on the other side of the phone, fell into silence for a couple of seconds and eventually said, “The military is standing on neither side. But all of the soldiers in the Beijing military will be having a rehearsal, so nobody can do anything to them!”

 “Thanks!” Ye Chen took a deep breath in, instantly understanding what Old Chen meant. Although he was fearless of the military, he did not want to have a fall out with them.

 Old Chen sighed. “How many people from the Su family will live today?”

 An extremely cold voice responded to him, “Apart from Yuhan, nobody will live!”

 “Now, I know.” Old Chen hung up in an extremely complicated mood.

 Ye Chen took a deep breath and lifted his head to look at his daughter in front of him. He gave her a gentle smile. “Mengmeng, Daddy will bring you to see Mommy. Okay?”

 “Daddy, will I really meet Mommy?” The little girl’s eyes lit up. There was anticipation, anxiety, joy, and unfamiliarity in her innocent eyes.

 “Yes, Mengmeng, you will definitely see Mommy this time.” Ye Chen smiled gently and stretched his hand to the little girl. “Here, hold Daddy’s hand. We’ll go get Mommy together.”

 The little girl stretched her chubby little hand out and grabbed Ye Chen’s big hand tightly. When the father and daughter held hands, their warm blood was connected at that moment.

 “Master, I can no longer hold back the overflowing power in my body. I’m ready to kill!” The Patriarch of Hell wagged his tail and grinned.

 Xiaohei had its tongue out, and its eyes were icy cold.

 “You guys will stay here. Nobody will go!” Ye Chen shook his head and a cruel smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. “This is my business. Today, I’ll destroy the Su family on my own!”


 The Su family’s wedding was happening soon.

 The news spread through the entire Beijing within a short half an hour. It swept through the entire country like water, taking everyone by surprise.

 Although they knew that the Su family was having an alliance through marriage, never did they think that it would be brought forward by more than ten days. Apart from that, there was no sign of the marriage which was suddenly moved up.

 Most importantly, they had no idea who the Su family’s young mistress was marrying, and the Su family did not bother explaining.

 By then, the entire country was stirred as countless wealthy families from everywhere sent their people to Beijing to attend the wedding.


 In the Qin family’s residence in Beijing, a phone call came when the family was figuring who would go to the wedding. “Nobody is allowed to go to the Su family’s wedding today. Whoever goes against that will be banished from the family!” The Qin family members were confused by that order.

 At the Yan family’s residence, dressed in a military uniform, Yan Nanfei got home instantly and had a meeting with all of the upper echelons to announce, “We aren’t going to the Su family’s wedding.”

 One of the Yan core family members asked in confusion, “Why aren’t we going, Nanfei? Although our families don’t like each other, we must show them face anyway.”

 Yan Nanfei walked to the window while watching the dark clouds outside with his arms behind his back. His voice was deep as he said, “It’s raining. Rainy days are perfect for killing. All of the bloodstains will be washed away after the heavy rain.”


 At the Xue family’s residence, Xue Xuejiao held a wedding invitation in her hand and looked at Xue Xiao who was practicing punches in the courtyard. She said, “Second Uncle, the Su family has sent the wedding invitation. Do we go?”

 “Of course! Why aren’t we going? It’s a great opportunity for the Su family’s young mistress to marry Young Master Bai. I can seize the chance to get to know him.”


A white stream came out of Xue Xiao’s punch. It broke a big tree with a trunk the size of a boar’s mouth.

 Xue Xuejiao bit her lip. “Second Uncle, is that Young Master Bai that you’re talking very powerful? Is he a match for Mad Southern Ye?”

 Xue Xiao turned his head and glanced at her. He said after a scoff, “There’s only one ending for Mad Southern Ye if he encounters Young Master Bai—death!”


 In the military courtyard, Old Chen took over the military coat that Qin Xiaotian handed over. He simply put it on.

 “Sir, are we really not interfering?” Qin Xiaotian was hesitating.

 “That’s right!” Old Chen’s eyes were electric. “Not only are we not interfering, but you, Han Qinhu, and the rest won’t interfere either. I’d really like to know exactly who this so-called Young Master Bai is. I want to know where he came from that makes five masters yield to him! A person who has an unclear identity and intention is like a disease. It’s disgusting!”

 Old Chen walked to the window as he spoke to this point. He looked at the sky that was turning dark and mumbled, “It’s going to rain.”


 A low rumble exploded in the air, seeming to respond to what he said.

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Chapter 211