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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 208

All chapters are in Genius Daddy in the City Novel

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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 208

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Chen squinted as he observed the so-called King of Murder before him. He was also Asian, but his face was pale and his eyes were grim. It seemed to be related to his job.

 “Master Ye?” The Dark Night Butcher’s eyes lit up. He could not stop cursing inside after witnessing Ye Chen walking on air earlier. “Damn, Boss, what kind of intel did you give me? Master Ye can do more than controlling lightning. He’s a Martial Dao master, alright!”

 Although he had killed a Martial Dao master before, that was an assassination, after all, not killing him face-on. Now that Ye Chen’s ability had far surpassed his imagination, he could not help but have the intention to retreat.

 “Didn’t you come all the way here just to kill me? I’m here now. Come on,” Ye Chen taunted.

 “Get over yourself, Master Ye. Even if I fail to kill you this time, you won’t be able to catch me either. Now that you’ve revealed your ability, I won’t give up. I won’t stop until I’ve killed you.” The Dark Night Butcher grinned.

 He was the King of Murder whose name was spread all over the international underground world. How could it possibly be his only technique? He could totally run and hide since the attack failed. Then, he could wait for the right moment to kill again.

 That was how he had entered China and killed the Martial Dao master Pang Jianguo from the military back then.

 Dense, black smoke appeared before him as soon as he was done speaking. It rumbled ominously.

 The black smoke was a little like black powder mixture. It was thick and dense, and it covered Ye Chen’s vision directly. However, Ye Chen’s Divine Consciousness had already locked onto him.

 Ye Chen saw that the Dark Night Butcher had his arms wide open via his Divine Consciousness. His muscles were quivering like an eagle spreading its wings. As he turned into a shadow and ran far away, he disappeared 100 meters away within the blink of an eye.

 “Are you trying to run? Do you think it’ll be easy for you to run? Let’s see who is hunting who now?!” Ye Chen smiled in disdain. He then carried his daughter and chased after him while stepping on the wind.

 One must say that the Dark Night Butcher deserved the title “the King of Murder”. Although Ye Chen had yet to fight him, he could sense that he was extremely adept at the Escape Method. Besides that, his movement was highly unpredictable.

 “No wonder the Chinese military couldn’t get you ten years ago. Regular Martial Dao masters won’t be able to catch up with your Escape Method. It’s unfortunate that you encountered me.” Ye Chen revealed a grin and sped up instantly. The duo soon leaped into a white tower with one of them running in front.

 Sensing the cold killing intent coming from behind, the Dark Night Butcher was so pissed off that he almost spat blood out. “Damn it, damn it! How is this Master Ye so powerful? I’m at a loss to be offending such a person for the sake of USD 100 million.”

 Although he was extremely shocked, that did not affect his speed at all. At that moment, there were countless young couples standing on the hanging bridge at the white tower. They were cuddling and kissing, almost a step away from having sex.

 To their shock, the hanging bridge suddenly shook as the Dark Night Butcher stepped onto it.

 The Dark Night Butcher did not even look at them. After landing on the bridge, he leaped directly and stepped on the lake. He ran toward the mountain across the lake by stepping on the waves.

 Countless people watched that in shock.

 “I-is he filming a movie?” someone asked weakly.

 Before they managed to react, another person appeared. Ye Chen chased him on the lake while carrying Mengmeng. His speed was at least twice faster than that of the Dark Night Butcher.


 At the same time in the loft on top of the white tower, a man and woman sat across each other. There were hunks in black suits bowing around them as if they were stars surrounding the moon within.

 The woman was below 30 years old with pretty features. However, there was a slight concern on her face.

 Meanwhile, the man was approximately 40 years old. He had a powerful inner aura and his eyes were electric, giving everyone a great sense of suppression.

 If an outsider were here, he would definitely be so scared that he would not be able to speak.

 The reason being the man was the Martial Dao master, Xue Xiao of the Xue family. Initially, he ranked No. 10 on the Heaven Leaderboard and was like a guardian angel of the family.

 Xue Xuejiao raised the wine glass in her hand and looked at the middle-aged man before him. She said while smiling, “Congratulations, Second Uncle, for coming out of closed-door cultivation. Second Uncle, your ability should have improved greatly!”

 “Not bad!” Xue Xiao laughed out loud upon hearing that. His laugh echoed. “I’ve read through all of Master Jiesha’s secret cultivation thoughts. With the half a month of closed-door cultivation, I’ve finally stepped into mastery innate stage now. I can kill regular Martial Dao masters with a single strike. I fear nothing about the top five on the Heaven Leaderboard.”

 He squinted as he spoke to this point. A grim expression flashed through his eyes. “I must spar with them soon, especially the Mad Southern Ye. I’m eager to find out what makes him deserve to rank No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard!”

 Xue Xuejiao, who had just taken a sip of wine, turned pale after hearing the name Mad Southern Ye. She could not help but cough continuously.

 “Oh yeah, where’s Xue Lei? Why didn’t I see him?” Xue Xiao took a good look at the crowd and frowned lightly. “That kid would come here in the past. He must’ve changed.”

 Xue Xuejiao shuddered suddenly after hearing that, and her expression looked unnatural. “Xue Lei…”

 “What happened to him?”

 Xue Xiao looked serious now when he noticed his niece’s odd reaction instantly. He was pleased with her. Smart, organized, and focused, she was the best candidate to take over the Xue family in the future.

 Xue Xuejiao clenched her hands hard under the table. She suddenly stood up and knelt before Xue Xiao. “Second Uncle, Xue Lei…he’s dead. Someone killed him.”

 “What? Who killed him?” Xue Xiao’s expression changed while a dense suppression exploded from his body to the point that the ten hunks around him almost fell to their knees too.

 Xue Xuejiao clenched her teeth and enunciated word for word, “Mad Southern Ye killed him.”

 Subsequently, she told him everything that happened when Ye Chen trespassed the Xue family’s residence. She did not add anything to make the story more colorful at all.

 The reason why she hared that was that her life was in Ye Chen’s hands. She was unwilling to be controlled. Given that she heard about how Xue Xiao’s ability had skyrocketed, he might be able to force Ye Chen to let her go.

 “This Mad Southern Ye has crossed the line!” Xue Xiao was furious, and his expression was terribly grave. “Let’s go. Bring me to him now. I happen to want to spar with him!”


 At that moment, a loud thud came from far away. It sounded like an explosion.

 Xue Xuejiao was startled. “Second Uncle, w-what happened?”

 Xue Xiao squinted and looked at the lake. As a Martial Dao master, it was only natural for him to have extraordinary senses. He faintly sensed energy waves on the lake.

 “There are masters fighting at the white tower.” He took a deep breath and got up. “Let’s go and check it out now.”

 It was rare to see masters fight. Since he chanced upon it, he naturally would not let the opportunity slip.


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Chapter 208