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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 206

All chapters are in Genius Daddy in the City Novel

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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 206

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Jing’s people sent Sun Sirong back to Tiannan overnight.

 It was evening when Ye Chen returned to the Imperial Wind Pavilion. Old Chen’s people picked him up and sent him to the military courtyard just when he managed to sit down.

 Old Chen asked directly, “I suppose you already knew about the USD 100 million reward to kill you?”

 “I don’t just know about that, but I know it’s a reward mission the Su family issued.” Ye Chen nodded lightly.

 “Then, do you know how many people have entered China?”

 Ye Chen could not help but look at him after hearing that.

 “53 people in total.” Old Chen looked serious. “The 53 of them are international assassination members. I heard that Seven Murders, the Sky Dog, the Dark Dragon, and the Hidden Bat have sent their people here. Most importantly, the King of Murder, the Dark Night Butcher, has appeared in Binhai five hours ago.”

 “The King of Murder?” Ye Chen squinted, his interest piqued now.

 “That’s right!” Old Chen nodded. “There’s a leaderboard in the international underground world called the Bloody Skull Leaderboard. It’s calculated according to the number of people they’ve killed. You’ll understand it if you think of it as the equivalent of our China’s Heaven Leaderboard.”

 He paused as he spoke to this point. Then, he proceeded to speak, “Meanwhile, the Dark Night Butcher ranks No. 1 on the Bloody Skull Leaderboard. Ten years ago, he invaded China and managed to kill a Martial Dao master. After he killed the Martial Dao master, he carved a couple of words on his face: ‘killing the Chinese like killing dogs’!”

 “Did the Martial Dao master who was killed come from the military?” Ye Chen noticed that Old Chen seemed to be a little down.

 “That’s right. His name was Pang Jianguo, and he was an important person in the military. When we found out that he was dead, we got all forces to lock down all the custom borders as well as the transportation hubs, but the Dark Night Butcher escaped anyway.”

 Old Chen nodded lightly as he lifted his head to look at Ye Chen. “This is a humiliation to the military besides also being a disgrace to China. Now that he dares to come into our country, we mustn’t let him go.”

 “I’ll bring his head to you if you give me 20 chalcedonies!” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

 Old Chen was stunned. “What’re chalcedonies?”

 “The essence of jade. I know the government can obtain them.”

 Old Chen said while clenching his teeth upon hearing that, “Sure, as long as you manage to kill the Dark Night Butcher, I’ll try my best to obtain 20 of those for you.”


 It was a night full of stars.

 Ye Chen sat on the fold-out chair outside the Imperial Wind Pavilion, his eyes appearing serious. Under the coverage of his Divine Consciousness, he sensed 16 people hiding around the Imperial Wind Pavilion.

 “Only 16 are here. They don’t seem like a bunch of easy ones. Forget it. I’ll look for the rest after I’ve killed you guys.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. Then, he got up and leaped hundreds of meters out within the blink of an eye, jumping out of the Imperial Wind Pavilion directly.

 An assassin lay low and hid on a big tree. He held binoculars in his hands, checking out the Imperial Wind Pavilion through the gaps between the branches.

 At that moment, a whistling wind noise came.

 He could not help but look with his binoculars away from his face by instinct. He was shocked to see a young man walking on air with his arms behind his back. Before he could react, the young man transformed his finger into a saber. A human head then floated into the air with his eyes opened wide.

 The series of actions were clean and neat.

 “That’s the first.” Ye Chen smirked with his eyes focused on the top of a five-floor building across the Imperial Wind Pavilion.

 A young man with a high nose bridge and blonde hair was currently holding a sniper rifle. The muzzle was pointed at the Imperial Wind Pavilion, and he seemed to be very focused.

 Suddenly, he sensed a shadow above his head. He lifted his head to look immediately, and a giant foot came down from the sky.

 The top of the building shook from the stomp as the young blonde man was stepped into a mush of meat pie directly.

 “Second one.”

 Ye Chen did not stop. He was leaping from building to building following the range of his Divine Consciousness. Within ten minutes, he had killed all of the 16 assassins who were closest to the Imperial Wind Pavilion.

 “There are 37 more.” Ye Chen frowned slightly. However, the 37 of them were not within the coverage of his Divine Consciousness. If he were to look for them, it would definitely take some time.

 ‘A long night is fraught with dreams; a long night means trouble.’

 As he thought about this point, Ye Chen returned to the villa. He peeked at the Patriarch of Hell who had stolen his cigarette and was puffing smoke at the moment. “Come out with me.”

 The patriarch hopped off the couch directly and followed him while wagging his tail. He said in excitement, “Master, are we going to the club?”

 The patriarch was moved as he thought, ‘This devil finally remembers my urges. No, that’s not an urge. I do that for cultivation purposes.’

 “Sniff this with your nose. Remember the scent and find the person for me.”

 Ye Chen tossed a piece of underwear before him.

 The patriarch’s face turned green instantly, and he almost scolded out loud, ‘Ye, you motherf*cker! How dare you order me like the Howling Celestial Dog? I was a Tribulation Almighty powerhouse before this. How dare you ask me to do this? Sniffing someone’s underwear? I’d rather die than agree to do that.’

 “Are you going to do it?” Ye Chen said coldly.

 The patriarch forced an extremely sincere smile instantly. “I will, of course, I will, my respected master. It’s my honor to be serving you.”

 The patriarch held back his disgust and sniffed the underwear on the ground. He vaulted to the building across with his claws out and tears in his eyes. As he did not stop leaping, Ye Chen followed closely behind him.


 On the 30th floor of a private residence in Beijing’s Southern City, a middle-aged man with a full beard stared at his laptop by the window while having a towel wrapped around his body. There were a total of three scenes on the screen. One was of the Qi Medicine Hall, another was of the Imperial Wind Pavilion, and the last was of Ye Chen’s villa.

 The Qi Medicine Hall and the villa had been quiet while shadows flashed by the screen showing the Imperial Wind Pavilion many times. Given that it was night time and there were many trees around, the signal was bad and the scene was unclear.

 The man took out a remote control and grinned at the Imperial Wind Pavilion on the computer. He said, “There are 4.5 kilograms of TNT explosives. That’s enough to blow the entire garden up. Goodbye, Master Ye!”

 Just when he was going to press the button on the remote, he heard a loud bang. The windows were broken as a young man flew into the house through them.

 “Oh, God, what am I looking at? Somebody just flew in!” the man could not stop screaming.

 Subsequently, he realized a huge ball of fire burning his body. Before he could even shriek, he was burned into a pile of ashes.

 “49th…” The mumble faded.

 Many people in various places in the entire Beijing, including cinemas, teahouses, and cyber cafes died without reason. Furthermore, most of them were also foreigners.

 They all died in different ways. Some were sliced into half from the middle, some had their heads severed while some were burned to death…

 Ye Chen chuckled softly after walking out of a club. “That was the 52nd. There’s one more. It should that so-called King of Murder, the Dark Night Butcher.”

 Apart from the Dark Night Butcher, Ye Chen had killed all of the 53 assassins who came to destroy him.

 The patriarch was exhausted, so he sat onto the ground and refused to work.

 “The King of Murder? Where could you be?” Ye Chen revealed a smirk at the corner of his lips.


 However, Ye Chen had no idea that a pale young man sneaked into the Imperial Wind Pavilion soon after he left. Nobody noticed him at all.

 The young man realized that there was a little girl lying on the couch while watching cartoons when passed by the living room. There was nobody around with her.

 ‘Is that Master Ye’s daughter?’

 Realization flashed through the young man’s eyes. “Master Ye isn’t here. Maybe he heard the news and is hiding. Why don’t I capture his daughter and force him to show himself? He’ll definitely lose himself if something were to happen to her. If that happens, I, the Dark Night Butcher, will definitely kill him.”


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Chapter 206