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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 205

All chapters are in Genius Daddy in the City Novel

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Genius Daddy in the City Novel Chapter 205

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the moment when the gunshot was heard, a man wearing a camouflage bandana was lying on top of a building 1,000 meters away from the alley.

 He was still, there was an XM109 25mm payload rifle that was named the ‘shoulder cannon’ set up before him.

 A grin was revealed at the corner of the man’s lips the second when the gunshot was heard. “Goodbye, Master Ye!”

 The XM109 25mm payload rifle had a 25mm caliber with stunning power and a shooting range of 1.2 kilometers. It originally came with destructive power on light armor. Since he modified it, the power was enhanced by at least double now.

 Therefore, to him, Ye Chen would definitely die.

 However, in the next second, Ye Chen, who was in the alley, suddenly stretched his arm out and grabbed the bullet that was coming at him. As he caught the bullet, nothing happened to him at all.

 Everyone around him saw that.

 Ye Jing looked dumbstruck when she managed to react. She was in disbelief. “D-did I see that wrongly?”

 Sun Sirong and Yan Ning covered their red lips softly as incredulity filled their faces. Huang Fugui and Zhang Daniu looked like they had just seen a ghost.

 The three of them who knelt onto the ground almost had their souls scared out of their bodies.

 Catching a bullet with bare hands!

 When had they even seen anything like that?

 “He’s Mad Southern Ye, alright! We yield to him!”

 “My god! Is he grabbing the bullet with his bare hands?” The sniper on top of the building rubbed his eyes, appearing horrified. “I can’t believe that Master Ye is so powerful. There’s a mistake in the file. Retreat!”

 He quickly disintegrated the payload rifle in front of him after he said that. As he put it away into a briefcase, he walked to the edge of the building and jumped off directly. He then fled far away at a high speed.

 He retreated right after he missed. That was the professional code of a top assassin.

 However, Ye Chen saw him the moment he jumped. “Are you trying to run away? I won’t make it easy for you!”

 He turned around and flicked his fingers at the three hunks. Three spiritual power cyclones sealed their dantians directly, causing them to lose the ability to fight back temporarily.

 “You guys, stay here. I’ll return after I’ve killed someone.”

 Ye Chen leaped while carrying his daughter Mengmeng right after saying that. He disappeared within their field of vision after a few leaps, moving like a specter.

 Ye Jing was completely shocked by Ye Chen’s series of techniques. She wanted to go after him, but she was unwilling to let go of the three hunks.

 “S-since when did our boss become so powerful?” Huang Pei gulped, her eyes looking rather blank.

 Huang Fugui suppressed the shock in him forcefully. He could not help but recall the Fast Attack Group being destroyed. Naturally, he figured that it was Ye Chen’s doing.

 Ye Jing could not help but look at Sun Sirong who was standing aside. “Ms. Sun, do you know him?”

 “I guess so.” Sun Sirong took some effort to snap back to her senses. She said after taking a breath in, “I only know that Master Ye has great medical skills. He’s great in martial arts too, but I never thought he’d be this powerful.”

 Her impression of Ye Chen had always been the same as the time he treated her as well as when he had killed Lin Fan.

 “Master Ye?” Ye Jing frowned, feeling rather lost. She would have assumed that she was well informed, but she had never heard of such a person.

 At that moment, the bearded hunk who was kneeling on the ground sighed. “He’s not just any Master Ye at all, but the Mad Southern Ye whose name is known in entire China. We surrendered since he caught us.”

 “What Mad Southern Ye? Why am I getting more and more confused listening to all these?” Ye Jing could not help but have puzzlement written all over her face.

 The bearded hunk chuckled. “You wouldn’t understand it even if I told you.”


 Ye Chen was racing as he ran all the way to the artificial mountain in a garden that was 10 kilometers away. Although the shooter was running fast and agilely, it was unfortunate that he encountered Ye Chen.

 To Ye Chen, the short ten kilometers Flying Method would not use too much or his spiritual power with the Flying Method that he applied at ease whereby his feet would not even be touching the ground.

 On the other hand, the assassin, who was running in front, had been draining his energy. Eventually, he fell onto the ground directly. Panting hard, he could no longer run.

 “I’d like to see you run further!” Ye Chen walked to him one step after another. He realized that he was a dark-skinned man who looked around 30 years old.

 The man stood up from the ground and spoke in his awkward Mandarin, “You’re very powerful. We’ve underestimated you!”

 “Tell me your name and where you’re from. Who sent you to kill me?” Ye Chen demanded.

 The man’s lurking, attack, and escape skills were astounding. If he were to assassinate someone else, that person would have been killed, let alone go after him.

 “Tony from Florida, United States. I’ve no idea who sent me to kill you. All I care about is the USD 100 million reward.” The person did not hide the truth.

 Ye Chen frowned slightly. “USD 100 million?”

 “That’s right.” Tony smirked. “I’m not the only person who accepted this mission. Many people and organizations have accepted it such as the famous underground organization out there including Seven Murders, the Sky Dog, the Dark Dragon, and the Hidden Bat. I’m sure these people have arrived in China now. Even the King of Murder, the Dark Night Butcher, is here too.”

 Ye Chen came to a realization as he instantly figured that it was a mission issued by the Su family.

 The reason being whoever that was against him was dead now while the Su family was the only one still alive. The Xue family dared not do that while he had Xue Xuejiao under control. The Wei family would not hire an assassin directly even if they were to attack him either.

 A hand grenade suddenly appeared in Tony’s hand at that moment. He tossed it at Ye Chen after pulling the pin out quickly.

 Then, he ran far away with all of his might, saying, ‘You can catch a bullet barehand, but I don’t suppose you’re invincible against a hand grenade!’

 “You’re seeking death!” Ye Chen smirked in disdain and flicked his wrist at the hand grenade that was coming at him at high speed. The hand grenade then began going after Tony.

 Tony turned his head by instinct. He could not help but open his mouth wide to shriek, “No!”

 The hand grenade happened to land in his mouth.


 As a loud thud came, gravel and sand were shot high. When Ye Chen looked again, there was a hole in the ground caused by the explosion. As a result, Tony was crushed by the explosion.

 “Su family, you’re rewarding people with USD 100 million to kill me? Ha, I’d like to see what kind of people you can hire with this USD 100 million of yours. Of course, anyone who wants me, Ye Chen, dead, must die!”Ye Chen chuckled softly as electric arcs flashed in his eyes. He walked over to pick up a piece of Tony’s torn clothing, then he turned around and left at ease.


 When he returned to the alley, he surrendered the three hunks to Ye Jing and left with Sun Sirong and the rest.

 He ignored Ye Jing’s request to go to the police station to record a statement, much to Ye Jing’s annoyance. Because of that, the hunks on the other hand were excited as they still stood a chance to hire a lawyer to defend them if they ended up in the police’s hands. Perhaps they would be given a death sentence with a reprieve. Life imprisonment would not be too bad either.

 However, if they were captured by Ye Chen…


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Chapter 205