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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 291

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 291

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Now that’s a promise: no meddling from now on, or the meddler is a pig.” Mu Qiqi said even as she held Sheng Xiao by the shoulder.

 Sheng Xiao merely leaned back and studied her with a vague smile. “Aren’t you a pig I’m fattening up anyway?”

 “How are things with Fourth Sister? It’s the engagement ceremony soon. Would she be alright?”

 “You should ask Jing Yun about that.”

 Holding her from fidgeting around, Sheng Xiao tidied up his desk, scooped her up and headed to the bedroom.


 It was the last night.

 So how could Sheng Minghui not be anxious?

 Why else had she been entangling herself passionately with the Englishman over the last few days other than to change his mind? And yet, that man was unresponsive even now, which only left her even more nervous.

 “Will, you know that I didn’t take any morning-after pills. If you don’t make things clear with Grandfather tonight, I’ll bear your child and blow the whole thing out of proportion. You’ll look even worse when that happens.”

 The truth was that the Englishman was on the brink of collapse as well, because he had been utterly bewitched by Seventh Sister.

 He had thought that he could handle her and make amends after the engagement with Sheng Minglan, but it was only too obvious that Sheng Minghui wants to be the fiancée who shows up at the ceremony tomorrow.

 And just like she had claimed, she might be pregnant.

 That said, now that things had come to this, he could try changing his fiancée anyway.

 As such, at eight in the evening, Will suddenly contacted Grandpa Sheng, asking to meet him personally. His car drove into the Sheng residence half an hour later, and he made a beeline for the old man’s study.

 And after just two minutes, the old man burst out of the door, yelling at the servants to get both Fourth Sister and Seventh Sister to come to his study.

 At the time, Sheng Minglan was still at her company and completely unaware of what happened, only to be summoned home by the old man.

 Jing Yun followed her, fearing that she might run into trouble and need help.

 Both of them reached the Sheng residence and found the Sheng Minghui kneeling in the old man’s study.


 “Minglan…” For once, the old man seemed to have trouble speaking. “Seventh Sister, tell her yourself.”

 Sheng Minghui glanced at the old man and then at Will before standing up. “The truth is…” She told Minglan, “the one who actually slept with Will the other night is me, Fourth Sister.”

 “What are you talking about?” Sheng Minglan asked. “What are you doing before my engagement?”

 “It’s true, Fourth Sister. After that, we found that we really have a lot in common, and… we really want to be together. That’s why he is calling off his engagement with you to marry me instead.”

 Sheng Minglan stumbled two steps behind at that. “Say what again?”

 “Will’s fiancée tomorrow will be me. In fact, we’ve been together over the last two days—we really love each other, but he said nothing because he’s afraid of hurting you. Even so, we shouldn’t continue with this mistake… that’s why Will came to change Grandpa’s mind so that we won’t make a bigger mistake!”

 Sheng Minglan promptly landed a slap across her face at that, and exploded with rage. “Doesn’t that mean you’re stealing my fiancé? You talk too much and even act all noble about it! B*tch!”

 “Grandpa drugged me on that day, and you’re saying that you were with Will? What about me? Did you think we are playing house with the engagement?! The invitations were already sent and everyone knows that I’m going to be engaged to Will tomorrow. And now you just come in and take him away from me? Is this how you’re supposed to treat your sister, Sheng Minghui?!”

 “Minglan, I didn’t actually know where you were that night, but I’m sure that I wasn’t the one who slept with you. You could even check.” Will protested, having completely sided with Sheng Minghui.

 “So? What is it you pair of cheaters want?!”

 “Minglan, calm down.”

 The old man tried to placate her, but Sheng Minglan’s whole body was shaking. “Grandfather, you were the one who wanted me to marry Will! You even drugged me so that there would be no surprise and I’ve already resigned myself. But now my fiancé is being taken away by my sister! Can you be calm if it was you?”

 “There’s nothing you can do even if you’re angry about it… The engagement is tomorrow, but if these two continued their affair, news about an illegitimate child might start spreading… won’t that be worse for you?”

 “I won’t agree to calling it off, Grandfather. At worst we could make the whole thing public and see who’s right.”

 “Fourth Sister, I’m begging you. I really like Will, and you won’t be happy if you force yourself to be with him.”

 “Grandfather was the one who forced me from the very start! He never even asked if I was willing—I’m not backing down whatever you say! The engagement is continuing as planned tomorrow!”

 “Minglan, you can’t do that. Our family’s name would be down in the dumps…” The old man dissuaded.

 “Would they still respect us if we change the bride tomorrow?” Sheng Minglan glared at him tearfully. “I won’t agree to it!”

 “Minglan, Seventh Sister is an embarrassment, but we really should have her betrothed to Will instead of you tomorrow. I’ll find you a better man.”

 “I don’t want that!” Sheng Minglan screamed in despair. “You’ve always favored Seventh Sister anyway, doting on her while sacrificing me every time! Well, fine! Since my life is so meaningless, I should just die!”

 With that, she picked up a fruit knife nearby and slashed her wrist.

 The old man was scared out of his wits at the very sight of it.

 “Minglan… O, silly child…”

 “Don’t come near me! Let Seventh Sister take my place tomorrow—in fact, do whatever you like, but I’m telling you, I no longer belong to the Sheng family from now on. If you try to arrange another marriage for me, I will kill myself right in front of you! I’ll do it, believe me!”

 The old man panicked. “I’ll promise you anything, just put the knife down.”

 “Anything, including the engagement tomorrow?”


 “Let me free if you can’t. Or don’t bother saving me.”

 Knowing too well that Sheng Minglan was extremely distressed, the old man was hence forced to give up his control over her. “I’ll let you do whatever you want; I won’t force you to anything from now on.”

 “Swear it on the children of the Sheng family!” Sheng Minglan shot back, determinedly raising her right hand.

 The old man nodded at the sight of dripping blood. “I swear I would not interfere with your marriage, or I shall die a horrible death and the family would not have any children!”

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Chapter 291