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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 290

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 290

“Of course I want you… you know how obsessed I am with you… and your body.”

“Then wouldn’t it better to marry me with due pomp and circumstance? That way, I can give you whatever you want, unlike having an affair like what we’re doing now.”

The Englishman couldn’t bear the coercion and could only clutch his head. “Baby, let me think about it.”

“Take your time. Just don’t even think about touching me before making up your mind.”

Even so, the man was shaken because he feared Grandpa Sheng’s reaction, that he would forbid their relationship.

It seemed that Sheng Minghui would have to think of something. Wouldn’t everything she had done so far go to waste once the engagement ceremony was held?

Returning home in the middle of the night, she kept thinking about how she should bring the matter to everyone’s attention…

Meanwhile, Sheng Minglan was being serious as ever and preparing the founding of the new company. As a matter of coincidence, both her and Seventh Sister were intending to blow the entire ceremony out of proportion, although she didn’t imagine how much of a b*tch her Seventh Sister could be.


The next day.

One more day until Sheng Minglan’s engagement ceremony!

And over the last few days, Sheng Xiao noticed that all of Jing Yun’s thoughts were on Sheng Minglan, as if his heart was tied on a string for her.

It felt as if he had dreamt Sheng Minglan speaking those words to him the night before.

To tell the truth, how could he have no expectations? Certainly not!

Even so, he was even surer that Sheng Minglan was drunk and clearly having a laugh.

“If you’re that worried, should I let you have a few days off and stay by Fourth Sister’s side?” Sheng Xiao suddenly said.

Jing Yun quickly regained focus after his ridicule. “I’m sorry, Young Master.”

“Just go. See if Fourth Sister needs help… or better yet, go keep an eye on the Englishman.”

Sheng Xiao knew very well that Jing Yun would be no more than a shell if he stayed by his side right now. Moreover, he would need to groom a new assistant as well—how long could Jing Yun stay with him anyway?

And Jing Yun looked at him once before leaving as instructed.

Sheng Xiao watched him until he was out of sight, and only then did he phone the eldest Liu son. “Chairman Liu, this is Sheng Xiao.”

The man smiled when he heard Sheng Xiao’s voice, but his reply was rather sarcastic. “I knew it…”

“Knew what? Or did you assume that Mu Qiqi is a nineteen-year-old doll who can’t do a thing other than rely on me? Isn’t it? I’m even calling you.”

“It is as you say.” Chairman Liu answered matter-of-factly.

“Chairman Liu, your behavior annoys me…” Sheng Xiao’s tone turned cool. “How about this, I could see that you don’t really value your wife—why else would you not attempt something that obviously holds no-risk? I’ll tell Qi’er she doesn’t need your assistance, and Huang Yao’s VVIP night would be handled as it always had been. That said, I can’t assure you that your wife would change how she sees you.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“It is as you say. But do you think Mu Qiqi is helpless with Sheng Xiao helping her?”

The eldest Liu son said nothing.

He had never considered that; he merely distrusted Mu Qiqi.

“That is all.”

With that, Sheng Xiao was about to hang up when the eldest Liu son suddenly spoke out. “I can cooperate…”

“Don’t tell Qi’er that I’ve contacted you.”

This time, Sheng Xiao really hung up.

On the other end, the eldest Liu son’s curiosity was piqued. From what he could tell, Mu Qiqi didn’t ask Sheng Xiao to make the call, just as she was not in the know. The reason Sheng Xiao had specifically told him not to tell Mu Qiqi about that also meant that he was protecting the girl’s self-esteem.

It appeared that the rumors were true.

The Crown Prince absolutely doted on his young bride.

Nonetheless, with Sheng Xiao watching her back, Chairman Liu decided he could give it a go. After all, he wanted a change as well, since his marriage had remained in stasis after so many years.

And that was why Mu Qiqi was allowed to meet him in the afternoon as she hoped to, with Chairman Liu himself being frank. “So, what is your suggestion?”

Mu Qiqi did a double take. Did Chairman Liu suddenly come round?

“What? You don’t want me to work with you?”

“No… My suggestion is that you come up with a solution to acquire this set of jewelry. It’s made around Huang Yao’s founding and invaluable. In fact, it was supposed to be not for sale, but the then chairman had to auction it off to save the company at the time…”

“I hope that you could make your wife the belle of the ball on the VVIP night, so that she understands that she has a loving husband.”

“She should be holding herself with pride and looking down on the unruly. So, would you be willing to steal the spotlight for her on that dazzling night?”

Chairman Liu took a look at the exquisite jewelry and nodded. “It’s been years since I’ve given Zixin a present like this. I guess I could make amends for that now.”

“That said, you may notify me if you are unable to find it in time. I could have something else prepared.”

“And that’s all you would have me do?” Chairman Liu asked, rather baffle with Mu Qiqi now. “You’ve worked so hard, even helping me save my marriage just to break the usual stalemate at Huang Yao’s VVIP night?”

“Yes. Because that’s the one problem that matters.”

Mu Qiqi didn’t take much of Chairman Liu’s time, and left his office after she had her say.

The eldest Liu son was even more curious about Mu Qiqi now.

“The doll really smacks you across the face just when you presumed that she is nothing but a rich kid. Interesting—I guess I could understand a little why the Crown Prince would fall for her.”

“She is more than she looks, chief.” His secretary echoed.

“Go look for that jewelry set’s whereabouts. I want to surprise Zixin.”

“Yes, chief.”


Be that as it may, Mu Qiqi felt suspicious even as she left the Liu family’s company.

The chairman had been not too pleased about her over the last two days. Isn’t it just odd that he would suddenly change his mind?

So, when she returned home, Mu Qiqi promptly sought out Sheng Xiao, climbed up his thighs, and interrogated him.

“Did you contact the eldest son of the Liu family behind my back?”

Sheng Xiao was unmoved. “Did he give you the green light?”

“Was it you?” Mu Qiqi tugged at both his ears and wrung him. “Was it?”

“Only you dare to pull my ears like this.” Sheng Xiao held her, keep her from falling off his thighs.

“Humph! Can’t you let me rely on myself? At worst I would just need double the time but I would still make it. But now, after what you’ve done, it’s like you’re the one doing my homework.”

“I was just buying you a chance. From here, I won’t help even if you beg.” Sheng Xiao replied, embracing his little one.

“I knew it!”






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Chapter 290