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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 289

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 289

Ever since that night, Sheng Minghui had begun calculating the chances of her stealing the Englishman from Sheng Minglan in her head.

After all, how could she face her future brother-in-law at home after losing her chastity to him? Moreover, she was left absolutely addicted to how the man was in bed, since there were times that women valued men in their ability to offer sexual bliss.

More importantly, Sheng Minghui believed that she could give it a try with the Englishman’s ability in various aspects.

Still, it would be no good making her attempt through the old man and Sheng Minglan.

On the other hand, it might be a different matter if she tried to strike at the Englishman’s restraint.

And after taking her time to do the math, Sheng Minghui had managed to get her hands on the man’s contact method while also learning which hotel he was staying at.

Still, everything was prepared for Sheng Minglan’s engagement ceremony with the Englishman, which would be held just a few days. She wouldn’t make it if she didn’t hurry!

As usual, Sheng Minglan was trying on dresses, picking jewelry, and going about the final checks with the hotel. But on that same night, Sheng Minghui was waiting outside the Sheng residence, watching as the Englishman’s car drove out and gave chase—after having resolved herself.

At the hotel, she stood directly before him. A mysterious attraction sparked the moment their eyes met, since the wildness of that other night had a strong impression in their minds.

“You’re… Minglan’s younger sister.”

Sheng Minghui walked up to him, whispering beneath his chin. “I’m the one who spent that other night with you…”

There was astonishment in the man’s eyes, followed by a throbbing sensation beneath his belt.

“Can you prove that?”

“Shall we check in your room?” Sheng Minghui lifted her brow coquettishly.

The pair hence sneaked into his room, and once inside, Sheng Minghui went on the attack—wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him with such wild release she could well have forgotten who she was.

Hence, the Englishman remembered with a start after tasting that familiar sensation once again. “It’s you… it really was you.”

“Of course it’s me.” Sheng Minghui replied with a devilish charm. “You couldn’t forget it, couldn’t you? After we were together that night, I couldn’t get you off my mind…”

With his flames alit, the Englishman naturally proceeded to sample the goods. Both of them dropped on the bed behind them soon enough, two raging infernos that intertwined in no time at all.

The sensations were simply identical to what he felt that night. The Englishman had almost lost his mind too…

“That was wonderful. I really didn’t expect that it was you…”

However, with the deed done, Sheng Minghui immediately got out of bed and stopped the Englishman from getting close. “But you’re going to be engaged to my sister!” She exclaimed. “You will become my brother-in-law in a few days.”

“No way… I thought that it was Minglan that night. But now that I know, I don’t want her—I want you.”

Nonetheless, Sheng Minghui had already put her clothes on and sneered provokingly in return. “So? Do you have the guts to ask Grandpa to let you marry me?”

The Englishman’s flames seemed to be doused at the mention of Old Sheng.

His engagement with Sheng Minglan is a sealed deal, but he loved this woman’s body and her loose morals.

He just couldn’t bring himself to like Sheng Minglan’s dullness—he absolutely preferred the thrill.

“Well, it seems that you insist on becoming my brother-in-law!” Sheng Minglan then shouted.

But when she was picking up her bag and about to leave, the Englishman caught her and wrapped himself around her. “I want you. I only want you!”

There were times when relationships began weirdly with an accident, only for those involved to become obsessed with said accident.

And tonight, the seventh Sheng sister was not going home since she loved the Englishman’s body and stamina.

With Sheng Minglan’s tameness, would she have conquered the thrill-seeking Englishman?

It was only right to let Sheng Minghui have him!

When she returned home the next day, Sheng Minghui was utterly invigorated and stunningly attractive.

In her mind, her sleeping with Sheng Minglan’s fiancé was no different from stealing from Sheng Minglan.

During breakfast, Old Sheng even told everyone to focus on their family’s major event that would arrive in two days. It wasn’t Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi’s engagement, so the whole family must be there.

The old man even specifically warned Sheng Minghui. “Could you not mess up your Fourth Sister’s engagement?”

“Why, Grandpa? Do I always mess up?” Sheng Minghui smiled in return.

“That cheek of yours!” The old man snorted but said nothing else, while Sheng Minghui quietly giggled.

Would she just stop at messing up?

When she took away Sheng Minglan’s man, what could she do against her?

Not even Sheng Xiao or Mu Qiqi could force the Englishman to marry Sheng Minglan now, could they?

Sheng Minghui was very pleased with herself in that very moment, because she just didn’t know that she was actually helping Sheng Minglan leave the Sheng family.


After noon, Mu Qiqi visited the Liu company again. This time, she did not need to set up an appointment at the front desk, and sat silently at the lobby, reading her books and working on her school assignments.

But despite being informed by his secretary, Chairman Liu didn’t come out to meet her and simply went about his business and meetings.

Mu Qiqi didn’t demand anything either, and left the building after another half-an-hour, even telling the secretary that she’s not coming again.

The secretary couldn’t stifle a laugh even as she passed her message. “If that doll really wanted to help you, couldn’t she just have her Crown Prince make a trip?”

Chairman Liu adjusted his golden-rimmed glasses but shook his head. “If she comes again tomorrow, have the front desk inform her that she shouldn’t come again if she has nothing practical to offer. Sincerity alone wouldn’t work in a great many things.”

“Understood, Chairman.”

In the end, Mu Qiqi was only nothing. No one would pin their hopes on a young girl like her and allow her to really make a change.

Even so, she was not dejected, because she was convinced that she could make it with or without the eldest Liu son.

That said, she would rather get a perfect score.

To the Sheng family, stopping the two daughters-in-law of the Liu family from fighting counted as mission accomplished. Would she even be able to host the special VVIP Night with her own abilities anyway?

Moreover, the most important matter for the Sheng family now was Sheng Minglan’s engagement, and none of them had the time to care what plan she had made.


On this night, Sheng Minghui was having another illicit affair with the man who would soon be engaged to her sister in a hotel as if it was only natural.

She appeared obsessed with the very thought of toying around with Sheng Minglan, which left her even more unrestrained with the things she was doing with the man.

As for the Englishman, who wouldn’t enjoy such a rarity?

Open, coquettish, and good in bed. What else could he possibly need?

“There’s still a day until you’re engaged with my sister. Do you really not want me?”

“Baby, it’s just an engagement. It can be called off…”

Sheng Minghui instantly turned hostile at those words. “Do you mean that you want me and my sister too?”




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Chapter 289