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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 288

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 288

“No.” Jing Yun answered truthfully. “Because I know that you would hate me when you get sober if I had really done that.”

“Hate you…” Sheng Minglan giggled. “What is there to hate about? Everyone thinks that I’ve lost my chastity to the Englishman.”

“It would blow over eventually.”

“Grandpa is so despicable!” Sheng Minglan exclaimed, abruptly downing her mug of beer. “Still, at least I didn’t let Seventh Sister get the better of me.”

“Fourth Sister…”

Sheng Minglan lowered her mug then and hooked her finger at Jing Yun, whispering when he came closer. “Hey, what do you think—should we get together? Would you be with me?”

Jing Yun shook his head despite his shock. “Fourth Sister, there are limits to how far you could take a joke. Even I have some dignity.”

After all, even if Jing Yun was without stature, his feelings didn’t come cheap—he was not going to be shaking his tail and going to whomever like a Pekingese pup just because they were reciprocating his feelings.

“I’m being real here. If I can be free from the Sheng family this time, I’m coming to you.”

And with that, Sheng Minglan curled up on the couch and dozed off soon enough.

Jing Yun carried her to the guest room, remaining ever composed since he never once thought that Sheng Minglan was being serious.

She just might be drunk.



Mu Qiqi was sprawled over the bed after washing up. When Sheng Xiao saw that as he entered the bedroom, he promptly gave her rump a mild slap. “Time to sleep.”

“Why do I have the feeling that our house has become the secret spot for Jing Yun and Fourth Sister’s affair?”

“You are the one trying to hook them up.” Sheng Xiao replied, taking off his towel and lying down on bed, with Mu Qiqi swiftly snuggling up over his chest. “I’ll talk to the eldest Liu son tomorrow—I should finish my homework before Fourth Sister’s engagement party.”

“Bring a bodyguard.”

“Got it.” Mu Qiqi nodded. “I really hope I get to see Fourth Sister and Jing Yun be together, though.”


Meanwhile, with Sheng Minglan away from the Sheng house, Sheng Minghui stayed in her room, digging information about the Englishman.

Although he was divorced with a daughter, he was absolutely powerful in bed. Moreover, she found him certainly worth marrying with his fashion empire.

It’s not like she would have to care for his child, just as he wasn’t that much older than her—in fact, everything about him was perfectly fine! So why did she had the feeling that Sheng Minglan was upset about having to marry him?

And now, Sheng Minghui had a reason for marrying him, not to mention that she had tasted him…

What if she were the one engaged with the Englishman?

Wouldn’t Sheng Minglan’s reputation fall rock-bottom? Who would want an Englishman’s second-hand goods?

Also, neither he nor Sheng Minghui were married at the moment.

So, why not?

At that very though, a plan formed in Sheng Minghui’s mind…

No one would see what’s coming.

When the time comes, she would have even stronger support against Mu Qiqi since there was no way she was losing her virtue for nothing! In fact, she could just snatch it off Sheng Minglan’s hands…


On the next day, Mu Qiqi left Jing Ting, dressed like a university student as she went to the Liu family’s company.

The two front desk receptionists asked if she had any prior appointment, as the eldest Liu son naturally wouldn’t have any free time to accommodate a trivial little girl. Still, Mu Qiqi said nothing else aside from telling them to relay her message.

“I’m Mu Qiqi. I just need a few minutes with Mister Liu.”

Both receptionists did a double take when they heard her name.

The young bride of the Sheng family was famous throughout Jianchuan after all.

And since it wasn’t some broke university student, the two naturally relayed her request and Mu Qiqi soon got her ten minutes after waiting for a while.

The eldest Liu son’s secretary came personally to escort her to the chairman’s office, where the man had just put the finishing touches to a partnership.

“Chairman, Miss Mu has arrived.”

“I’ll be right over.”

Mu Qiqi imagined that the man was refined from his voice, and his appearance only confirmed that—the eldest Liu son did ooze style from his very bones, and he even looked graceful as he adjusted his glasses.

“To what do I owe the pleasure, Miss Mu?”

“It’s about your wife.” Mu Qiqi said straightforwardly.

“Oh, it’s about Zixin? But I didn’t think you and her are acquainted…” The man replied, leaned forward over his desk.

“Actually, I’m here today hoping that we could resolve the awkwardness at Huang Yao’s VVIP night…”

“About that… isn’t that a matter Huang Yao should handle themselves? Why would you come to me when your side can’t afford your client the best service?”

“Be that as it may, surely you wouldn’t like seeing your wife living in perpetual hate? Wouldn’t your life be different as well if her grudge could be resolved?”

Chairman Liu merely smiled at her words. “I failed to alleviate that grudge as her husband of seven years. Do you think I could trust you, a little lady just over eighteen?”

“This is an opportunity, and since worst that could happen is that nothing would happen anyway, may I be afforded a chance, Chairman Liu?”

“What would you have me do?”

“Nothing but a present for your wife. One that you prepare with your heart.” Mu Qiqi answered.

“That’s it? I would have done it if it were that simple, and I certainly wouldn’t need you…”

“I can’t force my opinions on you Mister Liu. And as promised, my ten minutes is up—excuse my abruptness, but I won’t take up more than a second.” Mu Qiqi refrained from taking a tougher approach, and merely described the merits and drawbacks of her suggestion.

As for anything else, it depends on the person involved to be willing.

Soon, Mu Qiqi had left the Liu company. The eldest Liu son, however, was not at all interested in the little doll—she was no more than a child.

Changing Zi Xin’s heart was nothing less than a joke, which was why he thought nothing of Mu Qiqi.

What could an eighteen-year-old do to move the world anyway?

At such a young age and with distinct inexperience, Mu Qiqi would not earn anyone’s trust aside from Sheng Xiao.

Mu Qiqi knew that, which was why she wasn’t going to give up after trying just once.

Sincerity was necessary for trust, but ability remained the key to becoming acknowledged.

At the same time, she shouldn’t take up someone else’s work hours, which was why she planned to come again at noon tomorrow…

While she was heading home, Sheng Xiao called her. “How was it?”

“Not good. He doesn’t believe me.” Mu Qiqi pursed her lips.

“You’re giving up just like that?”

“No. I’ll just have to make him believe me… after all, is there ever a husband who wishes his wife to live in the abyss of her past? I’m helping him, and I trust he would understand.”

Sheng Xiao smiled and hung up, but after putting away his phone, he had Jing Yun ask for Chairman Liu’s phone number.

“Are you meddling, Young Master?”

“What, am I supposed to watch my lady being turned down? I’m only helping Qi’er once. She would have to depend on herself for anything else!”




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Chapter 288