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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 287

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 287

Carnal desire surged by the waves, but when her last bit of stamina was spent, Seventh Sister finally noticed that something wasn’t right.

She was lying in the arms of a man after going rounds after rounds with him.

What was going on?

The sun had almost risen outside as Sheng Minghui realized that she had been fooling around with her future brother-in-law. She jumped off the bed immediately, enduring the discomfort in her body as she returned to her room.

In the bathroom, she could see the signs of passion all over her body.

Hence, images of the wildness from the night before flashed through her mind repeatedly.

Did she sleep with the Englishman?

Where was Sheng Minglan?

She could vaguely hear moans from inside Sheng Minglan’s room last night, which was why she entered—but that was all could she remember.

She could remember nothing else in her memory aside from her euphoria with the Englishman.


Meanwhile, Sheng Minglan returned to the Sheng residence before dawn. She waited until her Seventh Sister fled from her room as if she was running for her life before going inside.

It was only too clear what had happened in there from the scent in the room.

Sheng Minglan pretended as if she just woke up, and nudged the Englishman.

How could he have known that he didn’t actually sleep with his own fiancée? As such, he immediately tried to explain things to her.

Though aggrieved, Sheng Minglan simply told him that they were already engaged anyway—they were merely going about spousal obligations, albeit ahead of schedule.

Later, Grandpa Sheng had assumed that it was mission accomplished when he found the two of them leaving her room. Knowing Sheng Minglan, he knew that she wouldn’t have second thoughts after sharing a bed with the Englishman, and the engagement could go on without disruption.

The entire Sheng family were quiet about what happened last night as well, even though they might have an idea.

Everyone now imagined that she was now inseparable with the Englishman, and only Sheng Minghui herself knew who had actually spent the whole night with him under the sheets.

Still, should she tell the old man about that?

Not unless she wanted to kill herself!

Be that as it may, there was no way she would so easily throw away her innocence.

That was why she caught Sheng Minglan by the wrist after breakfast and dragged her to the garden. “You’re a devious one, Fourth Sister. You planned that, didn’t you?”

“Are you trying to rub salt on my wounds, Seventh Sister?” Sheng Minglan looked as if she was about to break into tears. “Didn’t you goad grandpa into drugging the wine so that I would sleep with the Englishman?! You were the one who caused everything—didn’t you know Grandpa would do that to me?”

Sheng Minghui studied her as if to measure the truth of her words. “How could I have known Grandpa would drug you?”

“Really!? How dare you say that when Grandpa suddenly held the dinner?”

That much was true—Sheng Minghui could guess what would happen and was ready to enjoy the show. She just didn’t expect that she was a part of it!

Still, she looked into Sheng Minglan’s eyes, but couldn’t find an opening.

Even so, she clearly was the one who had actually slept with the Englisman in Sheng Minglan’s room.

Didn’t the old man drug Sheng Minglan? Why would she turn out to be the one drugged?

And where was Sheng Minglan when she was with the Englishman? Or indeed, whom was she with?

Nonetheless, Sheng Minghui was getting nothing from Sheng Minglan’s eyes. Was she going to lose her virtue for nothing?

No. Sheng Minglan definitely had something to do with this.

But there was no way she could ask her grandpa about that!

“Fourth Sister, you better not let me find out that you’ve framed me.”

“I framed you? Would all these had happened to me if not for you?” Sheng Minglan pulled up her sleeves, revealing green-red ferocious kiss marks identical to Sheng Minghui’s own.

However, those weren’t actually from kisses, but marks Sheng Minglan had deliberately faked over her own arm.

How else could she have fooled Sheng Minglan?

Hence, without another word, Sheng Minglan abruptly turned and left the garden. She simply couldn’t understand what went wrong, that she was the one who slept with her future brother in law.

If her grandpa knew, she was definitely getting disowned.

Nonetheless, to ascertain that Sheng Minglan wasn’t lying, Sheng Minghui went to her grandpa’s study to test the waters with the old man.

“Grandpa, Fourth Sister seemed distraught about last night.”

“It can’t be helped. I did it for her own good.”

“Fourth Sister said that you drugged her…”

“That has nothing to do with you.” The old man’s face changed immediately, preventing Sheng Minghui from continuing. After all, how could such a thing be shared out in the open?

That being said, the old man’s reaction only confirmed to Sheng Minghui that Sheng Minglan had gone along with the old man’s plan.

What the heck happened to her, then?

Moreover, there was no one she could share her grievance with. After being used by the Englishman for the whole night, she felt disgusted with her own body…

On the other hand, the old man felt that he had wronged Sheng Minglan and started to be more accommodating towards her—he wouldn’t stop her even though she would leave the house late at night.

Sheng Minglan had left to ensure that her body was alright, and Jing Yun was with her.

After that, she visited Jing Ting.

“Seventh Sister must be puzzled why she woke up in my room for no reason even now.” She told Sheng Xiao while having a drink. “It wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t try to goad Grandpa!”

“Of course, I don’t want to stay at the Sheng family either. I feel like I could get sick if I stayed for another second.”

“Fourth Sister…” Mu Qiqi said, touching her palm. “You’ll soon be free, and it would be all in the past.”

“Free?” Sheng Minglan smirked. “You think the old man would spare me after I’ve done something so impudent? That said, I have nothing to be afraid of. It’s still better than sitting back at the Sheng residence and waiting to die.”

“Fourth Sister, it’s late now. You should rest.” Jing Yun reminded her.

“I’m not going home tonight. The old man knows that I’m hating him right now and won’t mind me for now.” She said, and turned to Jing Yun. “Sheng Xiao is going to rest soon. You stay here and chat with me.”

“This is my house.” Sheng Xiao stared at the two before gesturing towards the guest room with his chin. “Get in there, both of you.”

“Sheng Xiao…”

Giving them another look, Sheng Xiao then turned towards Mu Qiqi. “Go wash up. I’ll be in the study for a while before I get back to our room.”

“Okay.” Mu Qiqi nodded, knowing that Sheng Minglan might have things to discuss with Jing Yun.

The reality was that he was feeling some serious pressure—especially after Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi went upstairs.

In fact, his whole body stiffened, especially with Sheng Minglan, who was perfectly lucid beside him.

“About yesterday…”

“Not a word, not to anyone.” Jing Yun promptly replied.

“I’m not talking about that. I want to ask—was there really not a single second that you wanted to take advantage of me?” Sheng Minglan asked, looking into his eyes.

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Chapter 287