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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 285

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 285

After finishing work, Sheng Xiao returned home, ready to bring Mu Qiqi back to the Sheng residence to enjoy the show.

She was already prepared—having changed into a long dark dress and a brown trench coat.

Sheng Xiao lifted a brow when he found the little one palpating such femininity, and couldn’t help stealing a kiss.

“Don’t fool around. Helping Fourth Sister is more important.”

Nonetheless, Sheng Xiao held her by the waist as they quickly got on the car, and he told her about Seventh Sister goading the old man on the journey.

Mu Qiqi immediately exploded. “I don’t get it. I’m not one to say anything since Seventh Sister hated me for stealing you and embarrassing her friend, but Fourth Sister never did anything against her. Why does she have to run around getting everyone angry?”

“Fourth Sister has been helping you however she could and it’s like you two are inseparable. Seventh Sister is naturally labeling her as an enemy.”

“But won’t she know how bad things would be for Fourth Sister if she did that?”

“What, you think Fourth Sister is going to let her? Did you know what Fourth Sister actually said? ‘Let Seventh Sister be a one-night bride!’”

Mu Qiqi was stunned. Sheng Minglan was a person who would never wrong anyone—but Seventh Sister had somehow pushed her past her limits.

“Let’s enjoy tonight’s show, then…”


It was six-thirty in the evening. Every last member of the Sheng family had already arrived and were dressed grandly for the occasion, with the Englishman—the guest of honor tonight seated beside Sheng Minglan.

Everyone spoke in English and was having a lively chat, with Grandpa Sheng getting more and more pleased with the Englishman—every word he spoke implied that he desired mutual growth alongside Huang Yao, and would assist the Sheng family in a venture into the Northern European market after he married Sheng Minglan.

The man was around thirty and forty, appearing gentlemanly and elegant as most Englishmen. However, he had no intention of letting on to Sheng Minglan that he was divorced with a daughter.

It was plain deception!

Still, the family was having a pleasant conversation when Grandpa Sheng was surprised by Mu Qiqi and Sheng Xiao who had arrived halfway through the banquet.

“Why aren’t we called if there’s a family gathering?” Sheng Xiao asked the old man while leaning on Mama Sheng’s chair.

“Humph.” The old man snorted coldly. “I’m just worried that you would ruin your sister’s wedding.”

“I’m only bringing Qi’er here tonight to steal food. You worry too much, old man.”

The servants promptly brought chairs for Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi as he led her to their seats.

That said, each member of the Sheng family had their respective ideas and were calculating for their own profit.

While the old man was afraid of Sheng Xiao messing up his plans, Seventh Sister was quite happy to see Mu Qiqi—after all, she was all too willing to show Mu Qiqi that their grandfather’s orders were not to be violated.

Moreover, if the old man could demand Fourth Sister to marry with nothing but his words, it meant that what the old man says goes.

Even if it was him telling Sheng Xiao to leave Mu Qiqi.

On the other hand, Mu Qiqi had no intention of causing trouble at all tonight. She was only talking to Mama Sheng through it all and didn’t respond to Seventh Sister at all, as if she really was only here for the food.

Still, the old man certainly didn’t forget to ask about her progress with Huang Yao’s VVIP night.

“Qiqi, do you still remember the homework I gave you?”

“Of course not.”

How could she forget someone who had dug a hole and was forcing her to jump into it?

And the old man was clearly deliberately diverting everyone’s attention to Mu Qiqi so that his actual goal was to spur on the wedding between Fourth Sister and the Englishman.

“Do you think you could handle it?”

“Please wait and see, Grandfather. You don’t have to ask about anything else.” Mu Qiqi told him confidently. “I’ll definitely show you a different VVIP night.”

“It’s not something you should make light of. Don’t make a mess of things when the time comes and make Sheng Xiao there lose face.”

“And I’ll absolutely do my best for him.”

Seventh Sister interjected then. “There’s no way I would believe an eighteen-year-old doll like you could turn things around.”

Mu Qiqi accepted the full brunt of her taunt before replying. “Apologies but I’m nineteen now. But I would still prove to you that a nineteen-year-old doll can do what a twenty-five-year-old like you couldn’t.”

“We’ll see.”

As such, if the first half of the night was a conversation about Huang Yao and the English boutique company, the latter half was a discussion about Huang Yao’s VVIP night.

And when he had his fill, the grandpa turned towards his grandchildren—especially Sheng Xiao, rather pleased for the night that he really wasn’t there to cause trouble.

Then, he turned towards Sheng Minglan and the Englishman. “I have something to talk to you two about. Come to my study later.”

“Yes, Grandfather.” Sheng Minglan replied, before sharing a look with Sheng Xiao to confirm that the show was ready.

However, that was when Seventh Sister shouted. “Is tonight’s chef out of his mind? Why would he put so much mustard in the seafood? It’s so hot! Aunt Yun, give me some ice water, quickly.”

“Right away, young mistress.”

Sheng Xiao hid a smile. It seemed that the chef deserved a pay raise.


Everyone was still chattering away after dinner, but Sheng Xiao was already ready to leave with Mu Qiqi. “Old man, don’t forget me when there’s a dinner next time.”

The old man snorted. “There would always be a place for you if you could behave well like you did tonight.”

“Well then… I wish everyone here a pleasant evening.” Sheng Xiao then added pointedly, taking Mu Qiqi by the hand as they went downstairs.

However, they didn’t actually leave the Sheng residence—they were merely waiting to receive Sheng Minglan.

Meanwhile, Sheng Minglan and the Englishman had arrived at the old man’s study, where she finally saw the rumored Chateau Lafite.

“I wanted to ask the both of you about the engagement ceremony. Is there anything that needs adjustments? It’s your wedding, which is why I want to hear your opinions…”

Even as he spoke, the old man was keeping a straight face and pouring them a glass of the wine each as if they were about to have a talk over drinks.

The Englishman was utterly defenseless, whereas Sheng Minglan forced herself to play along.


At the same time, Sheng Minghui was slowly acting up after having her ice water. She was about to return to her room for a bath to see if she could get comfortable, but thought she heard a woman moaning when she passed by Sheng Minglan’s room.

Wanting to be sure, she was surprised to find that Sheng Minglan’s room was unlocked, although she was locked inside just after she entered, just before she dropped sprawled over the floor in the next moment.

It hurts so much…


Back at the study, Sheng Minglan started to feel ill.

“Grandfather, I want to go to my room.”

The old man waved her off, knowing that the drug was kicking in. “Go on, then…”

Sheng Minglan promptly got to her feet and rushed back to room while she still had a shred of sanity remaining, only to find herself falling into a cool pair of arms.

It was Jing Yun’s presence.

“I’ll bring you to your room.”

Since no one else knew that Sheng Minghui was in Sheng Minglan’s room, the old man wouldn’t know who was actually in the room even if he led the Englishman there.

In the end, would others fall for the old man’s trap ‘in confusion’ just because the old man wanted to seal the deal ‘in confusion’?

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Chapter 285