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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 228

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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife Novel Chapter 228

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Grandpa Shen and Mu Qiqi looked at each other. Mu Qiqi was already tearing up.

 It was the first confrontation between the grandfather and the granddaughter.

 “I trust you, Qiqi. But you should not slap your elder.” Grandpa Shen was barely able to speak after keeping silent for a long time. His vision was getting blurry. “These are two different matters. You should apologize to your third aunt.”

 “She called me a bastard child at first. If she could apologize, I can, too.” Mu Qiqi answered firmly. “I was framed again and again in the Mu family and nobody spoke up for me. Everyone hated me. Is the same thing going to happen in the Shen family again? Is it my fault that Shen Ruoyi did not get Lin Mu’an to like her?”

 As she was speaking, Mu Qiqi’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “If you really find it hard to accept me into the family, you can just tell me. I can leave. Why must you humiliate and hurt me? Grandpa, is this what you wish to see?”

 “Xiao Qi…”

 “Xiao Qi…” Huang Yu could not help it and felt sad for Mu Qiqi.

 “If I am just an extra, I can leave now.” Mu Qiqi turned to the door and marched forward. Then, Grandpa Shen stood up and said to Shen Ruoyi.

 “Apologize to Qiqi.”

 “Why should I?” Shen Ruoyi was unwilling to.

 “Because you have accused her wrongly.”

 “I did not. If not, why would Lin Mu’an be together with Lu Qianqian?”

 Mu Qiqi could not bear it any longer. She took out her phone and called Lin Mu’an in front of everybody.

 “Lin Mu’an…”

 “Qiqi?” Lin Mu’an had no idea that his action of ignoring Shen Ruoyi had caused such a stir in the Shen family.

 “Can you tell me why you did not see Shen Ruoyi?”

 Hearing Mu Qiqi’s voice trembling, Lin Mu’an knew something was not right. He answered carefully. And Mu Qiqi activated the hands-free mode. “I see Ruoyi as an elder sister, that’s all. I do not have any other intention toward her. So, I think I must make it clear to her about my attitude.”

 “But she thought that I am hindering you two from getting together.”

 “It is me who doesn’t like her. What does it have to do with you?”

 “Then what about Qianqian? Are you close with her lately?”

 “Mu Qiqi, don’t I even have the right to make friends? I get to know Qianqian because of filming matters so we interact with each other. It just so happens that you are her friend. By the way, we are just friends…”

 “But somebody is thinking that I am the one who made Qianqian seduce you.” Mu Qiqi said to the phone. “She thought that you ignored her because of me.”

 “It is ridiculous. What does it have to do with you? If my actions have caused some misunderstandings to Sister Ruoyi, I will ask my grandfather to apologize.”

 “Thank you, Lin Mu’an.” Mu Qiqi hung up the phone and looked at Shen Ruoyi.

 Shen Ruoyi looked very ill after hearing this.

 “You asked for it.”

 Then, Mu Qiqi called Sheng Xiao. “Can you come and pick me up now?”

 Hearing something was off from Mu Qiqi’s voice, Sheng Xiao jumped out of the couch and said, “I will go now.”

 Nobody knew who Mu Qiqi was calling, but they could sense her sadness from her voice. Huang Yu patted Mu Qiqi on her shoulder to comfort her. But at the same time, she could understand the difficulties that Grandpa Shen was facing.

 Grandpa Shen knew that Xiao Qiqi was disappointed in him.

 Because he did not speak out for her at the right moment. That was why she turned away from him.

 “Now that the facts are clear, Cen Suyuan and Shen Ruoyi, you have accused Qiqi wrongly. You blamed her for everything. What do you want actually?”

 “Are you two trying to mess with Qiqi?”

 “I have told you she is just an outsider. She will not side with the Shen family. Why if I did accuse her wrongly? Can’t she bear with it for once? If she can’t, why should she stay here? Get lost…”

 “You are the one who should get lost…”

 When the elders were arguing, Shen Ruoyi started crying. “I know that I am not a good sister to you as compared with your best friend. Can you be considerate toward me for once and ask Lu Qianqian not to ruin my happiness?”

 Mu Qiqi did not feel like talking to Shen Ruoyi anymore. She turned her back to all the Shens.

 In just fifteen minutes, Sheng Xiao sped to Shen Mansion. He took Mu Qiqi away from Huang Yu.

 “What’s wrong?”

 Mu Qiqi did not say anything. Her eyes were red.

 “It was them. They accused Qiqi without proof. They said that she made Lu Qianqian seduce Lin Mu’an so that Shen Ruoyi could not get together with him.”

 Sheng Xiao hugged Mu Qiqi and declared. “It was me who told Lin Mu’an about you. What now? Are you going to take revenge on me?”

 Shen Ruoyi was dumbfounded. The Shens were startled.

 “Old Shen, what did I tell you? The Sheng family is capable of feeding Qiqi. If you don’t want your granddaughter anymore, I can take her away from you. You have promised me not to let Qiqi not be bullied in the Shen family. But how many times has it been already? We all know Shen Ruoyi’s and Cen Suyun’s character. If you think that your compromises and Qiqi’s tolerance can maintain the peace in the family, then Qiqi can just leave the Shen family. But let me tell you, especially Shen Ruoyi, if I get to know that you bully Xiao Qi again, I will let you have no place to stay in the whole of Jianchuan.”

 “I always keep my word.”

 “Let’s go.” Sheng Xiao wanted to bring Mu Qiqi out of the mansion. But Mu Qiqi shook her head and walked toward Shen Ruoyi.


 Another slap.

 “Since I was wronged, I will just make it happen. From today onward, I will destroy all your plans!”

 After that, Mu Qiqi followed Sheng Xiao out of the mansion. They were soon nowhere to be seen.

 Qiqi actually let Sheng Xiao come to pick her up …

 How sad she must be?

 Grandpa Shen could not say anything at that moment. He thought that Cen Suyun had caused a lot of trouble lately. When she was at home, things would happen.

 “Father…” Huang Yu was worried about Grandpa Shen’s health. But he shook his hand and said to Shen Ruoyi and her mother.

 “Just move out, the two of you. The Shen family is not a place for you anymore.”

 Cen Suyun and Shen Ruoyi were taken aback after hearing this. “Grandpa…”

 “Father, do you know what kind of a person Sheng Xiao is? And do you know what your granddaughter has done outside?”

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Chapter 228