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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 461

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 461

“Chen, we’ll start filming tomorrow.”

“I’ll only be free in the morning,” Chen Zhao told Steven frankly.

“F**k, you didn’t tell me you’ll only be free in the morning when you took my money.”

“F**k, you didn’t tell me I need to be around for the entire day when you give me the money too.”

“Morning is simply not enough.”

“Maybe at night as well. I can’t make it in the afternoon,” Chen Zhao said.

After all, he had promised to train Gaia and Tiger in the afternoon.

“It’ll be cold in the morning. I’ll have to pay more to the crew,” Steven complained.

“Amon is worth paying more for.”

“F**k, I’ll never work with you again!” Steven cursed on the other side of the phone.

Yu Wenhui watched as Steven called Chen Zhao. Recently, she finally understood how close the two were as friends.

Steven would often mention Chen Zhao. Although his comments of Chen Zhao mostly began with the letter “f,” Steven would not even bother to curse a stranger or acquaintance.

“Yu, you’re done for the morning, but starting tomorrow morning, you need to be here earlier. We’re about to start filming the new movie. There will be a lot of work for you.”

“Yes, Sir. I’m going back to college now.”

Yu Wenhui packed her stuff and rushed back to the college.

Because of the timing of her work with Steven, she had to apply for leave.

Otherwise, she would probably be expelled.

Yu Wenhui was unwilling to give up on both her studies and her job as Steven’s assistant.

After all, both were rare opportunities. Studying was clear.

She had already spent more than three years at UCLA. There was no way she would give up that graduation certificate.

On the other hand, Steven was a top-tier director in the world. Being his assistant was a very important work experience for Yu Wenhui. It might even become a vital part of her CV in the future.

No matter where she chose to work in the future, her experience as Steven’s assistant, in addition to a UCLA certificate, would greatly increase her competitiveness.

Once Yu Wenhui reached college, she wrote a leave application form. Because it was a long leave, it had to be signed by the department head, as well as the principal.

Yu Wenhui went to the principal’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Yu Wenhui walked in. “Hi, Dr. Wright. I am Wenhui Yu, a fourth-year student in Finance.”

“Hi, how may I help you?”

“I’ve just received a very important job outside the college. The job requires me to commit a lot of time, so I would like to apply for leave for a month.”

“Wait a sec.” Wright checked Yu Wenhui’s information on her computer. Then, she raised her glasses and said, “Yu, your results have been excellent. You’re in the fourth year, the most important year. With your results, it seems likely that you can go for further studies and obtain a better degree. But if you go on leave for a month, your results and reports will definitely drop significantly. I’m afraid I can’t approve the application.”

“Dr. Wright, the work is extremely important to me.”

“More important than your study?”

“I…” Yu Wenhui faced a difficult choice.

She really valued both of them. Both a degree from UCLA and an experience as Steven’s assistant would make her future CV shine.

Yu Wenhui had just made up her mind when the door opened.

“Err… Did I disturb you?” Chen Zhao opened the door and saw Yu Wenhui in Wright’s office.

“F**k, don’t you know how to knock?” Wright scolded.

Yu Wenhui was stunned. It was her first time hearing Wright speak vulgarity.

Knock, knock.

Without even closing the door, Chen Zhao knocked. “Can I come in?”

“Where’s my darling? Why didn’t you bring Princess here?”

“I can’t be bothered to drive my RV every time. You’re welcome to come to my house to see Princess.”

“What? You want a ninety-five year old to drive forty kilometers every day to your house?”

“Wright, you have to drive forty kilometers from home to here anyway.”

“No. If you don’t bring Princess next time, I’ll arrange ten lessons for you.”

“I’m not free. I’m really busy with work recently,” Chen Zhao said.

“Just continue to be lazy. One day, I’ll chase you out of UCLA,” Wright said, displeased.

Chen Zhao was unconcerned. Wright was just kidding.

Chen Zhao looked at Yu Wenhui. “Ms. Yu, why are you here?”

“Why not? I’m a student here.”

“Err… Wright, is she a student here?”

“You know each other?” Wright observed Chen Zhao and Yu Wenhui.

“She’s my friend’s assistant.”

“Oh, who’s your friend?”

“Steven, the famous director. You’ve definitely heard about him.”

Wright looked at Yu Wenhui in surprise. “You’re Mr. Steven’s assistant?”

“Yes, Mr. Steven is about to film a new movie, so I’ll be very busy.”

“I can approve your leave, but in the final exam, you must get at least an A- in your major and two electives, or you’ll have to repeat the year. Are you okay with that?”

“Thank you, Dr. Wright.”

“Alright, you may leave now. Chen, have you had breakfast? Let’s go to the dining hall together.”

Yu Wenhui was very surprised. She thought that Chen Zhao was a gangster.

But Wright said that he was a lecturer here.

Was I wrong?

But why are so many students scared of him?

McAllen was beaten up by him, but he did not even dare to say a word about it.

He seemed to be a close friend with the principal too. They chatted and laughed, just like he and Steven.

Chen Zhao and Wright looked both like close friends and like senior and junior.

Yu Wenhui thought that Chen Zhao had a really wide social circle.

On the other hand, in her three years here, she knew only people in college and almost no one in the bigger society.

When she returned to the hostel, her roommate Ritanna was about to leave.

“Ritanna, where are you going?”

“Yu, you’re back. I’m going to the boxing club.”

“What for? Aren’t you in the cheerleading team?”

“The boxing club is expecting a legendary guy today. I’m going to learn from him.”

“What legendary guy?” Yu Wenhui asked curiously.




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Chapter 461