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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 460

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 460

Inferior demons always fought over any available work.

If work that they had a chance to accept was stolen by another demon, it was as painful to them as losing a five-million-dollar lottery ticket.

They would never miss a chance to show their value.

Jared pushed open Wright’s office door in anger. “Principal, why did you fire me?”

He’d almost lost his mind. On the way here, he even felt like the teachers and students were all looking at him with mockery.

He’d once been very proud. Now, only endless humiliation remained.

Ever since he met that man, he lost all of his spotlight.

Wright raised her head and looked at Jared. “Why? Do you still need me to make it clearer? You attacked another professor, trying to hurt him. That’s already a crime.”

She’d heard that Jared had publicly provoked Chen Zhao at his lecture.

After the class, he even tried to assault Chen Zhao.

She knew that Chen Zhao was good at fighting, but Wright had still lost her temper at this news.

She’d fired Jared directly, removing him from the school’s list of professors.

“But the one who’s hurt is me, isn’t it?” Jared stared at Wright with twisted features. He even pounded on Wright’s table with both hands.

“Chen was defending himself. I don’t think there are any problems. Plus, you caused this yourself.”

“I don’t accept. I refuse to accept this.”

Wright looked at Jared. “Don’t lose your last bit of dignity. It will only embarrass you further.”

“You think I’ll accept this treatment? You think I’ll give in this easily?” Jared lost control. He slammed down on Wright’s table.

“Get out of here!” Wright wasn’t easy to deal with either.

Jared pushed the documents and computer off the table and yelled at Wright, “What right do you have to order me around, you old hag? You d*mn old witch, what did that China man give you? Why do you side with him all the time?”

Just then, Wright took a gun out of her drawer and pressed it against Jared’s head.

“Do you want to know if I’ll get arrested if I pull the trigger?” Wright asked.

Jared instantly caved in. He really caved in.

He didn’t expect that Wright would be so decisive and strong at all.

He didn’t think she would just take a gun out and press it against his forehead.

“Principal… Mrs. Wright… I’m sorry, it’s my fault… I was too impulsive. Please forgive my offenses.” Jared was about to piss his pants in fear.

He’d never seen such a powerful principal before. Wright wasn’t at all as gentle as she seemed.

There was one thing that Jared got right though. In UCLA, Wright was a complete old witch.

“So embarrassing. You just had to lose all your dignity. Get out of here and never appear before me again.”

Jared fled out of Wright’s office. The more he thought, the more unwilling he was.

But thinking of how violent Wright was, he immediately got goosebumps.

Jared was the type to fear the strong and bully the weak. But the more he was like this, the more unwilling he felt.


He was suddenly pushed over. Jared raised his head and saw that it was Tiger.

“Tiger, you!”

Tiger glanced at him. “Mr. Jared, how come you’re shameless enough to be here? I heard that you were fired. Even your professor qualifications were stripped.”

“You better remember that I won’t let you live happily!” Jared roared with clenched teeth. “I won’t forgive you all! Any of you!”

After getting into his car, Jared vented his anger out onto his steering wheel.

“Sh*t! A bunch of *ssholes, mother*ckers…You all deserve to die…”

“You want to kill them?”

“Ah!” Jared was frightened to hear a voice in his backseat. He saw that there was a person sitting there. They wore a baseball cap, so their features were hidden. “Who are you?” Jared cried. “Why are you in my car?”

“You want to kill that Chinese man?”

“Psycho, get out of my car.” Jared felt that this was someone else who’d come to mock him.

“You don’t hate that Chinese man?”

“I do.”

“You don’t hate him?”

“I hate him.”

“He made you lose everything—your career and your dignity.”

“I hate him so much!”

“He stole the glory that should’ve belonged to you. He even beat you before 100 students and sent you to the hospital.”

“I hate him! I hate him…I hate him so much…”

“Good, very good. Remember this feeling. Make this feeling melt into your heart and you’ll have a different feeling. Use all your strength to crush that man’s heart, smash his head. You can do it.”

With that, the person got off the car. They looked back at Jared, who was already enslaved by fury and hatred, and a smile appeared.

“That wasn’t hard enough. I should go get a drink to celebrate another successful transaction.”

Herretia took off her baseball cap, revealing her long, flowing hair.

Under the moonlight, Herretia raised her arms and basked in the moonlight.

“I praise thee, mighty lord of the dark night, king of fury. Thank you for bestowing upon my power.”

“Look, that girl is so weird.”

“Don’t get close to her. She looks like a psycho.”

“F*ck you! Who’s a psycho?” Herretia realized that her actions were strange too. Whatever, she’d have to keep low-key.

These stupid mortals couldn’t understand her at all.

In order to not catch the attention of these mortals, she had to stay down low.

“Chen, I think Tiger is recovering very well. He probably doesn’t have to do rehabilitation training anymore.”

Chen Zhao received Gaia’s call. Through the phone, Gaia explained Tiger’s current condition.

Chen Zhao had predicted that it would be these few days, but it was still earlier than he’d planned.

However, Chen Zhao could understand this. Gaia probably wanted to start her fitness training as soon as possible.

“Alright, let’s start the fitness training tomorrow. Can you come to UCLA in the afternoon?”

“Yes,” Gaia replied instantly.

“Then let’s decide on a time and do fitness training every afternoon.”

“No problem. What should I prepare?”

“I’ll decide what you eat every day. You can’t eat any food or combinations outside of my requirements.”

“Sure.” Gaia was an expert too, so she knew that every coach had their own nutrition arrangement.

If the athlete didn’t eat according to the coach’s arrangement, it could anger the coach.





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Chapter 460