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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 458

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 458

The beast was honestly too fast. Chen Zhao held his breath and raised his right arm.

Tyler, Risfar, and Dell couldn’t bear to keep watching. To them, Chen Zhao was definitely dead.

Chen Zhao didn’t pull any tricks. His fist raised and fell.


A muffled sound echoed throughout. The beast’s huge body sprawled onto the ground and stopped moving.

In that instant, everyone froze. They looked at Chen Zhao in shock and then at the huge beast on the ground.

Tyler stumbled over. Part of the outer bone covering the beast’s head had cracked, leaving a clear fist mark. The beast’s skull was completely shattered.

This was the bone that not even an assault rifle could penetrate. And this man just shattered it with a fist?

This was too amazing.

They were very clear just how terrifying this beast was.

The dozen people in his group had gone through hundreds of battles but were powerless against this beast.

But Chen Zhao had shattered his head with one punch?

Tyler remembered how he’d kept mocking Chen Zhao earlier. He felt so embarrassed now.

This was too shameful. The person he’d mocked was actually this powerful.

“Chen, how did you do this?” Dell limped over. By looking at the beast’s state of death, he could see how terrifying Chen Zhao’s punch had been.

“Chen, why aren’t you moving?”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you hurt?”


F*ck, just how strong was this beast’s outer shell?

Chen Zhao had wanted to make a graceful punch, but it felt like his fist had slammed into an iron board.

The beast was killed by his punch, but his fist suffered too.

Chen Zhao estimated that at least three fingers had broken.

Anyway, he couldn’t move his right hand. It hurt if he moved it.

As the saying went, you had to complete the show, even if in tears.

“Professor, we’re outside the danger zone,” Fannity said, panting for breath.

“Did Tyler get behind?” Professor Carlo may be in his sixties, but he wasn’t slow at all when running.

After all, he was a man who explored all the ancient sites and had a talent for survival.

He wasn’t the fastest, but he wasn’t the last person either.

Fannity had an uncomfortable expression. She looked into the dark forest behind her.

This time, the team had too many losses. Half of them were dead before they even got in.

“And those three too?”

“Yeah, they’re with Tyler. I saw that beast attack them earlier.” Fannity nodded. “Tyler is so stupid. They have nothing to do with us. Why did he give up his life for them?”

Fannity wouldn’t feel sad if the others died. She’d at most compensate their relatives some money.

But Tyler was one of the old members. He’d been on the team for more than a decade and everyone had a deeper relationship.

Suddenly, there were vague sounds behind them.

Fannity and Carlo shuddered. Had they not run far enough?

Did that beast catch up again?

As the noises got closer and closer, Fannity and Professor Carlo finally saw clearly.

It wasn’t that beast. It was Tyler.

But right now, Tyler was being supported by Risfar.

Chen Zhao carried Dell, with Black Ma and White Ma beside him.

“Tyler… How come it’s you guys?”

Fannity was stunned. Professor Carlo was also surprised that Tyler and the others could come out alive.

It wasn’t that he wanted Tyler to die there. He was just surprised Tyler was still alive.

“Where’s that beast? He didn’t kill you guys?”

Tyler and the others were speechless.

“Okay… I’ll still congratulate you all for coming out alive,” Professor Carlo said.

“Where’s the beast?”

“Dead,” Tyler said.

“Dead? How did it die?” Fannity was very surprised that Tyler could actually kill that thing.

“He killed it,” Tyler said, pointing at Chen Zhao.

“Him? How is that possible?” Fannity looked at Chen Zhao.

Chen Zhao had a good body and must have great fitness as well.

But in battle, it wasn’t like anyone with a good body and fitness could kill that kind of creature.

To a lion, a lamb and a mountain goat weren’t any different.

So, she didn’t believe Tyler at all.

“That’s the truth. He shattered that beast’s head with one punch.”

“Not even an assault rifle can break that thing’s head, but he could do it with one punch?”

“How else do you think we could come out alive?” Tyler chuckled wryly.

He’d really misjudged this time and embarrassed himself.

He’d kept badgering the true expert and ended up needing his help.

“Where’s the beast’s body?”

“Inside. If you’re brave enough to turn back, you can go look.”

Fannity and Carlo exchanged glances and rejected this idea.

Regardless of whether the beast was dead or not, it wasn’t safe in there.

After all, there weren’t only one or two beasts in the danger zone.

Who knew if they would run into a second one? Plus, they only had one knife and gun now.

If they ran into another male beast, they would only be able to commit suicide.

They weren’t even able to defeat the female creature from the beginning, let alone a male.

“What do we do now?”

“Rest in place. I’m tired.” Chen Zhao tossed Dell onto the ground.

“Ah…are we home?” Dell had fallen asleep on Chen Zhao’s back. He was suddenly thrown onto the ground and hadn’t processed everything yet.

“F*ck off.” Chen Zhao glared at him.

Both Dell and Tyler needed treatment. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get out of here.

Thus, resting in place was the best choice. Chen Zhao took the tent out.

“Chen, you kept the tent when we were running for our lives?” Risfar glanced at him.

“No sh*t. Where will we sleep at night if we don’t have the tent?”

“Aren’t you afraid of the beast catching up?”

“That thing is too fast. But other than that, it’s not that threatening.”

Everyone stared at him. Why don’t you talk about how it broke into the crowd and started killing?

Of course, Chen Zhao had also proven his abilities with his actions.

“Dell, bear it for a bit longer. I’ll check him first.”

“You can do medical checkups?”

“My main profession is a doctor,” Chen Zhao said.

“Illegal doctor,” Dell supplied for Chen Zhao. “You can find him no matter what you need.”

Chen Zhao turned and glared at him. “No one will think you’re a mute if you don’t talk.”

“I’m helping you get more clients.”

Risfar, Fannity, and Professor Carlo set up the tent.

Everyone was exhausted, but no one actually dared to sleep.

Even Chen Zhao didn’t dare to, so they all sat before the bonfire and waited for daybreak.




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Chapter 458