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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 457

All chapters are in Demons Beside You Novel

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Demons Beside You Novel Chapter 457

Tyler turned his head and reminded, “You three, if we start fighting later, stay behind me!”

Everyone in the adventure team looked nervous as they scanned around them, alert.

“It’s there!”

Bam, bam…


Bam, bam…

“Stop shooting aimlessly! We don’t have infinite bullets,” Fannity reminded.

However, everyone was too anxious.

As soon as they caught a glimpse of the monster, they would fire in that direction.

Effective or not, the gunshots could at least calm them down slightly.

Suddenly, the monster dropped into the crowd from a tree. Twice as heavy as its female counterpart, the male monster was much stronger. It grabbed a person with its tail and jumped back into the darkness.

Bam, bam…


Its skin was very tough. A bullet actually rebounded and hit one of the adventure team members.

“Shit, Professor, we must retreat! We’ve severely underestimated this place. We only have information about the female monster. Didn’t think there will be male monsters!” Fannity said with a serious tone.

Prof. Carlo nodded. Indeed, a single male monster had already caused serious damage to the team. If they were to advance further, they might encounter more of them.

In fact, they could not even handle the one monster around them.

They could only rely on their guns. Now that the guns were proven ineffective, they had no choice but to retreat.

“Someone carry Hadison. Let’s go!” Carlo said.

The monster had not only high defenses but also high intelligence.

It was unlike the monsters they had encountered in the past which would only attack them recklessly.

“Did you see? This is the kind of monster that we have to face. If you didn’t meet us just now, you three would have become its snacks by now,” Tyler said with a grin.


Suddenly, Black-Ma and White-Ma barked to warn the team.

Everyone fired in the direction they were barking at. Some sparks were seen in the darkness.

“There,” Chen Zhao said, pointing in a direction.


“Now it’s there.”


“Fannity, do you still have bullets?”

“Only half a clip left,” Fannity said.

“Stop, stop! Stop firing. We’re almost out of bullets.”

The male monster which had been hiding in the darkness also seemed to have realized something. It began to appear flagrantly in front of the team.

The team was in deep water because the monster was standing in their escape path.

Finally, the monster launched a direct attack—it charged toward the group.

Tyler turned his head and shouted, “Follow me!”

Then, he turned and ran. He was already out of bullets.

The three quickly followed him. The adventure team broke down before the monster.

The monster dashed into the crowd. It bit a person to death, smacked a person to his doom and seized another with its tail.

“Shit, it’s more troublesome than all the monsters I’ve met before!” Tyler cursed.

“Keep running to the south! Do not care about the rest!” Fannity shouted. “You three, we won’t be able to take care of you anymore.”

However, the monster caught up with the team. It scratched one of the members, who collapsed onto the ground and never stood up again.

The rest only glanced behind them briefly, unable to care about their teammates.

Not that they did not want to; they really could not.


Suddenly, Dell tripped and fell onto the ground.


When Chen Zhao saw this, he immediately turned around and pulled Dell up from the ground.

But Dell’s ankle seemed to be injured. He could not speed up anymore.

Chen Zhao noticed Dell’s swollen ankle. “Get up my back.”

“Kid, I’ll carry. You’re too skinny. Keep running.”

Chen Zhao did not expect the rude-sounding Tyler to offer help.

Tyler had been belittling them, but now he offered to carry the injured Dell.

Just then, the monster charged out of the darkness again.

It ran right toward Tyler’s back.

“Careful!” Chen Zhao pulled Tyler toward him. The monster missed its attack and struck Chen Zhao with its tail instead.

Chen Zhao quickly grabbed the monster’s tail, but it was so smooth and wet that Chen Zhao lost his grip almost immediately.

The monster was very agile. It turned and assaulted another person.

Ah! There was another sacrifice.

“F**k!” Tyler wiped off the muddy water on his face. “You actually saved me.”

The monster did not attack them to fill its stomach. It was merely seeking slaughter, or perhaps revenge.

As the team ran out of bullets completely, it started to attack and kill them without restraint.

Just after it had killed an adventure team member, it appeared again before Risfar.

Risfar stopped at once. Chen Zhao pulled Risfar behind him.

“Kid, give me the sword and leave!” Tyler shouted.

“Let me do it.” Chen Zhao stared firmly at the monster before him.

“Stop making trouble. It can kill you in one strike.”

Nevertheless, the monster was very smart. It could probably tell a person’s size.

It ran to Chen Zhao’s side and attacked him.

“Chen, careful!” Risfar and Dell screamed.

Tyler swiftly jumped forward, but the monster was expecting this. As it ran, it suddenly shot its tail at Tyler.

Tyler twisted his body, but he still did not dodge the attack. His shoulder was penetrated at once.

With incredible speed, Chen Zhao grabbed Tyler and pulled him off from the monster’s tail.

The monster looked at Chen Zhao, or, to be more accurate, faced Chen Zhao using its thermoception.

“F**k…” Covering his shoulder in pain, Tyler stood up again.

“How can you still stand with such injury?”

“Injury? It’s not half as serious as what I usually get.”

“If you don’t back away, you’ll be free food. Stand back and leave the rest to me,” Chen Zhao said.

The monster was too fast and slippery. Chen Zhao had yet to seize any attacking opportunity.

“Kid, you’re going to kill yourself.”

“Look at us. Do you think we’ll be able to escape from it?”

“F**k, take out the sword! Are you going to use your fist?”

Just then, the monster attacked again. It pounced at Chen Zhao directly.

Chen Zhao was indeed no match for the monster in terms of speed but in terms of strength…




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Chapter 457